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The Government of India’s Staff Selection Commission, or SSC as it is more usually abbreviated, is an organisation responsible for hiring people for various positions within its ministries, sectors, and subordinate departments. Aspirants who have begun studying for the next SSC GD Constable test would have to be familiar with all SSC GD Constable books and study materials. The announcement of the 2023 exam has been made, and it is crucial to be aware of the list of top books that experts advise reading in order to prepare.

  • This article will act as an SSC GD Constable Book guide and the books suggested here will provide you with quick tips and key exam-related tactics.
  • In order to spare you time on research, we have created this list of the best books currently on the market for test preparation and to guide you with SSC GD Constable Book Pdf Download
  • To learn about all the essential books for the forthcoming SSC GD Exam 2023, keep reading this blog.

SSC GD Constable Book 2023: Top Choices of the Toppers and Experts!

Undoubtedly, a student’s best companion is a book. Therefore whenever it comes to getting ready for any competitive exam, this saying gets a little stronger. The aspirants must begin their studies in advance in order to get shortlisted for an exam as difficult as the SSC GD Constable. We have included all the essential books from the perspective of the SSC GD Constable Book 2023 to make your studying easier. The books mentioned here cover all four areas for preparation. 

SSC GD Constable Books for English and Hindi Languages

In every test, Hindi and English are among the subjects with the highest scores. Read the full descriptions of all significant books related to the English and Hindi languages if you want to get that additional point.

Name of the BooksPublication AuthorWhy this Book? 
English Language SmartBookS. ChandTestbook Testbook and S. Chand Publications worked together to provide the English Language SmartBook for SSC GD Constable. It has 4000 questions and answers keys. Additionally, for every English language topic, the students have access to video courses and PDF notes.
Manorma Aadhunik Hinki Vyakrank Aur RachnaIf you wish to have a solid foundation in Hindi grammar, this book is really helpful.This book’s quizzes will help you master the fundamentals of Hindi grammar.
English K.D. English for General CompetitionThe finest books for studying English include this one.Only the grammatical portion should be referenced from this book.
English K.D. English for General Competition
This book provides clear explanations of grammatical rules.

SSC GD Constable Books for Quantitative Aptitude

The applicants find that one of the hardest topics of SSC GD is quantitative aptitude. The written exam’s significant weightings are covered in this section. The applicant needs a solid understanding of equations, quick techniques, theorems, etc. to ace this topic.

Keeping in mind the SSC GD Constable Book requirements, we have mentioned books that are highly advised for test preparation to assist you.

Book’s NamePublicationAuthor Why this Book?
Elementary and Advanced MathematicsKD CampusKiran PublicationThis book presents all significant principles and concepts that will help you understand the fundamental ideas of mathematics.It has a compilation of papers from the preceding years.
Play with Advanced MathsAbhinay PublicationAbhinay SharmaThe problems in the advanced arithmetic section of this book are of an extremely high grade, and the substance of the book is bilingual in Hindi and English with a greater emphasis on concept clarification.
Quantitative Aptitude SmartBookS. ChandTestbook This Quantitative Aptitude SmartBook is directly accessible from Amazon and is offered in both Hindi and English.

SSC GD Constable Books on General Reasoning And Intelligence 

To tackle all of the problems in very little time while achieving greater accuracy, students must practise a lot with the help of the below-mentioned books for the General Intelligence and Reasoning part.

SSC GD Constable Book for General Reasoning and Intelligence:

Book’s NamePublicationAuthor Why this Book?
Verbal & Non-Verbal ReasoningS.ChandDr RS AggarwalThis book provides readers with excess material from numerous competitive exams that follow the most recent trends and patterns.
Analytical reasoningManohar PandeyIt is a thorough and instructive book that lays the groundwork for the study of analytical reasoning.
General Intelligence and Reasoning SmartbookS.ChandTestbookIt has a lot of characteristics that might benefit learners in many ways. The applicants will be able to compare and analyse their performance using the 4000 smart questions and the smart answer key.The availability of free video tutorials is an additional intriguing aspect. A scan code would be issued at the start of each chapter so that students may access the video lectures.

SSC GD Constable Books for General Knowledge

SSC GD Constable Book for general knowledge are listed below:

Book’s NamePublicationAuthor Why this Book?
General KnowledgeLucentThe book discusses topics including geography and history.In this book, significant dates and events are addressed (national and international level)
General KnowledgeS.ChandTestbook It is the outcome of Testbook and S. Chand Publications working together. It has 4000 questions with answer keys in addition to video courses and pdfs 

SSC GD Constable Best Books: FAQs

Which book is ideal for the SSC GD Constable exam 2023?

A number of books are available for the various test parts. The sections above give a thorough overview of the top books for each subject individually.

Should I study many books at once while preparing for the SSC GD Constable exam?

In order to avoid confusion, it is often advisable to stick to one book when preparing.

Should I Use the Quantitative Aptitude Smartbook to Practice?

The Quant Aptitude book has a very high level. Your confidence will increase as you answer questions from this book.

Is Lucent a useful book for the SSC GD Constable exam’s general knowledge section?

The book offered by Lucent is suitable for General Knowledge. Additionally, for concept-building, you can read NCERT books.

Can we pass the SSC GD Constable exam by merely studying the papers from the previous year?

No, you need solid materials in addition to the previous year’s exam papers to pass a test of this level.

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