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Leading insurance provider Life Insurance Corporation (LIC). Many candidates desire to work for LIC as an Apprentice Development Officer (ADO). Candidates getting up to take the LIC ADO exam need to be familiar with the LIC ADO Salary. A LIC Apprentice Development Officer makes a monthly base salary of 21,865, along with allowances and other bonuses. LIC Apprentice Development Officer compensation structure, allowances, job description, career advancement, and other benefits a candidate will receive after being chosen as an ADO in LIC are all covered in detail in this article.

LIC ADO Salary In Hand: Salary Structure

According to LIC ADO Salary and Job Profile, candidates would receive an initial basic salary of Rs. 21,865 per month, plus bonuses and other benefits. A LIC ADO employee’s salary is determined by their pay grade, which is 21865-1340(2)-24545-1580(2)-27705-1610(17)-55075. The structure for LIC ADO Salary In Hand according to the 7th pay commission is displayed in the table below.


Name of the Post

Year (Increment)

Pay Range

In-hand Salary

Apprentice Development Officer

At starting


After 2 years



After next 2 years



After the next 17 years



LIC ADO Salary In Hand: Probation Period

Candidates chosen to serve as Apprentice Development Officers must undergo a one-year probationary term. The authorities may prolong this time while monitoring the appointed candidate’s performance. Candidates will get a salary during their probationary period equal to their base pay of 21,865 per month.  

LIC ADO Salary In Hand: Allowances and Benefits

The allowances and benefits for the LIC LDO post are explained b below in detail below.

LIC ADO Job Allowances 

Candidates hired receive several basic pay allowances and the LIC ADO salary. All the allowances are listed below:

  • Dearness Allowance (DA): DA is updated every three months following the CPI (Consumer Price Index). The remuneration of the LIC AAO represents CPI 40% of the Basic Pay.
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA): Depending on the job’s location, HRA can be 9%, 8%, or 7% of the base salary.
  • City Compensatory Allowance (CCA): Depending on where the position is posted, CCA maybe 4%, 3%, or 0%.

LIC ADO Job Benefits

A LIC Apprentice Development Officer will earn other perks besides the stipend. Look at the advantages given below:

  • Gratuity
  • LTC
  • Group Insurance
  • Vehicle Advance
  • Mobile Handset
  • Attractive Incentives for performance
  • Pension Scheme
  • Medical Benefit
  • Insurance for Accident 
  • Reimbursement 
  • Supply of Dailies

LIC ADO Salary: Job Profile of LIC Apprentice Development Officer

The primary duty of LIC ADO is to supervise sales. Therefore, it requires the candidate to have management and administrative skills. ADO is responsible for overseeing both agent management and new sales acquisition. Additionally, the ADO’s bonus or raise entirely depends on sales. In that regard, it is a job with some risk and pressure. However, it offers flexible work hours. However, promoting variables will be marketing expertise and creative thinking that boosts product sales. All life insurance agents should work together to establish the new sales approach. Included in the Roles and Responsibilities are:

  • Enlist life insurance agents to advertise or sell LIC policies in designated locations.
  • Should be informed about both the trends and the existing policies.
  • Giving the chosen agents that are working with the ADO training.
  • to evaluate each agent’s total performance.
  • Find out each agent’s marketing strengths and weaknesses.
  • Encourage the agents to make the most sales possible within the allotted time.
  • Give each agent a target quota to meet.
  • Uphold general honesty in commerce.

LIC ADO Salary: Growth of Career

Along with a premium LIC ADO pay and job description, applicants who joined as Apprentice Development Officers will have excellent prospects for promotion and professional progress. Examine the hierarchy of career development shown below:

  1. Apprentice Development Officer
  2. Probationary Development Officer
  3. Development Officer
  4. Assistant Branch Officer
  5. Branch Officer
  6. Senior Branch Officer
  7. Assistant Divisional Officer
  8. Divisional Officer
  9. Senior Divisional Manager
  10. Regional Manager

 LIC ADO Salary: FAQs

What is the LIC ADO’s base salary according to the salary structure?

The LIC ADO’s base salary is 21,865 per month, according to the salary structure.

Are there any other benefits?

Yes, the LIC ADO receives other perks in addition to the allowance. Allowances and benefits are mentioned in the article in detail.

What is the length of the LIC ADO’s probation period?

For LIC ADO, the probation period lasts for one year only.

What does a LIC Apprentice Development Officer’s job profile describe?

LIC Apprentice Development Officer’s job profile includes many responsibilities. Some of them are Finding qualified persons to work as LIC agents, educating newly appointed LIC agents, Analyzing each agent’s performance, etc.

 Is there room for professional advancement at LIC ADO?

Yes, there is room for advancement in the LIC ADO. The article provides the hierarchy.

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