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On Saturday, November 19, 2022, International Men’s Day will be observed. Every year, the global celebration, like International Women’s Day, is observed to reflect on the achievements and progress of men in society. The prime motive of Men’s Day is to promote basic humanitarian ideals and to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of boys and men in the community, union, society, childcare, and nation.In many institutions and organisations, the day is observed in a variety of ways. In schools and universities, lectures, discussions, and quizzes are held. A number of panel discussions, award ceremonies, art shows, and lectures are held to address the significance of honouring the day. To know about International Men’s Day theme 2022, history, significance etc., read the article below.

International Men’s Day Theme 2022 

One of the most important goals of International Men’s Day is to promote gender equality and gender relations. This applies to both men and women. According to research, personal friendships and social interactions can enhance excellent health. The International Men’s Day theme 2022 is “celebrating mateship,” which aims to draw attention to the important role that mateship plays in enabling men to enjoy longer, better-quality lives. Better interactions between men and women was the theme of the previous International Men’s Day in 2021. We won’t live in a better, safer world unless men and women can stroll side by side.

International Men’s Day – History

Although there has been discussion of establishing an International Men’s Day since the early 1960s, no real progress was made until the 1990s. In February of 1993 and 1994, Thomas Oaster, the director of the Missouri Center for Men’s Studies at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, Missouri, started to host small events to commemorate this day. It didn’t really take off, though, probably due to a lack of interest. Until 1999, it would not gain momentum. On November 19, 1999, the first International Men’s Day was inaugurated in Trinidad and Tobago. This event received support from organizations all throughout the world, including the United Nations. Jerome Teelucksingh from the University of the West Indies designed and organised the event in Trinidad and Tobago. The headquarters of Families in Action in Newtown, Port of Spain, was where he staged the event at the time.

International Men’s Day – Significance

The day’s main goal is to emphasise male issues and increase awareness of prejudice against them. By emphasising the male role model and fostering better gender relations, various NGOs and organisations focus on issues like toxic masculinity and the high rate of male suicide on International Men’s Day. The event’s goal is to build a safer, better world where all men can feel safe and develop to their full potential. We must mark International Men’s Day in order to combat stereotypical beliefs and concentrate on the social, cultural, and intellectual well-being of men as well as their physical and mental health. Additionally, more than 80 nations around the world commemorate International Men’s Day.It serves as a reminder that all boys and men have the same value placed on their beliefs, aspirations, and decisions in life. Positive male role models, raising awareness, combating prejudice, enhancing gender equality and relationships, and more are among the six pillars of International Men’s Day.

The International Men’s Day’s Six Pillars are:

1. To highlight good role models for men

2. To acknowledge the valuable contributions made by males

3. To emphasise the health and wellness of men

4. To draw attention to gender injustice

5. To enhance gender equality and gender relations

6. To build a more secure and better world

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International Men’s Day – Celebrations

There are numerous ways to observe International Men’s Day. There are panel discussions and lectures presented, as well as public seminars and classroom activities, and there have even been award ceremonies and art displays to draw attention to the day.

Many nations observe International Men’s Day in different ways. For instance, International Men’s Day in the UK raises the subject of male suicide and engages audiences in extensive conversation. Due to their emotional weakness compared to women, men are said to be three times more likely to commit suicide. Uma Chulla, an Indian men’s rights advocate, established the first International Men’s Day in 2007. The day brought attention to the abuse that men endure across the nation. They also talked about their problems with general physical health. 

There are numerous exhibitions where people display posters about men’s health and other topics. The goal of this day is to eradicate gender stereotypes from society.

FAQs on International Men’s Day Theme 2022 

How is the International Day for Men observed?

International Men’s Day coordinators around the world propose a different subject each year, like “Working to Expand Reproductive Options for Men” in 2015 or “Keeping Men and Boys Safe” in 2013.

How many nations observe Men’s Day?

Several significant issues are tackled on International Men’s Day, which is observed in more than 80 nations worldwide.

Why do we observe Men’s Day?

It is an occasion to commemorate the lives, achievements, and contributions of boys and men, particularly to the nation, union, society, community, family, marriage, and childcare. The event’s overarching goal is to raise basic awareness of men’s issues.

What is the International Men’s Day theme 2022?

The theme for International Men’s Day 2022 is celebrating mateship.

What constitutes International Men’s Day’s six pillars?

To honour the beneficial contributions made by males to the community, family, marriage, childcare, and environment. Putting a special emphasis on the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual health and welfare of males.

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