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One of India’s most esteemed medical institutions is the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, or simply AIIMS. Many pupils consider it to be a dream to work for or attend this institute as a student. The Junior Resident for the posts Cardiology, Community Medicine, CTVS-1, Dermatology & Venereology, EHS, Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medicine (Trauma Centre), Lab Medicine, Nephrology, Neurology, Neurosurgery (Trauma Centre), Neuroradiology, Orthopaedics (Trauma Centre), Paediatrics (Casualty), Psychiatry, Radiology (Trauma Centre), Radiotherapy, Rheumatology, Surgery (Trauma Centre), Blood Bank (Main), Blood Bank (CNC), Blood Bank (Trauma Centre), Burn and Plastic Surgery, Cardiac Radiology, Dental surgery + CDER are the various jobs offered at AIIMS that has grown in popularity over time. Before applying for this position, it is essential to understand the AIIMS Junior Resident Salary.In India, AIIMS has locations in New Delhi, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Jodhpur, Patna, Raipur, Rishikesh, and Nagpur. It was founded there in 1956. The organisation has a competitive compensation structure and a wide range of benefits, which make it a desirable place to work.

In this article, you can get to learn about Salary of Junior Resident Doctor in AIIMS and other related details about it.

AIIMS Junior Resident Salary

The AIIMS Junior Resident Salary varies based on the position, the employee’s experience, and their qualifications. The pay is also periodically amended in accordance with the Pay Commission’s recommendations, but the AIIMS Junior Resident Salary 2019 is shown below-

The salary of Junior Resident in AIIMS Delhi begins at approximately Rs. 56,100 per month. Depending on the employee’s experience and credentials, the remuneration could reach Rs. 75,000 per month. Level 10 of the pay matrix has an entry salary of Rs. 56,100 per month and customary allowances {pre-revised pay band-3, Rs. 15600 + 5400 (GP)}.

For those with less than a year of experience to those with three years, the average Junior Resident Neuro Salary in AIIMS in India is 8.6 Lakhs per year, which is 30% more than the comparable Junior Resident in India, who makes an average salary of 6.7 lakhs per year. Salary projections are based on 31 most recent wages from a variety of AIIMS workers.

However, Salary of Junior Resident in AIIMS Delhi, AIIMS Bhubaneswar Junior Resident Salary, AIIMS Raipur Junior Resident Salary, Salary of Junior Resident in AIIMS Bhubanerswar, Salary of Junior Resident in AIIMS Bhubaneswar will be more or less same with all the AIIMS.

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AIIMS Junior Resident Salary Slip

The AIIMS salary slip offers the staff a number of advantages in addition to the wage and other items, including:

  • Transparency: The employee’s pay, benefits, and deductions are all fully disclosed on the salary slip.
  • Proof of Income: The pay stub is used as proof of income for a variety of applications, including those for loans and visas.
  • Budgeting and financial planning: Theseare made easier for employees with the support of their pay stubs.
  • Tax advantages: The AIIMS salary slip also offers tax advantages to the workers. Under certain circumstances, the various salary components, such as the HRA, medical allowance, and transportation allowance, are eligible for tax exemption.
  • After retirement, AIIMS personnel are eligible for a pension and a gratuity. Based on the employee’s last received wage and the number of years of service, the pension amount is determined.
  • Employees at AIIMS are eligible for leave encashment, which entitles them to cash in their unused vacation days in exchange for a cash payment that would be deducted from their salaries.
  • Insurance Protection: AIIMS offers its employees a range of insurance plans, including life insurance, health insurance, and accidental insurance.

In conclusion, the 2023 AIIMS salary slip is a document that contains all relevant data on an employee’s pay, benefits, and deductions.It is a crucial record that serves as income documentation and aids in financial planning for the workers. The various compensation components, including the HRA, medical allowance, and transportation allowance, are eligible for tax exemption, giving the employees financial advantages.

In addition, AIIMS offers its staff a number of additional benefits, including insurance, a pension, and gratuities.

Factors affecting AIIMS Junior Resident Salary

The job position, experience, credentials, and performance of AIIMS employees all have an impact on their pay. The following are some of the variables that impact the Salary of AIIMS Junior Resident-

  • Experience: As an employee’s experience grows, so does their pay at AIIMS. More seasoned workers typically get greater compensation.
  • Qualifications: The employee’s qualifications are a major factor in wage determination. greater-qualified employees typically get greater compensation.
  • Performance: When deciding the wage, the employee’s performance is also taken into account. Successful workers typically receive greater salaries.

AIIMS Junior Resident Eligibility Criteria

The candidates should have completed an internship and passed the MBBS or BDS exam, or have received a degree that has been deemed equivalent by MCI or DCI.

Only applicants with MBBS/BDS degrees (including internships) who graduated no more than three (3) years prior to the commencement date of the junior residency (non-academic), i.e., January 1, 2023, will be taken into consideration. It suggests that only individuals who have successfully finished MBBS/BDS or similar coursework (including residency completion) on or between January 1, 2020, and December 31, 2022, would be taken into consideration.DMC/DDC Registration is required prior to participating, if chosen.

Even if they meet all other qualifications, applicants who started Junior Residency (Non-Academic) at the AIIMS and whose services were terminated due to unapproved absence or any other disciplinary/ground would not be eligible to be considered for these JR (NA) vacancies. All eligible candidates are limited to a total of three terms. Graduates from the AIIMS will be given preference while receiving job assignments. Candidates who have completed at least three terms* of junior residency (non-academic), either at AIIMS or elsewhere, will not be given consideration. The equivalent of a junior residency (non-academic) will be considered experience in Army Services, Central Health Services, private nursing homes and private practise. However, The JR (Non-Academic) term is six months, and regardless of how long a person works, if they join and leave at any point, it will count as one term. The candidate(s) must submit their applications separately for each term. 

Read on to know about AIIMS Neurosurgeon Salary !

AIIMS Junior Resident Salary: FAQs

What is the AIIMS Junior Resident Salary?

The admission pay for junior residents at AIIMS Delhi is Rs. 56,100 per month.

How much does a Junior Resident Neuro in AIIMS earn?

The number of years of experience and area of specialisation a neurosurgeon has affects their pay at AIIMS. In AIIMS, a neurosurgeon typically earns between Rs. 1.8 and 16 lakhs per year, based on their 3 to 8 years of expertise.

How frequently is the AIIMS pay stub produced?

The wage slip at AIIMS is typically produced each month.

Can a Provident Fund withdrawal be made by an AIIMS employee before retirement?

The Provident Fund cannot be withdrawn by an AIIMS employee prior to retirement.

What tax advantages come with the salary slip from the AIIMS?

Under certain circumstances, the various salary components, such as the HRA, medical allowance, and transportation allowance, are eligible for tax exemption.

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