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The Bombay High Court conducts the Maharashtra Judicial Service Examination every year for the recruitment of Civil Judges (Junior Division). MPSC Civil Judge Exam, JMFC – Judicial Magistrate First Class, or CJJD – Civil Judge Junior Division are all terms used to describe this exam. In this article, we discuss the Syllabus and exam pattern of Maharashtra Civil Judges and here aspirants also get information regarding the total number of questions and marks and other relevant information which is useful for aspirants. The Maharashtra Civil Judges’ exam pattern and curriculum can be accessed here. Maharashtra Civil Judges Syllabus 2022 The application procedure for new hires will start soon. Any eligible candidate can apply for the position on the Maharashtra Public Service Commission’s official website. Candidates preparing for the Maharashtra Civil Judge Examination 2022 should review the most recent syllabus to assess their chances of passing. It is vital to have a thorough understanding of the Maharashtra Judiciary Exam 2022 syllabus in order to effectively prepare for this exam. To achieve good marks in these level examinations, i.e., Prelims and Mains, it is beneficial to know the Maharashtra Judicial Examination 2022 curriculum.

The candidate should have a thorough understanding of the pre-examination and main examination syllabus. Candidates who are interested and eligible for Maharashtra Judiciary Recruitment should begin preparing today. To assist you, we have discussed the Maharashtra Judiciary 2022 new syllabus, which will be very useful in creating your preparation approach.

Exam Pattern 2022 for MPSC Civil Judges

Exam Pattern for Maharashtra Judicial Services

Prelims, Mains, and Viva-Voce are the three phases of the PCS J Maharashtra Exam.

Preliminary Exam Format: The Online Preliminary Examination is made up of 100 multiple choice questions worth 100 points. The evaluation is conducted entirely in English. The exam has a single section on legislative law, according to the Judiciary Exam Pattern. For each incorrect answer, 0.25 points will be deducted.

Mains Exam Pattern: The mains exam is descriptive in nature and consists of two 100-point question papers. Each paper will take 3 hours to complete. The mains exam will be administered in both Marathi and English.

Only if you pass both the Prelims and Mains tests will you be shortlisted for an interview/viva-voce. During the interview, you will be judged on your character, personality, general knowledge, legal norms, and job fit.

Aspirants who are taking the Civil Judge test should be aware with the exam format. The preliminary and mains examinations for MPSC Civil Judge are described in detail below.

MPSC Civil Judge Preliminary Exam Pattern


Total Questions

Total Marks

Legal Provisions



  • The preliminary exam will be worth a total of 100 points.
  • In the MPSC Civil Judge prelims, each question will be worth one mark.
  • In the preliminary exam, there will be 100 multiple-choice questions.
  • Each incorrect answer will receive a 14-point penalty.

MPSC Civil Judge Mains Exam Pattern



Paper 1


Paper 2




  • The descriptive type of examination will be used for the mains.
  • The MPSC Civil Judge mains will be worth 200 points.
  • The Mains consists of two 100-point papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2.
  • Aspirants can take the mains in either English or Marathi.

Syllabus for Civil Judges in the MPSC 2022

Candidates should be familiar with the prelims and main examination syllabus for Maharashtra Civil Judge recruitment. The preliminary will be objective, while the mains will be descriptive. The preliminary and major examinations’ detailed syllabuses are listed here.

Maharashtra Civil Judge Preliminary Exam Syllabus



Legal Provisions

  • The Civil Procedure Code
  • The Indian Evidence Act
  • The Specific Relief Act
  • The Transfer of Property Act
  • The Law of Contract, Sale of Goods and Partnership Act.
  • The Constitution of India
  • The Indian Penal Code
  • The Limitation Act
  • The Maharashtra Rent Control Act
  • The Code of Criminal Procedure

Maharashtra Civil Judge Mains Examination Syllabus



Paper 1

  • The Sale of Goods Act
  • The transfer of Property Act
  • The Civil Procedure Code
  • The Partnership Act
  • The Special Relief Act
  • The Law of Contracts

Paper 2

  • The Indian Penal Code
  • The Code of Criminal Procedure
  • The Evidence Act
  • The Protection of Civil Rights Act 1955
  • The Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Act 1989
  • Essay (800 words)

FAQs for Maharashtra Civil Judges 2022

What acts are included in the Maharashtra Judicial Preliminary Exam?

A candidate must prepare for the Maharashtra Judiciary Prelims Examination by performing the following acts: The Indian Evidence Act, the Maharastra Rent Control Act, the Transfer of Property Act, and other statutes can be found in the Code of Criminal Procedure.

What is the syllabus for the Maharashtra judiciary mains examination?

The Maharashtra Judiciary Mains examination is conducted for 2 papers asking different acts.

What are the actions that are covered in the Maharashtra Judicial Mains Exam?

A candidate for the Maharashtra Judiciary mains examination must prepare for the following acts:
The Civil Procedure Code, the Transfer of Property Act, the Specific Relief Act, the Law of Contracts, and the Sale of Goods Act are only a few examples.

How many questions were there in the Maharashtra Judiciary Preliminary exam?

The Maharastra Judiciary Prelims test will contain 100 questions and will be worth 100 points.

Is in the preliminary exam, there will be 100 multiple-choice questions?

Yes, in the preliminary exam, there will be 100 multiple-choice questions

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