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The Indian Premier League (IPL) adds new components each season to make it better and more engaging. The cash-rich league’s 2023 season will be no different. The IPL New Impact Player Rule 2023 and the resumption of the home-and-away format will be welcomed by cricket fans. When someone mentions ‘new’ things in life or general, the term ‘excited’ automatically comes into everyone’s thoughts. Likewise, the ‘Impact Player’ rule and reintroduction of the home and away format will transform the dynamics of the IPL. Various team sports, including football, rugby, basketball, and baseball, allow for tactical replacements. Even in cricket, different leagues have varying rules regarding player substitutions,’ but the IPL will feature an Impact Player for the first time in 2023.

IPL New Impact Player Rule 2023: Impact

According to the IPL Player Replacement Rules, a side will have to list four substitutes at the toss, in addition to the playing Eleven. They can employ any one of the four subs as their Impact Player. A captain can call in the Impact Player before the start of an innings, at the end of an over, when a wicket falls, or when a batsman retires. If the bowling side brings in an Impact Player during an over, such as when a wicket falls or a batsman retires, they will not be permitted to bowl the remaining balls of the over.

The substituted player is also not allowed to return to the game, not even as a substitute outfield, according to the regulation. Under terms of the rule, if a team lists four overseas players in their starting Eleven, the Impact Player can only be an Indian. This is to limit the number of abroad players each game to four per team.

If a club has three or fewer foreign players in their starting XI, they can bring in an overseas player as the Impact Player, but they must have selected the overseas player as one of their four replacements at the toss.

IPL New Impact Player Rule 2023: Benefits

The introduction of the IPL Substitute Rule in 2023 is expected to bring about many benefits to the IPL. Firstly, it will provide more opportunities for overseas players to compete in the league. This will also benefit Indian players, as they will now have to compete with more talented players from overseas. This will help to improve the quality of the league and make it more competitive. 

IPL New Impact Player Rule 2023: How does it work for the bowling team?

When the bowling side brings in their Impact Player, they will be permitted to bowl their entire quota of four overs irrespective of the amount of overs bowled by the player they are replacing. Assume a side has a powerplay specialist who gets bowled out at the opening of the innings. They could therefore, in theory, replace the powerplay specialist with a death-overs expert – their Impact Player – who can still bowl four overs. Nevertheless, if the bowling team comes in their Impact Player in the middle of an over, that player will not be able to bowl until the finish of the over.

IPL New Impact Player Rule 2023: Challenges

Despite the potential benefits that the new player rule in 2023 could bring, there are also some challenges that it could pose. Firstly, the new rule could make it harder for teams to maintain a balance between Indian and overseas players. This is because teams will have to field more overseas players than before and this could lead to the Indian players not getting enough playing time. Additionally, the presence of more overseas players could also lead to teams ignoring the local talent and this could have a negative impact on the development of young Indian players.

IPL New Impact Player Rule 2023: FAQs

How is the Impact Player going to work in IPL 2023?

An impact player can be chosen from any of the four substitutes who are listed with the playing XI at the toss.

What happens to the player who is replaced by the Impact Player?

The replaced player will not take part in the match. Not even as a substitute fielder.

Are there any changes to the number of players who can bat in the IPL?

The game does not allow more than 11 players to bat. A bowler who has not yet entered the batting order, presumably a bowler who has been dismissed, cannot bat if the impact player is a batter who replaces one.

Does a delayed start impact the Impact Player rule?

Impact Player rules will remain unchanged, according to the IPL.

When did IPL start in 2023?

According to IPL Schedule 2023, Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings will play their first match on 31st March.

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