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Last updated on February 13th, 2023 at 06:19 pm

The Punjab Police SI Recruitment procedure is used to find candidates for the position of Sub-inspector. Armed, district, intelligence, and investigative cadres of the Punjab Police are the four different cadres for which the SI position is filled. After determining their eligibility for the Punjab Police SI Recruitment, candidates can apply.

For 288 SI positions in the District Police & Armed Police, the Punjab Police has published the Punjab Police SI Recruitment 2023 notification on their website. On February 7, 2023, the online application procedure will open. Below is a link to an online application form. Please frequently check this page for any fresh updates.

Beginning on February 7, 2023, applications will be accepted for the Punjab Police SI Recruitment 2023. The 288 SI openings are open to qualified applicants between the ages of 18 and 28 who have earned their graduate degrees. A computer-based test, PMT and PST, and a document review stage will be used for the Punjab Police Selection. This article will learn about the  Punjab Police SI Medical Test Details.

Punjab Police Sub Inspector Medical Test Details

Central Police Bharti Medical Test, Central Police Forces Medical Examination, Para Military Forces, Medical Test SSB, ITBP, BSF, CISF, CRPF, ITBP, CAPF, Delhi Police, Punjab Police SI Medical Test,  UT Police, Forest Guard Recruitment Medical Test/Medical Standard/Medical Examination details are given below for information of candidates who appearing in Police Recruitment Medical Examination. Candidates to be recruited in Police, Army should have good mental and physical health and should not have any kind of physical and mental defect.

EyeSight Medical Test

Medical test of eyes for recruitment in military force, semi-military force and police force is done in the following way :-

  • Squint Eye: There should not be squint in the eyes, that means the eyes should not be aimed anywhere else.
  • Eye Sight for Forest Guard: Visual Standards required for the above selection shall be as follows:-
Eye SightDistant VisionNear Vision
Right Eye6/66/6
Left Eye0/5(Snellen)0/5(Snellen)
  • Eye Sight for Delhi Police: A constable in the Delhi police should have a minimum of 6/12 distance vision in both eyes.
  • Eye Sight for Central Police Forces, Paramilitary Forces, and State Police: According to SSC, ASI and SI of the Central Police Organization (CPO) should have a minimum distance vision of 6/6 and 6/9 of two eyes without correction, or without using glasses.
  • There must be no blind spots in either eye.
  • Any pathological disease of the eye or the lids of either eye, including color blindness and squinting, will be considered disqualifying.

Causes of Medical Unfit

The following conditions or flaws will disqualify candidates from consideration for any position.

  • Genital Medical Examination: Medical Test Private Part of Body, During Police Force Medical Examination, all the private parts of the body are examined, including penis examination, rectal examination, testicles, hydrocele, testicle enlargement, varicose veins, and penis medical examination. Medical tests are done for diseases like etc. Medical Test for STD, AIDS, Piles, and Hydrocele.
  • Should not have any disability in the body.
  • Knocking-Knees – Knock Knee means that the knees should not collide while walking or running.
  • Pigeon Chest – there should be no reduction or deformity in the chest. Like someone’s chest is sunken inside, has an abnormal bulge, or is crooked.
  • Should not have flat feet.
  • Varicose Veins – There should not be abnormal swelling in the veins of the hands and feet.
  • Hammer Toes – There should not be abnormal hardness in the toes and fingers; because of this, there remains tightness/pain/tease/pain in the feet.
  • Fractured Limbs – There should not be any physical breakage.
  • Decayed – There should be no decay or disease in the teeth.
  • Stammering/stuttering/lisp – there should be no stammer or obstruction in the voice
  • Hard of Hearing and Abnormal Psychological Behavior: There should not be any problem with hearing with ears and abnormal psychological behavior.
  • Ear Test: There should be no holes in the eardrums. Ears should not flow. There should be no match in the ears.
  • Nose Test: The structure of the nose should be normal. The bone of the nose should not be crooked.
  • Varicose Veins – The veins of the body should not be abnormally swollen. It must not have a varicose vein.
  • Hallux Rigidus – Hallux means big toe, and Rigidus means stiffness, i.e., stiffness of the big toe; that is, there should not be abnormal stiffness in the toe.
  • Deformity of fingers – There should be no reduction or deformity in the fingers of hands and feet.
  • Skin Diseases: A candidate must be free from skin disease to be admitted to the Police Force.
  • Heart Beat Medical Test: Heart Beat Medical Test: Heart rate should be normal. There should be no sign of functional or organic disease of the heart.

Advisory Note for Medical Test

Candidates are recommended to have a civil surgeon check them out before applying for the examination to make sure they match the requirements for physical and medical recruitment standards to avoid disappointment down the road.


According to the information provided below, the candidate’s weight should be proportionate to their height and age. At the time of the physical standard test, the weight will not be a factor that determines qualification. However, candidates who are overweight or underweight will be excluded at the time of the detailed medical examination based on their weight, age, and height as determined by the Physical Standard Test.

Detailed Medical Examination (DME)

Comprehensive Medical Exam. Candidates will only be chosen for a detailed medical examination based solely on merit. The MHA Revised Medical Guidelines, released by ADO (Medical) on May 20, 2015, and any subsequent revisions would be followed when conducting the Detailed Medical Examination. If there are enough applicants for the positions, only the top three candidates in each category will be contacted for a detailed medical examination. Candidates who do not appear on the merit list will not receive a call. No appeals or representations in this regard will be considered. Any candidate pronounced FIT in the medical examinations will in no way have a legal claim or right to a final appointment in the Government because appointments will only be made based on merit.

Appeal Against Findings of DME

  • The chairman will inform the candidate of the reasons for rejection if they are found unfit following a thorough medical examination. Suppose the rejected candidate is dissatisfied with the medical officer’s findings. In that case, they must obtain Forms 1 through 3 from the chairman of the recruitment board in question and submit an appeal for a review medical examination within 15 days of receiving the communication in which the medical officer’s findings are shared. The following must be included in the appeal:
  • A demand draft for Rs. 25 (Rupees Twenty Five only) is required for the review medical examination. The chairman of the recruitment board will notify the concerned authorities.
  • Completed in every way, the Detailed Medical Board issued appeal Forms 1, 2, and 3.
  • One self-addressed envelope with properly applied postage stamps worth Rs. 25/- (Rupees Twenty-Five). Any fitness certificate other than Form-3 (given to the candidate by the chairman of the recruitment board) shall not be considered for the review medical examination, and the appeal will be immediately denied.
  • The fitness certificate on form 3 must consider the applicant’s case only for the review medical examination.
  • Call letters for the review medical examination will be provided to candidates whose appeals are deemed to be in order, and a list of these candidates will also be posted on the website.
  • By the Government’s instructions, the Review Medical Examination Board’s judgment is final, and a second appeal will not be considered. No response to the letter or second appeal will be provided or considered.

Punjab Police SI Medical Test Details: FAQs

Is a medical test compulsory for the recruitment of Pubjabfor Punjab Police SI is compulsory recruitment?

Yes, the medical test for the recruitment of Punjab Police SI is compulsory.

What will the authority get to know by eyesight test?

The authority will learn about the candidate’s distant and near vision with the eyesight test.

Are there any specific parameters of weight for the male and female candidates?

Yes, there are specific weight parameters for the male and female candidates.

What are the causes of medical unfitness for the candidates?

The article mentions many causes for the unfitness of the candidates.

Can a person with fracture limbs be allowed in for the Punjab Police SI recruitment?

No, a person with fracture limbs cannot be allowed in the Punjab Police SI recruitment.

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