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The Controller General of Defence Accounts Auditor, or CGDA Auditor, is one of the most sought-after jobs among young people who want to work for the government. Every year, thousands of candidates compete for a seat in the CGDA auditor post, which is administered by the Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level (SSC CGL).

Candidates should be aware of the recruitment process, CGDA Auditor Salary, allowances, and benefits in order to obtain the desired position in CGDA Auditor. So, read on to learn everything there is to know about SSC CGL CGDA Auditor in detail, complete with a salary slip.

CGDA Auditor Salary: Salary structure

SSC CGDA AuditorSalary Structure
Pay Scale₹ 29,200 – ₹ 92,300
Basic pay₹ 29,200
Dearness Allowance (DA)₹ 9,052 (31% of basic pay)
TPTA₹ 3,600
TPTADA₹ 1,116 (31% of TPTA)
HRA for X Cities – 24%₹ 7,008
HRA for y Cities – 18%₹ 5,256
HRA for z Cities – 8%₹ 2,336
Gross pay (X Cities)₹ 49,976
Gross pay (Y Cities)₹ 48,224
Gross pay (Z Cities)₹ 45,304

CGDA Auditor Salary: Annual Package

SSC CGDA Auditors are paid well and receive a variety of benefits during their tenure. The Staff Selection Commission, also known as SSC among aspirants, hires auditors. An SSC CGDA Auditor will be paid Rs. 29,200 per month. This equates to an annual salary of approximately Rs. 3,50,400.

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CGDA Auditor Salary: In hand 

As previously discussed in this article about the SSC CGDA Auditor Salary and Job Profile, the CGDA Auditor in hand salary is Rs. 29,200. However, the Dearness Allowance is paid each month in addition to the basic salary. The monthly in-hand salary of the SSC CGDA Auditor is the sum of the basic salary and Dearness Allowance.

CGDA Auditor Salary: Salary slip

Auditors will work in the departments of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (C&AG), Controller General of Defence Accounts (CGDA), and Controller General of Accounts (CGA) (CGA). An SSC CGL Auditor receives a salary slip for the previous month’s salary at the end of each monthly payment cycle. This salary slip contains information about the previous month’s deductions and allowances. Candidates can use this salary slip to obtain loan benefits and to complete their annual Income Tax form.

CGDA Auditor Salary: Job profile

Audit and Accounting are the two main work profiles of an Auditor at the CGDA (Controller General of Defence Accounts). Work pressure and responsibilities will differ depending on the job profile.

  • An accountant’s responsibilities in the defence, pension, and PAO departments are primarily limited to sitting at a desk and handling the department’s accounting.
  • Candidates may also be assigned to audit army and air force offices, where they will provide daily auditing services. Candidates will be required to visit various locations to audit accounts on a daily basis.
  • Accounting candidates can expect to do a lot of paperwork and work on set schedules.
  • Your primary responsibilities will include auditing important official documents and signing a slew of important bills.

CGDA Auditor Salary: Career growth and promotion

As a CGDA Auditor, you can expect to advance your career significantly. You will be promoted to Senior Auditor with a grade pay of INR 4,200/- after three years of service in the CGDA department. The following is a promotional career path:

  • Senior Auditor
  • Assistant Audit Officer (AAO)
  • Audit Officer (AO)
  • Senior Audit Officer

After serving for two years as a CGDA Auditor, you will be eligible for the Subordinate Audit/Account Services Examination (SAS Exam), which will result in a direct promotion to Assistant Audit Officer (AAO). Every promotion brings with it an additional allowance and increased basic pay, resulting in an overall increase in gross salary.

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CGDA Auditor Salary: FAQs

What is the salary of a CGDA Auditor ?

In accordance with the 7th CPC Pay revision, the basic pay of a CGDA Auditor has been revised to Rs. 30,000. As a result, when allowances and deductions are added, the in-hand salary is now Rs. 49716 (for X Cities), Rs. 47964 (for Y Cities), and Rs. 45044 (for Z Cities).

What will be the job location of a CGDA Auditor?

Generally, a job can be posted in any state in the country. But there are a few chances of getting a placement in your own state.

What is the minimum salary for a CGDA Auditor ?

The minimum take home salary of a newly joined CGDA Auditor is ₹ 49,716 (X Cities), ₹ 47,964 (Y Cities) and ₹ 45,044 (Z Cities).

How to become a CGDA Auditor ?

Candidates must pass through three levels: Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III. Tier-I is the preliminary exam, which consists of an objective paper worth 200 points. Candidates must pass the main exam after passing the preliminary exam (Tier-II). Candidates must pass the descriptive exam after passing the preliminary and mains exams (Tier-III).

What is the age limit of CGDA Auditor eligibility ?

An ideal candidate should be between the ages of 18 and 27.

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