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MHADA JE Salary. MHADA is providing a good pay scale for the post of junior engineer and the pay scale level is S-14. MHADA also provides different allowances and benefits during the service of employees. The career growth with MHADA is also pretty good. A candidate selected for MHADA JE will get basic pay of Rs.38,600\- and the maximum salary that one can get through this post is Rs. 1,22,800\-. Promotion for the employees is based on their performance or service quality under his/her job profile, there will be one appraisal annually by the higher authorities to promote the employees as per their performance.

And all detailed information about salary structure, allowances, and career growth is provided below in this article.

MHADA JE Salary Structure

The pay scale of MHADA JE employees is governed by the 7th commission pay. And the candidates selected for this post will get a pay scale level of S-14. Rs. 38,600 – Rs. 1,22,800.

As per the Maharashtra pay matrix for level S-14 the basic pay is Rs.38,600/-. The minimum Increment for each index is Rs. 1,200/-. There will be an overall 40 indexes are there in level S -14, which leads the maximum salary to Rs. 1,22,800. As per the level, S-14 grade pay is Rs.4300/- and the pre-revised pay band is Rs.9,300/- – 34,800/-

Pay Matrix Table of 7th Pay Commission Maharashtra for level S-14:

Pay Fixation MethodPay Matrix Table
Pre-revised Pay Band9300 – 34800
Grade pay4300
Pay LevelS-14
Starting Basic Salary15000
Total Index40
Minimum IncrementRs. 1200
Basic PayRs. 38,600

Pay Chart of 7th Pay Commission Maharashtra for level S-14:

IndexBasic Pay


MHADA JE Perks and Additional Benefits

The selected candidates under the recruitment of MHADA JE will be provided with different perks and benefits along with a basic salary. MHDA JE allowances are listed below

  1. Dearness Allowances
  2. House Rent allowances
  3. Medical Allowance
  4. Travelling Allowance
  5. Other Special Allowance

Dearness Allowances: It is a fixed amount that will be given to an employee to make them happy and work with good efficiency.

House Rent allowances: It is also a fixed amount that is given to each employee based on the location of living.

Medical Allowance: It is an additional benefit for employees and their family members to get financial support from the company side. Health insurance is granted to the employees till the completion of their service.

Travelling Allowance: It is a fixed amount provided to the employees by the companies for the travels related to the work.

MHADA JE Salary Slip

By the end of every payment cycle, the MHADA Junior Engineer receives the payslip of his/her last month’s salary. This payslip consists of all the information of the previous month’s deductions and allowances and final in-hand salary, etc.. You have to use it to avail of loans and also one can use it while filling your annual Income Tax form.

MHADA JE Probation Period

For the selected candidates, there will be 2 years probation period. In the span of these two years, the higher authority will check for the service quality of the employee. If the work is unsatisfactory then the organization will have the right to discontinue the employee by giving a proper reason.

MHADA JE Job Profile 

Candidates recruited under MHADA JE are given with responsibility of a junior engineer under the steam of civil engineers in different regions of Maharashtra, who will execute the plans provided by the concerned assistant Engineer.

MHADA JE Career Growth and Promotion

Based on the quality of service of the employee there will be an appraisal annually, which will give the all details regarding the growth and promotion of each and every employee. And in MHADA JE is providing good growth and development to each and every employee.

MHADA JE 2021 Salary FAQs

Q.1) What is the Pay Scale of MHADA JE 2021?

Employees will be paid with a pay scale level of S-14 Rs. 38,600 – Rs. 1,22,800.

Q.2)Any allowances will be given by MHADA JE along with basic pay?

The employees under the recruitment of MHADA JE will be provided with different perks and benefits along with a basic salary such as dearness allowances, traveling allowance, medical allowance, house rent allowance, etc.

Q.3) Any probation period is there for junior engineers of MHADA?

Yes. For the selected candidates, there will be 2 years probation period.

Q.4) What is the basic pay of MHADA JE 2021?

Basic pay for the selected candidate is about Rs. 38,600\-

Q.5) What is the maximum salary given to an MHADA JE?

The maximum salary of an MHADA JE is about Rs.1,22,800\-