Faculty of Commerce

S.N. Name of Course Syllabus Ist & IInd Sem Syllabus IIIrd Sem Syllabus IVth Sem Syllabus Vth Sem Syllabus VIth Sem
1 Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)  Download Download Download Download Download
2 Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)  Download  Download  Download Download Download
3 Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Application (B.C.C.A.)  Download  Download  Download Download Download
4 Diploma in Business Management (D.B.M.)  Download        
5 P.G.Dip. in Industrial Relations and Personnal Management(P.G.D.I.R.P.M.) Download        
6 Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) Download  Download  Download    
7 Master of Computer Management (M.C.M.) Download  Download  Download    
8 Master of Commerce (M.Com.)  Download  Download  Download    
9 Master of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management(M.I.R.P.M.) Download  Download  Download    
10 Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) (Commerce)  Download        
11 Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Commercial Applications (P.G.D.C.C.A) Download        
12 Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (P.G.D.M.M.) Download        
13 CBCS M.Com. Commerce Board Syllabus Download        
14 CBCS M.Com. Advance Financial Accounting Syllabus Download        
15 CBCS M.Com.Management Syllabus Download        
16 CBCS M.Com.Business Economics Syllabus Download        
17 CBCS M.B.A. Syllabus Download        
18 CBCS M.I.R.P.M. Syllabus Download        
19 CBCS M.C.M. Syllabus Download        
20 CBCS P.G.D.C.C.A Syllabus Download