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National Defence Academy Exam will be conducted every year by the Union Public Services Commission two times a year. The selection commission announced the NDA 1 official notification and the syllabus on its official website, upsc.gov.in, on 21st December 2022. 

The upcoming examination dates for NDA ! will be 16th April 2023 and 3rd September 2023 for NDA 2. To approach the exam confidently, understanding the syllabus matters. Check for the UPSC NDA Syllabus 2023 PDF Download option on the site and read this article to gather information. 

UPSC NDA Syllabus 2023 PDF Download – Highlights

Candidates must go through the important information regarding the official notification for the UPSC NDA examination. Check the table for details. 

Examination NameNational Defence Academy (NDA)
Examination Conducting BodyUnion Public Services Commission (UPSC)
Selection ProcessWritten Test – Objective Type QuestionsIntelligence & Personality Test 
Examination ModeOffline (Pen and Paper)
Total NDA Exam PapersMathematics and General Ability Test (GAT)
Total Marks 900 Marks (Mathematics: 300 marks & GAT: 600 marks)
Total No. of QuestionsMathematics: 120, GAT: 150
Negative MarkingMathematics: -0.83, GAT: -1.33
Duration of ExamMathematics: 2 hours 30 minutesGAT: 2 hours 30 minutes

Click here for the UPSC NDA Syllabus 2023 PDF Download!

UPSC NDA Syllabus 2023

The table given above provides an overall outline of the examination and candidates can prefer UPSC NDA Syllabus 2023 PDF Download to prepare well for the examination. To know the detailed syllabus in Mathematics and General Ability Test, read the content as follows.

UPSC NDA Mathematics Syllabus 2023

Every year, the syllabus of the NDA is unaltered hence read to know the topics covered under mathematics and refer to the syllabus pdf for detailed sub-topics. 


AlgebraMatrices & DeterminantsTrigonometryAnalytical Geometry of Two & Three DimensionsDifferential CalculusIntegral Calculus & Differential EquationsStatistics & ProbabilityVector Algebra

UPSC NDA General Ability Test Syllabus 2023 (GAT)

The syllabus of the GAT exam is the same each year and hence refer to the subjects and topics covered in the examination for bolstering the preparation with appropriate materials.


Grammar & usageSpotting of errorsComprehension and cohesionFill in the blanksPara jumblingVocabularySynonyms & AntonymsCloze TestIdioms & ProverbsCompletion of Para & SentencesSentence Correction & Improvement

MassWeightPhysics Properties and States of MatterVolumeDensity and Specific GravityPrinciple of ArchimedesMotion of ObjectsPressure BarometerNewton’s Law of MotionVelocity and AccelerationForce and MomentumParallelogram of ForcesStability and Equilibrium of bodiesGravitationElementary ideas of workEffects of heatPower and EnergyMeasurement of Temperature and HeatModes of transference of HeatSound waves and their propertiesSimple Musical InstrumentsHuman EyeRectilinear propagation of lightReflection and refractionSpherical mirror and lensesMagnets – Natural and ArtificialProperties of a MagnetEarth as a MagnetStatic and Current ElectricityConductors and Non-ConductorsOhm’s LawHeating, Lighting, and Magnetic effects of CurrentSimple Electrical CircuitsMeasurement of Electric PowerPrimary and Secondary CellsUse of X-RaysGeneral Principles in the functioning of a simple pendulum, pulleys, siphons, levers, etc.

Properties and Preparation of Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide, Oxidation and Reduction, Salts, Acids and Bases. Carbon – various forms.Natural and Artificial FertilizersMaterials in preparing soap, glass, ink, cement, paper, etc.Fundamental idea regarding the atom structure.ValencyAtomic Equivalent and Molecular WeightsElementsChemical and Physical ChangesCompounds and MixturesLaw of Chemical CombinationSymbols, simple chemical equations and formulae.Properties of water and air. 

General Science
Common Epidemics, its reasons and preventions.Food – energy source for humansFood ConstituentsBalanced dietBasics of Life – Cells, Tissues, ProtoplasmsThe Solar System Different between living and non-living thingsGrowth and Reproduction in animals and plantsFundamental knowledge of the human body and its primary organs

The Renaissance – forces that shape the modern worldExploration and Discovery – French Revolution, Industrial and Russian Revolution, etc.Concept of One WorldImpact of Science and Technology on SocietyPanchsheel, United Nations, Socialism, Democracy and communismRole of India in the current worldA wide survey of Indian History emphasising Culture and CivilisationFundamental Teachings of Mahatma GandhiFreedom Movement in IndiaElementary knowledge of 5-year plans of IndiaElementary study of Constitution and Administration of India.Panchayati RajSarvodaya, National Integration, Bhoodan and Welfare StateCommunity Development and Co-operatives

The Renaissance – forces that shape the modern worldConcept of timeLatitudes and LongitudesInternational Date LineEarth Movements and its effectsEarth’s origin, rocks’ origin and their classificationWeathering – Chemical and Mechanical, Volcanoes and Earthquakes Functioning of Earth – Tides, Ocean Currents, Tides, Atmosphere etc.Climate typesWorld’s major natural regionsRegional Geography of IndiaPrimary sea ports and sea, land and air routes of India.Key Import and Export items of India

Current Affairs
Recent Year’s important Indian eventsProminent PersonalitiesImportant current world events

UPSC NDA Syllabus 2023 PDF Download Steps

To refer and download the PDF of the syllabus for UPSC NDA 2023 examination, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Find the download link in this article and click on it or visit the official website of UPSC, upsc.gov.in to download the PDF.

Step 2: The PDf file for UPSC NDA Syllabus 2023 opens on the web browser.

Step 3: Click the Download button to download and save for future reference.

UPSC NDA Syllabus 2023 PDF Download – FAQs

When is the release date of the notification for the UPSC NDA examination and syllabus 2023?

The UPSC released the notification on 21st December 2022 regarding the NDA exam and syllabus 2023. 

What are the sections covered in the UPSC NDA exam?

Mathematics and General Ability Test are the two sections covered in the UPSC NDA exam. Read the article to know more about the syllabus.

Where can I check for UPSC NDA Syllabus 2023 PDF Download link?

Visit upsc.gov.in to download the NDA Syllabus 2023 PDF.

What are the type of questions that the GAT exam cover?

The GAT exam covers questions from English, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, etc.

What does the mathematics section in the NDA exam include?

Matrices & Determinants, Algebra, Trigonometry etc are some topics covered in the NDA exam mathematics section. 

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