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The 2023 notice for the recruitment drive to fill the position of Sub-inspector will be released by the Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment Board. One of the most well-known government job profiles is that of a sub-inspector for the UP Police. It would be best if you were thoroughly acquainted with the UP Police SI Salary 2023 and Job Profile 2023 before applying for the position. It is crucial to know your job’s responsibilities and determine if your qualifications are sufficient to carry them out. This post will cover the pay scale a sub-inspector will receive, the tasks they’ll be responsible for, and the career options available.

UP Police SI Salary 2023: Salary Structure

The numerous advantages that the Uttar Pradesh government will announce will influence the  UP Police SI Salary Per Month in 2023. Candidates who are chosen would get a sizable remuneration in accordance with the UP Police Sub inspector Salary After 7th Pay Commission. Continue reading the article where we have discussed the UP Police SI Salary and Job Profile 2023.

The UP Police SI’s annual salary varies depending on experience. Aside from the cash compensation, all perks are included in the annual pay scale. The annual payments are anticipated to range from 3.5 to 10 lacs. Additionally, UP Police drivers will receive annual compensation increases that range from 10% to 20%.

Basic Pay ScaleRs. 9300/- to Rs. 34,800/-
(DA) Dearness AllowanceRs. 8496/-
(CCA) City Compensatory AllowanceRs. 360/-
(TA) Travel AllowanceRs. 4212/-
(HRA) House Rental AllowanceRs. 8496/-
(RMA) Ration Money AllowanceRs. 2936/-
UP Police Sub Inspector Grade PayRs. 4200/-
Gross Salary AmountRs. 27,900/- to Rs. 1,04,400/-
Deduction in SalaryRs. 4000/- to Rs. 24,000/-
In-Hand SalaryRs. 24,000/- to Rs. 80,400/-

UP Police Sub Inspector Salary In Hand

The Sub Inspector position is among the more prestigious ones offered by the UP Police Board. Hence candidates often choose to apply for it. Police are given a variety of perks and rewards in addition to their work description of UP. The basic salary for a sub-inspector in the UP Police ranges from Rs. 9300 to Rs. 34800 with Rs. 13,500 allowances. Once the applicants are promoted to a higher level, the base pay might rise. The UP Police Sub Inspector receives a gross salary of Rs. 27,900–Rs. 10,44,00–after deducting Rs. 4,00–Rs. 24,00–for PF, insurance, and income tax. The UP Police SI Salary In-Hand is between Rs. 24,400 and Rs. 26,400, depending on their pay range, after adding all allowances and subtracting all deductions.

UP Police SI Salary 2023: Job Profile

An essential officer among the higher-ranking members of the Uttar Pradesh Police Department is a police sub-inspector. A Police-Sub Inspector frequently oversees local police stations and smaller police stations (PSI). The following are a few of a police officer’s duties:

  • A law-abiding society is orderly. The UP Police SI ensures that law and order are upheld in his district.
  • A sub-primary inspector’s responsibility is to ensure the safety of the people under his jurisdiction.
  • A sub-inspector ensures that all cases given to him and his staff are resolved and that the deserving receive justice.
  • He is responsible for ensuring that all records are kept in writing and that the reports are delivered to senior officials.
  • Their area’s inhabitants should be patrolled weekly so that they feel safe and secure.

UP Police SI Salary 2023: Allowances

The Allowances along with the UP Police SI Salary Slip are as follows: 

  • Dress Allowance
  • One-month extra salary
  • Diwali bonus
  • Medical facilities
  • Laundry Allowance
  • Medical Facility
  • Risk Allowance

UP Police SI Salary 2023: Benefits

Numerous holidays, benefits, and other security measures are also provided to the Uttar Pradesh Police Sub Inspectors, as listed below.

  • Earned Leaves: The UP Police SI is entitled to a total of 31 days of leave, which they can use all at once or to cover 300 days’ worth of leave.
  • Maternity Leaves: These leave periods are only granted in exceptional circumstances, and they are not compensated.
  • Casual Leaves – Although there are a total of 30 days of leave available, employees may only use 3, 7, or 10 of those days.
  • Job Security – The UP Police SI has good job security because they can’t be fired without a valid reason and an investigation.
  • Retirement Security: After they leave their position, they are given benefits and privileges. Additionally, they benefit from a few pension plans related to their job.

UP Police SI Salary 2023: Career Growth

Based on the candidate’s performance and dedication, the position of UP Police Sub Inspector offers tremendous career opportunities and benefits. The candidates will start out as Sub Inspectors and work their way up to the position of DCP after receiving promotions over time. Every time they receive a promotion, they will receive an increase of between 20 and 35 percent. The opportunities for advancement are listed below.

  • Sub–Inspector
  • Inspector
  • ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police)
  • DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police)

UP Police SI Salary 2023: FAQs

What is the UP Police SI’s yearly compensation?

Depending on expertise, the annual package ranges from 3.5 to 10 lacs.

What is the UP Police SI’s gross monthly salary?

The gross monthly pay ranges from Rs. 27900 to Rs. 104400.

What is the UP Police Sub Inspector Grade Pay?

The grade salary for the UP Police SI is Rs. 4200.

What is the UP Police SI’s ladder of promotions?

The following is the hierarchy: ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police), DCP Sub-Inspector Inspector (Deputy Commissioner of Police).

What are some of the UP Police SI’s primary duties?

The UP Police SI’s primary duties include upholding discipline, ensuring citizen safety, and solving cases within his area of responsibility.

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