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The GI-tagged items from Chhattisgarh are giving the state its identity domestically and internationally. The nation and overseas have a high demand for the goods made in Chhattisgarh. Those goods now bear a Chhattisgarh stamp due to receiving the GI tag. As a result, Chhattisgarh’s GI-tagged items generate millions of dollars worth of revenue both domestically and internationally each year. As a result, the state residents working in the industry producing these goods also enjoy financial security. Additionally, the state’s products are being exported. 6 state items have received GI tag certification and are well-known globally. These include Bastar Dhokra, Bastar woodcraft, Bastar iron craft, Dubraj rice, Champa silk, saree, and cumin rice. Apart from these, the people of Bastar Dhokra have also got GI tag. 

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List of GI Tag of Chhattisgarh

Here are the GI tags associated with Chhattisgarh:

S.No.Geographical IndicationType
1.Bastar DhokraHandicraft
2.Bastar Wooden CraftHandicraft
3.Bastar Iron CraftHandicraft
4.Bastar Dhokra (Logo)Handicraft
5.Champa Silk Saree and FabricsHandicraft
7.Nagri Dubraj riceAgriculture

Recent GI Tag of Chhattisgarh

The Geographical Indication Registry has given Chhattisgarh’s Nagri Dubraj, a fragrant rice variety, a geographical indication (GI) tag. This will help the brand stand out from the competition and expand its market. Authorities in Chhattisgarh have been attempting for a while to get Nagri Dubraj a GI tag. Being in constant contact with the appropriate authorities allowed the Indira Gandhi Agricultural University to play a crucial role in gaining rights. Additionally, a female self-help group produces rice.

For a very long period, the Chhattisgarh authorities have been working to acquire Nagri Dubraj a GI tag. According to a state government spokeswoman, the Indira Gandhi Agricultural University was instrumental in obtaining the rights since it maintained frequent contact with the relevant authorities. The spokesman said that it is created by a women’s self-help organisation. 

The “Maa Durga Swasahayata Samuh” women’s self-help organisation of Nagri in the Dhamtari area has been harvesting Dubraj and has filed for the GI tag. Bhupesh Baghel, the Chief Minister (CM), pledged to act last year, saying he would see to it that the “fragrance” of Dubraj returned to the farmers’ fields. Because of its scent, the Nagri Dubraj is referred to as the Basmati of Chhattisgarh.

FAQs on GI Tag of Chhattisgarh

In Chhattisgarh, how many GI tags are there?

Chhattisgarh has so far been awarded 7 Geographical Indication (GI) Tags, 5 of which are for handicraft products and 2 for agricultural product.

What Chhattisgarh-produced Indian item bears the GI designation?

The Geographical Indication Registry has given Chhattisgarh’s Nagri Dubraj, a fragrant rice variety, a geographical indication (GI) tag.

What is Bastar Dhokra?

Dhokra craft is one of the ancient crafts of the state. It is the identity of Bastar region which is known not only at the national level but also at the international level. Many craftsmen of Bastar region have received awards at national and state level. About 2000 families in the state are associated with Dhokra craft. In this art, idols, utensils, and other everyday items are made by casting a mixture of metals like copper, zinc, and ranga (tin).

What is Kabir Chaura?

Kabir Chaura is a traditional craft of the Kabir Chaura region in Chhattisgarh, where artisans use bamboo to create a variety of products, including baskets, furniture, and decorative items. The craft is known for its intricate weaving techniques and sustainable use of natural resources.

What is Bastar Iron Craft?

Iron craft is prevalent all over the world since ancient times. Evidence of these types of crafts has also been found at the time of Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilization. It is estimated from this that this craft is very ancient. This craft is also very popular in the Bastar region of the state. Using this, the residents of this place make various decorative items etc. Whose demand is in the country as well as abroad.

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