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If you are preparing for competitive exams in India, you must have come across the name Rakesh Yadav. Rakesh Yadav is a renowned mathematician and educator known for his expertise in quantitative aptitude. His books, especially the Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF, have gained immense popularity among students aspiring to crack various competitive exams. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of the Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF, and understand why it is considered a valuable resource for exam preparation.

Overview of Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF

The Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF is a comprehensive study material designed to help students prepare for various competitive exams, such as SSC, Bank PO, Railway, and other government job exams. The book covers all the essential topics of mathematics in a systematic and easy-to-understand manner.

Download Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF

The Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF offers a comprehensive collection of mathematical concepts, formulas, and solved examples. It has some of the best mathematical ideas and material, making it a dependable resource for individuals planning to take these  SSC, RRB, and other Central Government jobs examinations. Students can quickly and easily complete arithmetic and quantitative aptitude questions using the book’s numerous shortcut techniques and tips.

Book NameSSC Mathematics by Rakesh Yadav Book
Author NameRakesh Yadav
LanguageHindi and English
PublicationRakesh Yadav Readers Publication Pvt Ltd.
Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF Download linkDownload here
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Key Features of the Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF Book

The Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF offers several key features that make it a preferred choice among students. Let’s explore some of these features:

  • Simplified Concepts and Problem-solving Techniques: The book provides simplified explanations of complex mathematical concepts. Rakesh Yadav’s teaching methods are known for their simplicity and clarity, making it easier for students to grasp the fundamentals of mathematics. The book also presents problem-solving techniques that help students approach different types of questions effectively.
  • Comprehensive Coverage of Syllabus: The Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF covers the entire syllabus prescribed for competitive exams. It includes topics such as number system, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, mensuration, and data interpretation. The comprehensive coverage ensures that students do not miss out on any important topic while preparing for their exams.
  • Practice Exercises and Previous Year Questions: To enhance learning and reinforce concepts, the book provides ample practice exercises and previous year question papers. These exercises are designed to test the understanding of concepts and help students gauge their progress. Solving previous year questions gives students a clear idea of the exam pattern and the types of questions that can be expected.
  • Step-by-Step Solutions: Each question in the Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF is accompanied by step-by-step solutions. These solutions enable students to understand the logical approach and methodology required to solve the problems. The detailed explanations help students build a strong foundation in mathematics and develop problem-solving skills.
  • Time-Saving Tips and Tricks: Rakesh Yadav’s book provides various time-saving tips and tricks that help students solve complex problems quickly. These shortcuts and techniques are designed to improve efficiency during exams, where time is a crucial factor. By applying these tips, students can save valuable time and increase their chances of scoring well.

Why Choose Rakesh Yadav Maths Book?

The Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF is highly recommended for students aiming to improve their mathematical skills and excel in competitive exams. Here are some compelling reasons to choose this book:

  • Chapter-wise Coverage: Mathematical fundamentals including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and advanced topics are all covered in this book. Students will find it simpler to understand the principles and how they apply because each chapter is well discussed.
  • Lucid and Structured Approach: Rakesh Yadav adopts a systematic and organized approach in presenting the content. The book follows a logical progression of concepts, ensuring a smooth learning experience for readers.
  • Quality of Examples and Practice Questions: The book is enriched with numerous examples and practice questions. The examples are carefully selected to demonstrate the application of concepts, while the practice questions help students reinforce their learning and develop problem-solving skills.
  • Short Tricks and Techniques: Rakesh Yadav’s book incorporates various short tricks and techniques to simplify complex calculations and solve problems quickly. These shortcuts can prove to be invaluable during competitive exams, where time management is crucial.
  • Exhaustive Exercise Sets: To enhance the understanding of each chapter, the book provides a wide range of exercises with varying difficulty levels. These exercises offer ample practice opportunities, allowing students to master the concepts and improve their accuracy and speed.
  • Previous Year Question Papers: The inclusion of previous year question papers in the book enables students to familiarize themselves with the exam pattern and gain insights into the types of questions that are frequently asked. Solving these papers helps students assess their progress and identify areas that require further attention.
  • Competitive Exam Focus: Rakesh Yadav’s book is designed specifically for competitive exam preparation. It aligns with the syllabus and pattern of various exams like SSC, banking, railway, and others. By studying from this book, students can develop a strong foundation and increase their chances of success in these exams.
  • Simple and Easy-to-Understand Language: This book is written in straightforward language that is suitable for students of all competence levels. Because of the author’s conversational writing approach, complicated ideas are clearly conveyed, preventing confusion and promoting clarity.


The Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF is an excellent resource for students seeking to strengthen their mathematical skills and prepare for competitive exams. With its comprehensive coverage, lucid explanations, ample practice questions, and exam-focused approach, this book has helped numerous students achieve success in their academic and professional pursuits.

FAQs on Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF

Can I use the Rakesh Yadav Maths Book for exams other than SSC?

Yes, the book covers topics that are relevant to various competitive exams, including banking, railway, and others. It provides a solid foundation in mathematics that can be beneficial for multiple exams.

Is the Rakesh Yadav Maths Book suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The book is designed to cater to students of all proficiency levels. The author’s simple language and structured approach make it accessible and easy to understand for beginners.

Can I download the Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF for free?

Yes, Candidates can access the Maths book pdf by Rakesh yadav for free. To download the book click on the link provided above in the article.

Does the book include solutions to the practice questions?

Yes, the book contains detailed solutions to the practice questions, allowing students to self-assess their progress and identify areas of improvement.

Can I rely solely on the Rakesh Yadav Maths Book for exam preparation?

While the book is an excellent resource, it is advisable to supplement your preparation with other study materials and practice tests to get a well-rounded understanding of the subject and exam pattern.

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