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On Saturday, March 18th, the eighth season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) came to a close with Lahore Qalandars claiming their second successive championship. Led by Shaheen Afridi, the team won the final match against Multan Sultans by a single run. Notably, Qalandars also managed to capture their first title in the 2022 season against the same opponents.

Amid the ongoing dispute between India and Pakistan about the Asia Cup in 2023, Najam Sethi, Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has made an astonishing announcement. The hosting of this year’s Asia Cup has become a source of contention between the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the PCB. Continue reading to cover the full story about the IPL Digital Rating 2023 remark.

IPL Digital Rating 2023

The Board of Control for Cricket in India is resolute in its decision not to travel to the neighboring country due to the political unrest between both nations. Conversely, the Pakistan Cricket Board is arguing that if no other country has security issues, then why is the BCCI so unwilling to go there.

Sethi recently made a comparison between the Indian Premier League and the Pakistan Super League during a press conference, stating that the latter had higher digital ratings than the former Indian T20 tournament.

Sethi commented, noting that PSL was only halfway done, inquiring about the digital rating. He cited that Najam Sethi Show used to get a 0.5 rating on TV, while the PSL was receiving a rating of more than 11. He expected that the rating would be around 18 or 20 by the end of the tournament, as reported by a news channel.

He further added, “Over 150 million people watched it digitally. It is not a small thing. At the same stage, IPL’s digital rating was 130 million and PSL’s is more than 150 million. So this is a great success for Pakistan.

The PCB high-ranking official’s assertions were not supported by verifiable facts, but rather were based on numbers that were mentioned to him in an informal conversation.

India has an extremely large population compared to Pakistan. In reality, the two Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have more people than the whole of Pakistan. Had the PCB leader thought sensibly, he would have avoided embarrassing himself. 

In addition, a new plan was presented saying that they had plans to have some of the league’s games take place in the U.S., and if they get the chance, they will look into that,” said the 74-year-old, noting that the PCB is talking with the relevant authorities in Karachi and Lahore to construct five-star hotels close to the stadiums for the public’s benefit.

Sethi emphasized the beneficial effect of PSL by pointing out that it has generated many jobs and stimulated various industries, including tourism, hospitality, air travel, and transportation. He further stated that the league had paid 70 crore rupees in taxes to the federal government, as well as 50 crore in sales taxes and 50 crore in provincial taxes.

IPL Digital Rating 2023: FAQs

What is the purpose of IPL Digital Rating?

A digital rating system provides accurate audience measurement data across different digital platforms, such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, and Smart TVs. So, the purpose of IPL Digital Rating is to accurately measure the success of the campaign.

How does Digital Rating work?

This digital rating tool is used to measure the success of a digital product, website or app. It is used in many industries and offers an easy and efficient way to assess performance and create feedback. 

What is IPL Digital Rating 2023?

IPL Digital Rating 2023 provides data on the average viewership, reach, frequency, gross rating point (GRP) and time spent on digital content so that you can compare it with TV consumption.

What did the PCB Chairman claim about the IPL Digital Rating 2023?

The story is covered in the above article. Please check it out more!

Who is the Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)?

Najam Sethi is the Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

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