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Nobel Prize 2022

Nobel Prize 2022

According to Alfred Nobel's will from 1895, the five different rewards known as the Nobel Prizes are given to people "who, during the preceding year, have bestowed the greatest benefit to humankind."

The Nobel Foundation has designated various locations for award presentations to Nobel Prize nominees from various fields.

Svante Pääbo receives the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his research on the genomes of extinct hominins and the history of humanity. A subject of tremendous interest for a very long time has been the link between Homo sapiens and extinct hominins.

Svante Paabo received the 2022 Nobel Prize in Medicine on Monday for his remarkable research that demonstrated how present humans and their extinct ancestors Neanderthals and Denisovans share DNA.

Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser, and Anton Zeilinger were jointly given the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2022 "for experiments with entangled photons, showing the violation of Bell inequalities, and pioneering quantum information science."