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Black Book of English Vocabulary PDF: Nikhil Gupta’s Black Book of English Vocabulary (PDF) is a book that  provides a comprehensive answer to the English syllabus questions that can be found in a variety of competitive exams, including the SSC CGL, SSC CPO, CHSL, SSC MTS, and BANKING EXAMS, BANK PO, BANK CLERK, among others.

The Black Book of English Vocabulary is the Best for Learning Vocabulary and is Useful for All SSC Aspirants Appearing in Upcoming Exams of SSC (SSC CGL, SSC ChSL, MTS, Stenographer, SSC GD Constable, SSC CPO, SSC JE, etc.), Bank (SBI PO/Clerk, IBPS PO/Clerk, RRBs, etc.), and Other Relevant Government Competitive Exams. Download the Black Book of English Vocabulary PDF for free here.

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What is the Black Book of English Vocabulary?

The Black Book of English Vocabulary is a comprehensive guide designed to help students at all levels increase their vocabulary. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to expand your word bank or an established learner trying to hone your language skills, this book has you covered. It offers a systematic approach to vocabulary learning, which makes the procedure effective and enjoyable.

Download Black Book of English Vocabulary PDF

For those who want to expand their vocabulary and communication skills in English, The Black Book of English Vocabulary is a comprehensive resource. The black book is an invaluable resource for professionals, students, and anybody else looking to increase their vocabulary thanks to its huge collection of words, their explanations, and examples of how they are used in various contexts. The book was written by renowned English linguist Nikhil Gupta. From the link provided below, candidates can download the Black Book of English Vocabulary.

Download the Black Book of English Vocabulary PDF for free!

Black Book of English Vocabulary Pdf Content

Part A: SSC Previous Year One Word Substitutions

  • The top 500 most frequently occurring one-word substitutes in SSC Exams.
  • SSC Exams asked 3000+ one-word substitutes from prior years.

Part B: The Hindu Vocabulary

  • The top 1000 vocabulary words from The Hindu Newspapers, including synonyms and Hindi translations.

Part C: Special Words

  • List of Phobia
  • List of Mania
  • List of Phile
  • Words for Killing or Killers
  • Words Denoting Ages
  • Words Related to Sleep
  • Words Denoting Places
  • List of Logy
  • List of Graphy
  • Form of Government (Cracy)
  • Form of Worship
  • Name of Scientific Instruments
  • Literary Words
  • Foreign Words and Phrases (Latin/German/French/Italian)

Part D: Practice M.C.Q.

Features of the Black Book of English Vocabulary

Every student wonders why they should study this book and what reasons have contributed to its rapid surge in popularity among SSC students. This is due to the fact that the book’s content is extremely relevant to the SSC examinations (SSC). For your convenience, some of the numerous reasons why this is one of the greatest books for vocabulary study, particularly for those preparing for the SSC, are outlined here.

  • The book offers around 3500 one-word substitutes, which will be useful for the SSC Exam. This book contains all of the previous years’ One-Word-Substitution questions.
  • New vocabulary terms are regularly found in unnoticed portions, and “The Hindu” newspaper is a good place to look for them.
  • There are nearly four thousand queries about misspelled words, antonyms, and synonyms.
  • There are also about 500 idiomatic expressions and over a thousand terms derived from them.
  • There are around 2100 odd terms that could appear on the SSC exam. Latin and phobia are two examples of such terms.
  • The 50 exercise sets provided in this book are the crowning achievement of the book, and you will find them highly useful as you ramp up your study.
  • This book contains more than 10,000 words in total.

Benefits of Using the Black Book of English Vocabulary PDF

  • Enhances Vocabulary: There are several advantages to using The Black Book of English Vocabulary, one of which is that it can aid with vocabulary development. You can carefully study and discover new terminology thanks to the book’s extensive collection of words that have been thoughtfully organized into a number of categories. By regularly using this programme, you can expand your word bank and overall vocabulary.
  • Improves Communication Skills: A rich vocabulary is essential for effective communication. The Black Book of English Vocabulary equips you with a diverse range of words, enabling you to articulate your thoughts with precision and eloquence. As you become familiar with different words and their nuances, you’ll gain confidence in expressing yourself and engaging in meaningful conversations.
  • Boosts Reading and Writing Abilities: Strong vocabulary skills significantly contribute to your reading and writing abilities. The Black Book of English Vocabulary provides contextual usage examples for each word, helping you understand their meanings in different contexts. This enhances your comprehension skills when reading and enables you to use the words appropriately when writing, resulting in more compelling and impactful written communication.
  • Increases Confidence in English: Many individuals feel insecure about their English language skills, especially when interacting with native speakers or in professional settings. By consistently using the Black Book of English Vocabulary, you’ll witness a remarkable improvement in your language proficiency. This progress will boost your confidence and empower you to communicate effectively in various situations.

How to Use the Black Book of English Vocabulary PDF Effectively

To make the most of the Black Book of English Vocabulary, follow these useful tips:

  • Set Realistic Goals: Before you start using the Black Book of English Vocabulary PDF, set realistic goals that align with your learning objectives. Determine the number of words you aim to learn each day or week, and track your progress to stay motivated.
  • Create a Study Schedule: Consistency is key when it comes to vocabulary building. Create a study schedule that suits your routine and dedicate specific time slots to work on expanding your vocabulary. By incorporating regular study sessions into your routine, you will make steady progress over time.
  • Actively Engage with the Material: While reading through the Black Book of English Vocabulary PDF, actively engage with the material. Rather than passively scrolling through the words, take the time to understand their meanings and usage examples. Try to make connections between new words and those you already know, as this will help reinforce your understanding.
  • Practice with Contextual Sentences: To make sure you understand how to use words correctly, practice putting them in phrases that have context. You will gain a better understanding of how words work in various circumstances after completing this activity, which will also help you communicate more effectively.


Enhancing your English vocabulary skills is within reach with the Black Book of English Vocabulary. By utilizing its comprehensive word lists, contextual usage examples, and effective learning strategies, you can expand your vocabulary, improve your communication skills, and gain confidence in English. Start your vocabulary journey today and unlock the path to language mastery.

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