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Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) has released the latest notification for the post of Agriculture Officer in the Agriculture and Cooperation Department on 28th December 2022. 148 candidates will be selected for the position of Agriculture Officer based on the written examination. The marks secured in the exam will be considered for shortlisting the candidates. Knowing the TSPSC Agriculture Officer Syllabus 2023 will help the candidates understand the topics included and plan accordingly for the exam preparation. The candidates who score more have a higher chance of getting selected and proceeding to the next step. . Read this article to know the Telangana Agriculture Officer Syllabus 2023 and exam pattern in detail.

TSPSC Agriculture Officer Syllabus 2023: 

There are two papers, Paper I and Paper II ,in the TSPSC Agriculture Officer Syllabus. The candidates can now scroll down and look at the detailed TSPSC Agriculture Officer Syllabus 2023.

Paper I – General Studies And General Abilities

The Paper I syllabus is listed in tabular form




Current affairs – Regional, National ,and International. 


International Relations and Events.


General Science; India’s Achievements in Science and Technology. 


Environmental issues; Disaster Management- Prevention and Mitigation Strategies.


Economic and Social Development of India and Telangana. 


Physical, Social and Economic Geography of India.


Physical, Social and Economic Geography and Demography of Telangana.


Socio-economic, Political and Cultural History of Modern India with special emphasis on Indian National Movement. 


Socio-economic, Political ,and Cultural History of Telangana with special emphasis on the Telangana Statehood Movement and formation of the Telangana state. 


Indian Constitution; Indian Political System; Governance and Public Policy. 


Social Exclusion; Rights issues such as Gender, Caste, Tribe, Disability ,etc. ,and inclusive policies.


Society, Culture, Heritage, Arts and Literature of Telangana. 


Policies of Telangana State. 


Logical Reasoning; Analytical Ability and Data Interpretation. 


Basic English. (10th Class Standard) 

Paper II – Agriculture (Degree Level)

There are eleven topics in the Paper – II Syllabus.





Historical developments in Agriculture

Agro-climatic zones of India and Telangana; Agricultural Meteorology – Weather and Climate, Rainfall patterns, Monsoons, artificial rain making , Weather forecasting – Crop Production and Productivity in India and Telangana, cultural practices.


Important Weed flora and their management in different fields and Horticultural crops

Forestry in India and Telangana; Silviculture, AgroForestry, Social Forestry, Afforestation, Energy Plantations, Deforestation and its Implications; Soil Plant Water relations; Principles of irrigation – Irrigation methods and problems; Micro irrigation; Water Management in different crops, Watershed Management, Water use efficiency


Ultrastructure of Plant cells, organelles ,and their functions

Cell division; Fundamentals and principles of Genetics – Mendel Laws; Plant Breeding – scope and importance – Breeding methods for self-pollinated and cross pollinated crops; Different types of selections and types of Hybridization – Heterosis – Inbreeding – varietal improvement


Tissue culture and Plant Genetic Engineering 

Methods and Applications in crop improvement; Seed Production methods and processing; Seed Certification – Seed act – Seed drying – Seed Storage – Seed physiology. Growth and development of crop plants; Crop plant water relations, Neurophysiology; Photosynthesis, Respiration; Source and sink concept; Photoperiodism. Plant growth regulators.


Types of Soils

Soil Taxonomy, Soil genesis, Physical, Chemical & Biological properties of SoilSoil fertility and productivity. Movement of nutrients in soil and plants. Essential elements (macro & micro) and their functions, deficiency symptoms and toxic effects on plants and their corrective measures; Problem soils and their management.


Different types of land surveys

Methods of soil and Water conservation; Plant Protection Equipment and farm machinery; Concepts of Green Houses; Renewable energy sources – Solar energy, wind energy and Bio-energy – biogas, bioethanol and biodiesel. 


Insect morphology

Taxonomy; Insect Ecology; Importance of Sericulture, Apiculture and Lac culture; Integrated Pest Management – concept and Principles; Different groups of Plant Pathogens


Concepts and principles of Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Finance; Agricultural credit – Banking institutions, Kisan credit cards; Microfinance and Self help Groups


Importance of Horticulture in Telangana

Fundamentals of Horticulture like importance in Human nutrition, layout, training, pruning, propagation and growth regulators


Extension Education- concepts, principles and scope

Rural Development – concepts and importance; Community and Women Development Programs; New trends in Extension


Cell structure and function of prokaryotes and eukaryotes

Major microbial groups, Role of microorganisms in soil, food and water; Structure and function of biomolecules – amino acids, sugars, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, proteins and enzymes.

TSPSC Agriculture Officer Syllabus 2023 PDF Download

The candidates can download the TSPSC Agriculture Officer Syllabus 2023 by just clicking the link given below. When you click the link, you will be directed to the syllabus. Then, you can check and download the Telangana Agriculture Officer Syllabus 2023 in PDf format.

Download TSPSC Agriculture Officer Syllabus 2023 PDF Here!

TSPSC Agriculture Officer Exam Pattern

The exam pattern of the Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) will let the candidates know the maximum marks, duration and number of questions asked in the written examination.



Number of Questions

Time Allotted

Maximum Marks

Paper I

General Studies and General Abilities 




Paper II

Agriculture (Degree Level)






TSPSC Agriculture Officer Syllabus 2023: FAQs

How many papers are there in the TSPSC Agriculture Officer written examination?

There are two papers, Paper I and Paper II in the TSPSC Agriculture Officer written examination.

What is the subject in the Paper I TSPSC Agriculture Officer syllabus 2023?

General Studies and General Abilities is the subject in the Paper I TSPSC Agriculture Officer syllabus 2023.

How many topics are included in the Paper II TSPSC Agriculture Officer syllabus?

There are eleven topics  in the Paper II TSPSC Agriculture Officer syllabus.

What is the duration of the Paper I TSPSC Agriculture Officer exam?

The duration of the Paper I TSPSC Agriculture Officer exam will be around 150 minutes.

Where can I download the TSPSC Agriculture Officer Syllabus 2023?

You can download the TSPSC Agriculture Officer Syllabus 2023 by clicking the link provided above.

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