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E-Challan Andhra Pradesh. The use of an e-challan is an excellent measure taken by the Indian government to ensure improved transparency and efficient services. The AP E-challan system enables traffic officers to photograph the license plate. The challan can then be given to the vehicle’s owner after the image has been uploaded to the primary server. Previously, the fine or challan was a document issued by the police.

The e-challan was introduced by the government to reduce paperwork and make the process more efficient.

What is an Andhra Pradesh Police Trafic E-Challan System?

The Andhra Pradesh E-challan system allows traffic cops to photograph the car’s license plate. After the image has been uploaded to the main server, the challan is issued to the vehicle’s owner. 

As a result, if you are caught breaking any traffic laws in Andhra Pradesh, such as not wearing a helmet while driving, exceeding the speed limit, or running red lights, you may be fined. The Andhra Pradesh (AP) Police Traffic e-Challan System electronically generates an e-challan, which the offender can pay online.

How to do Payment of Andhra Pradesh Traffic Challan Online Via Official Website?

Once the e-challan is issued, it is the responsibility of the individual to pay it. The e-challan can be paid in two ways.

Step 1: Go to the AP e-challan website.

Step 2: Enter your vehicle number and captcha on the home screen.

Step 3: The results will show whether you have an e-challan or not.

Step 4: If a challan is present, select the payment option and make the payment. On your phone, you will receive a confirmation message.

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Make Payment Via Paytm App

Step 1: Visit the Paytm AP E-challan page first.

Step 2: Enter your RC number, license number, or challan number.

Step 3: Click “Proceed.”

Step 4: Enter the amount of the challan.

Step 5: Select a payment method, such as a debit or credit card, a Paytm wallet, or UPI (it is only available on the Paytm app)

Step 6: Make the payment to complete the transaction.

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Make Payment Via Parivahan Website

Step 1: Go to the official Parivahan website, echallan.parivahan.gov.in.

Step 2: Scroll down and click the “Get Challan Details” link located beneath the “Submit” button.

Step 3: Enter the vehicle identification number, challan number, or driver’s license number.

Step 4: From the list of e-challans displayed on the page, choose the pending e-challans issued by the AP police.

Step 5: Once your e-challan AP online payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation receipt.

Andhra Pradesh Traffic Police Rules Violation Penalities

The following is a list of traffic violations and the fines imposed by the Andhra Pradesh Traffic Police.

On-call while drivingRs. 1,500
Driving without a license plateRs. 500
Driving without wearing a helmet/seatbeltRs. 1,000
Vehicle owner permitting an unlicensed person to driveRs 1,000
Driving before being 18 years oldRs. 500
Over speedingRs. 1,000
Failing third-party coverage for the first offense or subsequent offensesRs. 2000Rs. 4000
A disabled person driving a vehicle on public roadsRs. 500

E-Challan Andhra Pradesh – FAQs

What exactly is an Andhra traffic e-challan?

This is an online challan/fine system for traffic violations.

How do you pay your traffic challan online?

To make the payment, go to the official website of the Andhra e-challan.

Is there any other way to pay e-challan?

Yes, you can pay the e-challan via parihavan or through the Paytm app.

How much fine will be charged for Driving before being 18 years old?

For Driving, before being 18 years old the fine is Rs.500.

How much of a fine will be levied for speeding?

The fine for exceeding the speed limit is Rs.1,000.

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