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The CPRI Engineering Officer Grade 1 Salary and Job Profile are detailed in the official Central Power Research Institute notification (CPRI). Candidates should carefully review the CPRI Engineering Officer Salary and Job Profile information to ensure that the options provided are appropriate for them.

CPRI Engineering Officer Grade 1 Salary: Overview

CPRI Engineering Officer Grade 1 Salary Overview

Recruiting Organization

Central Power Research Institute 

Official Website



Engineering Officer 

Mode of Application


Selection Process

GATE Score 


Engineering Jobs


Rs. 44,900 – Rs. 142400/- 

Job location

Anywhere in India

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CPRI Engineering Officer Grade 1 Salary: Annual package

The annual Salary of CPRI Engineering Officer Grade 1 will be in the range of Rs. 5.3 lakhs to Rs. 17 lakhs as their initial salary, according to the official notification posted on the website.

CPRI Engineering Officer Grade 1 Salary: Salary slip

The board publishes each employee’s CPRI Engineering Officer Salary Slip once a month. The payslip includes the basic wage, reductions, bonuses, incentives, and so on. This salary slip will be sent or delivered to employees because it is valuable to them. It could be used to obtain a loan or for other personal purposes.

CPRI Engineering Officer Grade 1 Salary: In hand

According to Pay Level 7, the in-hand CPRI Engineering Officer Grade 1 salary ranges from Rs. 44,900 to 142400/- per month. Aside from that, their efforts are rewarded with a variety of bonuses and allowances.

CPRI Engineering Officer Grade 1 Salary: Allowances and Benefits

In addition to their base salary, employees who qualify for the position of CPRI Engineering Officer receive a number of benefits. These are as follows:

  • House Rent Allowance: This is a stipend given to candidates to help them pay their rent. In some cases, candidates may be given rent-free housing.
  • Gratuity: A gratuity is frequently given to an employee who retires or resigns. The government pays the candidate a fixed amount for the rest of their lives in exchange for their services to the role.
  • Leave Encashment: This service compensates an employee for not taking a leave. It’s like recompense for not taking a vacation and working harder.
  • Dearness allowance: Employees receive a dearness allowance to help offset the effects of inflation on their cost of living.
  • Health and life insurance: Health and life insurance are provided to all candidates.

CPRI Engineering Officer Grade 1 Salary: Job profile

Let us look at some of the key responsibilities of the CPRI Engineering Officer Grade 1 Job Profile:

  • During the final phase of ship construction, manage all engineering training provided by the DoD and shipyard contractors.
  • To ensure security and provide information on all areas of operation, lead the advance parties in charge of collecting reconnaissance data.
  • Deploy an engineer platoon to Afghanistan, specialising in route clearance to eliminate the threat of explosive hazards.
  • Global persistent ISR with full motion video/signals intelligence, deployed to forward operating locations to support SecDef and JCS objectives.
  • Maintain and operate small boats used by the USCG for a variety of missions such as search and rescue, pollution response, and law enforcement.
  • Serve in a variety of capacities, such as platoon leader and assistant operations officer.
  • Recognize for SIGINT support to the organization’s extension in theatre, allowing the target to continue.
  • Launch and implement logistics support, configuration management, and contract maintenance/engineering for complex systems.
  • Participate in planning and operations management teams at various levels, including combat divisions.
  • Customer service, industrial engineering, logistics, and technical support for engineering and logistics support activities are all part of the job.
  • Testing and performance evaluation of power apparatus in accordance with national and international standards.
  • To carry out relevant research projects, as well as consultancy, operation and maintenance, and supervision.

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CPRI Engineering Officer Grade 1 Salary: Probation Period

Before being recognised as permanent employees, selected candidates must serve a two-year probation period. Employees are regularly monitored during their probation period, and top management evaluates their level of job performance ethics. Qualified candidates will be informed of the probation period for the position of CPRI Engineering Officer in their offer letter.

CPRI Engineering Officer Grade 1 Salary: Career Growth and Promotion

Candidates will be eligible for job promotions and salary increases if they work hard and productively for a specified period of time. Employees who perform well and produce positive results are promoted to senior positions. Employees can learn new skills and knowledge at work that will help them advance in their careers. Government jobs provide numerous opportunities for advancement and development.

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CPRI Engineering Officer Grade 1 Salary: FAQs

What are the benefits of the CPRI Engineering Officer position, besides salary?

The board provides various additional benefits in addition to basic income, such as a dearness allowance, medical coverage, insurance and so on.

What is the job location for the CPRI Engineering Officer post 2023?

The job location of an engineering officer in the CPRI can be anywhere in the country.

What is the starting salary for the position of CPRI Engineering Officer?

As per the current notification, the basic salary for a CPRI Engineering Officer is approximately Rs. 44,900 – Rs. 142400/- per month.

Is there any training period that the candidate has to go through after they have been shortlisted?

There is a mandatory training period for candidates. Once they have successfully completed the training period, they can take advantage of all the perks.

What is the salary of a scientific assistant in CPRI Recruitment 2022?

CPRI Recruitment 2022 offers a salary of Rs.35,400 to the Scientific Assistant.

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