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MGNREGA Maharashtra Job Card. The NREGA Job Card, also known as the NREGA JC, is the primary document that identifies a person who has registered with the local Gram Panchayat under this scheme. As an identity card or job card, it contains information about the NREGA-registered individual (such as name, NREGA registration number, information about applicants in the household, and so on) and also serves as documentary proof of the worker’s entitlements. 

An NREGA job card allows individuals in rural households to apply for paid work with their local Gram Panchayat, ensuring transparency of processes and protecting workers from potential fraud. The NREGA JC can also be used to complete the KYC process at banks and post offices when opening bank accounts.

In 2021-22, the MGNREGA daily wage was Rs 318. MGNREGA workers in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh will be paid Rs 204 per day, the lowest among states, an increase from Rs 193. Workers in Bengal will be paid Rs 223 per day, an increase of Rs 10. The amount varies depending on the terrain’s difficulty and working conditions.

How to Apply for an MGNREGA Job Card?

The local Gram Panchayat can provide an NREGA Job Card application form, or the application can be made on plain paper. Because of the low number of internet users in rural India, the MGNREGA job card application process is currently entirely offline. Individuals can, however, download the NREGA Job Card Application Form for free from the Official NREGA website (www.nrega.nic.in ). The following are key fields in the NREGA form that must also be included when applying on plain paper:

  • Photograph of applicant(s)
  • Name, Age, and Gender of all NREGA Job Card Applicants from the household
  • Name of Village
  • Name of Gram Panchayat
  • Name of Block
  • Details of whether the applicant(s) is/are beneficiaries of SC/ST/IAY/LR
  • Specimen Signature/Thumb impression of applicants
  • Proof documents such as ration cards, voter ID cards, Aadhaar cards, and PAN numbers must also be submitted.

An NREGA job card will be issued to the applicant within 15 days of submitting the necessary documents.

MGNREGA Scheme Eligibility

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act is administered by the central government and applies to rural areas in all states. The following are the eligibility requirements for receiving NREGA benefits:

  •  To be eligible for NREGA benefits, you must be an Indian citizen.
  •  Job seeker has completed 18 years of age at the time of application Job seeker has completed 18 years of age at the time of application 
  • NREGA applicant must be a member of a local household (i.e. application must be made with the local Gram Panchayat)

MGNREGA Wage Payment Process

  • Following the calculation of wages based on the work provided, the primary payment process in the case of NREGA is the direct transfer of wages to the Job Cardholder’s bank account. For such transfers, the bank/post office account is the same as the one listed on the job card.
  • If an MGNREGA applicant does not already have a bank account, he or she can open one by using the NREGA Job Card as KYC documentary proof.
  • NREGA payments may be made in cash by the Gram Panchayat in a few cases. This could be due to a lack of post offices and banks in the area where MGNREGA payments are to be made.

Details Mentioned on the MGNREGA Maharashtra Job Card

  • Name, father’s name, age, gender, Bank Account number/Post Office Bank Account number, address, and other information for all MGNREGA applicants in the household.
  • NREGA job card holder photograph
  • Job/Employment Information (including dates of employment)
  • Details on the payment of unemployment benefits (payable in case minimum guaranteed employment is not provided).

MGNREGA Maharashtra Job Card – FAQs

Who is eligible for an MGNREGA job card?

A Job Card is given to every household whose adult member has requested employment under the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA and has demonstrated a willingness to do casual manual labor. Every holder of a Job Card is entitled to 100 days of casual manual labor.

What is the minimum age limit to apply for the job card?

The Person must be of 18 years to apply for the job card.

What are the advantages of holding an MGNREGA job card?

The scheme enables India’s poor to earn a minimum wage by providing their services. The scheme aims to address the issue of unemployment, particularly in rural areas.

What documents are required for a job card?

Job-card registration applications can be submitted on plain paper or in the prescribed form. At camp, forms will be available. Any form of identification, such as a voter ID, as well as bank account information, is required.

What is the MGNREGA daily wage?

The daily Wage of MGNREGA differs from state to state. In 2021-22 minimum wage was 318. In UP and MP wage gave was from 193 and then increases to 204 which was the lowest among all and in Bengal, it was 223.