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Are you looking to pursue a career in the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) as an Assistant Commandant? If yes so, then you must be aware of the salary package that comes with this prestigious post. This blog post will discuss the CRPF Assistant Commandant salary and other important details about the job. We’ll also look at how the pay is determined and how it has changed over time. So if you’re interested in learning more about this unique profession and its salary structure, read on!

CRPF Assistant Commandant Salary: Salary Structure

The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is the largest of India’s Central Armed Police Forces. It functions under the aegis of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) of the Government of India. The CRPF’s primary role is to assist the State and Union Territories in police operations to maintain law and order and counter-insurgency. The Assistant Commandant is a Group ‘A’ Gazetted Officer in the CRPF. The salary structure of an Assistant Commandant in the CRPF is as follows:

  • Basic pay: Rs. 50,600/- per month
  • Pay in Pay Band: Rs. 50,600 – 59,100/- per month
  • Grade Pay: Rs. 5,400/- per month
  • Total emoluments: Rs. 55,000 – 60,500/- per month (approximate)

In addition to their basic pay, Assistant Commandants are also entitled to allowances like Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), Transport Allowance (TA), etc., as per government rules. They are also provided free accommodation or HRA if government accommodation is unavailable.

CRPF Assistant Commandant Salary Per Month

The Assistant Commandant CRPF Salary per month is a good salary for those looking for a government job. The in-hand salary is around Rs. 56,100, and the total monthly salary is Rs. 67,600. The allowances provided by the government are also very good, and they include house rent allowance, dearness allowance, and medical allowance. The place of posting also matters a lot when it comes to the salary, as the salaries are higher in metropolitan cities.

CRPF Assistant Commandant Salary After 7th Pay Commission

Per the 7th pay commission, the Assistant Commandant in CRPF will get a starting salary of Rs. 56,100/- per month. In addition, they will also be eligible for various allowances like Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Transport Allowance, etc., which will increase their total monthly income. The 7th pay commission has also recommended a hike in the promotional opportunities for Assistant Commandants in CRPF, further increasing their salary and perks.

CRPF Assistant Commandant Salary In-Hand

As per the 7th Pay Commission, the CRPF Assistant Commandant Salary In-Hand is Rs. 56,100/-. However, this may vary slightly depending on the place of posting and other allowances. The basic pay for an AC is Rs. 50,600/- and they are entitled to a dearness allowance, house rent allowance, and transport allowance.

CRPF Assistant Commandant Salary: Perks and Additional Benefits

In addition to a competitive salary, CRPF Assistant Commandants enjoy several perks and additional benefits. These include medical and health insurance, housing allowances, transportation allowances, and more. As an Assistant Commandant in the CRPF, you will be responsible for the safety and security of your troops. In addition to your base salary, you will receive some allowances and benefits that will help you provide for your family and maintain a high standard of living. These benefits include:

Medical and health insurance: As an Assistant Commandant in the CRPF, you and your family will be covered by a comprehensive medical and health insurance plan. This plan will cover your medical expenses, including hospitalization, prescriptions, and more.

Housing allowance: You will be provided with a housing allowance to help cover the cost of your accommodation. This allowance is based on the location of your posting and the size of your family.

Transportation allowance: You will receive a transportation allowance to help cover your travel expenses. This allowance can cover the cost of gas, tolls, parking, public transportation, or even taxis or Uber rides.

Additional benefits: In addition to the above allowances and benefits, you may also be eligible for other benefits such as life insurance, educational allowances for your children, leave travel allowances, and more.

CRPF Assistant Commandant Salary: 5 FAQs

How much does a CRPF Assistant Commandant make per month?

The salary of a CRPF Assistant Commandant is Rs. 50,600-59,100 per month.

What are the benefits of being a CRPF Assistant Commandant?

Assistant Commandants are entitled to several benefits, including medical and life insurance, housing, and travel allowances. They also receive a monthly stipend for books and journals. 

What is the job profile of a CRPF Assistant Commandant?

CRPF Assistant Commandants are responsible for leading and managing a team of personnel. They are also responsible for planning and executing various security operations per their seniors’ directives.

What is the CRPF Assistant Commandant’s salary per month?

The Assistant Commandant in the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) draws a monthly salary of Rs.50,600/-. In addition, they are also eligible for allowances and benefits as per the organization’s rules.

What are the promotion prospects for a CRPF Assistant Commandant?

Assistant Commandants in CRPF are usually promoted to the Deputy Inspector General rank after successfully completing their tenure. Promotions beyond this level are rare and are based on exceptional merit and service record.

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