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The Kolkata Police uniform is a distinctive and iconic feature of the city’s law enforcement agency. The uniform is designed to be functional and comfortable while maintaining a professional appearance. The uniforms play a vital role in ensuring that the Kolkata Police are easily identifiable and can perform their duties effectively. When we think of Kolkata Police Uniform, the first thing that comes to mind is their khaki uniform. Kolkata Police now wear white uniforms instead of khaki. If you are wondering why kolkata police wear white uniform? Then read to know more.

Kolkata Police Uniform: Details

The white uniform is made of high-quality cotton fabric and consists of a white shirt and trousers, a black belt, and black shoes. The shirt features the Kolkata Police emblem on the left side of the chest and the officer’s nameplate on the right. The trousers have a black stripe down the side and are designed to be comfortable and functional for everyday use.

The white uniform is intended to provide increased visibility and professionalism to the Kolkata Police, helping to establish a strong and authoritative presence on the streets. Additionally, the white fabric is expected to be more comfortable for officers to wear in the hot and humid Kolkata climate. 

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Kolkata Police Uniform: Who introduced the uniforms?

It is common knowledge that the British desired to rule our country and gradually stripped us of our rich tradition and culture to create a prosperous India. Before establishing The East India Company, they first established themselves in West Bengal. The country’s first effective police system was put in place. Every officer was required to wear a spotless white uniform. Their white uniforms, however, would become soiled throughout the day. They would have to wash and bleach their uniforms before returning to duty to restore their white lustre. Blue uniforms quickly replaced white uniforms, making it easier to maintain a clean appearance. Police officials, recognising the difficulty of maintaining a spotless uniform while performing arduous daily duties, proposed using khaki-colored uniforms. Khaki is a yellowish-brown colour that hides dirt and dust, making it easier to keep clean. Even if the uniform became dirty, it would not appear dirty because the colour would be similar to standard khaki.

Kolkata Police Uniform: Scientific evidence

It is not to differentiate Kolkata Police from other police departments. The colour white has a scientific explanation. The British government did, in fact, establish the Kolkata Police in 1845 and chose the colour white for its uniforms.

Because white was a pleasant hue for them. Due to Kolkata’s coastal location, the relative humidity is somewhat greater. As a result, white is the scientifically superior option. In addition, white does not absorb the heat generated by the sun. The navy uniform follows the same logic.

In 1845, the British administration established a special police force for Kolkata, requiring all Kolkata police officers to wear white uniforms. Lamsden ordered that all police officers wear khaki in 1847. However, the Kolkata police department declined.

The rationale for the denial was that Kolkata suffers from extreme heat because it is an inland state with few bodies of water. Because white reflects rather than absorbs heat, it is an excellent uniform colour. The West Bengal state police department has adopted khaki uniforms; however, police officers in the twin cities of Kolkata and Howrah continue to wear white uniforms.

The police in the twin cities and a few other regions of Bengal still wear the classic white uniform. However, the reasoning they offer now differs from the first. It is easy to tell which police officers are from the Kolkata-Howrah Force and which are from the State Police Force. The British government is no longer present, but the white police uniform remains, and the scientific reasoning for this cannot be disputed.

Kolkata Police Uniform: FAQs

Why Kolkata Police uniform is white?

Since Kolkata is located on the coast, where there is a lot of heat and humidity, the British chose white for its police uniforms to reduce heat absorption and reflect sunlight.

Why do police wear khaki?

A number of police officers dyed their uniforms a variety of colours in order to prevent them from getting dirty. Because of this, clothes were difficult to recognize and multicoloured. Khaki is a dark colour that conceals dirt on uniforms without being too dark.

What is the salary of Kolkata Police?

7.3 lakhs is the average salary in Kolkata Police.

What is the difference between Kolkata Police and West Bengal Police?

The Kolkata Police is a division of the West Bengal Police, responsible for maintaining law and order within the city limits of Kolkata. The West Bengal Police, on the other hand, is the primary law enforcement agency of the state, responsible for maintaining law and order throughout West Bengal.

Why is the Kolkata Police dress is different?

Since Kolkata is a coastal city, its uniforms are white to deal with the heat and humidity.

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