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World wildlife day speech: There are innumerable species on Earth, and wildlife is vital to maintaining the ecological balance. All habitats, deserts, rainforests, plains, and other places have it. Every year on March 3, people around the world observe World Wildlife Day to promote awareness of wild animals, plants, and the dangers they face. It urges group efforts and the urgent need for governments, civic society, commercial sector actors, and individuals to raise their voices and take action to support the conservation of wildlife and ensure that its continued usage is sustainable.

10 Lines Speech on World Wildlife Day 

  1. World Wildlife Day is celebrated every year on March 3rd to raise awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation.
  2. It was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2013 to celebrate the diversity of the world’s wild animals and plants.
  3. The theme for World Wildlife Day 2023 is “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet”.
  4. This year’s theme highlights the vital role of forests in supporting both human well-being and biodiversity conservation.
  5. World Wildlife Day aims to increase awareness about the threats faced by wildlife and promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.
  6. It provides an opportunity to recognize the importance of biodiversity and the need to protect it for future generations.
  7. Many organizations and individuals around the world participate in activities such as conservation programs, seminars, and awareness campaigns on this day.
  8. World Wildlife Day helps to mobilize global action to protect wildlife and their habitats and promote sustainable development.
  9. It also raises awareness about the need to combat the illegal wildlife trade, which is one of the biggest threats to many endangered species.
  10. Celebrating World Wildlife Day reminds us of our responsibility to protect and preserve the world’s natural heritage for future generations.

Short Speech on World Wildlife Day

Greetings to everyone present here,

What do Sumatran elephants, Bornean orangutans, and Black Rhinos all have in common? The fact that these animals are all critically endangered species is more depressing than the fact that they’re all extremely cool YouTube animals. Nonetheless, the UN and its allies intend to increase public awareness of the seriousness of this precarious situation on World Wildlife Day.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature only adds an animal to the list of critically endangered species when it determines that the animal has a very high chance of going extinct, as in becoming extinct like the dinosaurs and dodo. So what does it look like to be critically endangered? The world’s Black Rhinos are thought to number around 2,500 as of the present. There are just around 40 Amur Leopards left in the world, and they are found in the remote eastern regions of Russia. Sadly, this list is never-ending.

We commemorate World Wildlife Day today to spread awareness of the value of protecting wildlife. The diversity of wild animals and plants throughout the world is crucial to the health and well-being of our planet. Regrettably, habitat loss, climate change, and illicit wildlife trade are putting many species in danger.

To safeguard and maintain our natural legacy for upcoming generations, we must take action. It is our duty to make sure that these lovely creatures can live happily ever after in their natural environments. The emphasis of this year’s topic, “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet,” is on the critical contribution that forests provide to biodiversity preservation as well as human well-being.

Let us take this opportunity to recognize the importance of biodiversity and the need to protect it. We can all play a role in this effort, whether by supporting conservation programs, raising awareness, or reducing our impact on the environment.

On World Wildlife Day, let us pledge to work together to protect our planet’s wildlife and their habitats.

Thank you.

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Long Speech on World Wildlife Day

Good evening/afternoon to everyone present here,

Today, We have gathered here to commemorate World Wildlife Day and to think about how crucial it is to preserve the priceless biodiversity of our planet. It is more vital than ever to spread awareness of the crucial role that wildlife plays in preserving the health of our world as we continue to face environmental issues like climate change and deforestation.

Since the UN General Assembly established World Wildlife Day in 2013, it has served as a rallying point for action to encourage the sustainable use of natural resources and to save and maintain the planet’s wild animals and plants. 

Wildlife is under assault on two fronts: first, from human domination of nature, which threatens its survival; second, from rampant human encroachment into wilderness areas, which poses a threat to its survival. Governments and civil society must acknowledge the urgent need to take bold action in order to safeguard the world and ensure our existence as a species. Individuals must band together, communities must step forward, and governments must do so quickly.

One of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet, forests offer a variety of essential ecosystem services, including controlling the climate of the planet, preserving the health of the soil, and supplying freshwater. Many of the world’s threatened and endangered species call these regions home. Unfortunately, millions of hectares of forests have been lost due to deforestation, illegal logging, and other threats, endangering the lives of several species.

We must acknowledge the pressing need to save and conserve our forests and the creatures that call them home on this World Wildlife Day. Since one of the major risks to many endangered species, the illegal wildlife trade, it is imperative that we cooperate to advance sustainable forestry practises.

At the same time, we must also recognize the vital role that wildlife plays in our lives. From providing food and medicine to supporting ecotourism, wildlife contributes significantly to our economies and cultural heritage. Therefore, protecting wildlife and their habitats is not only a moral obligation but also a matter of ensuring our own well-being and survival.

On this World Wildlife Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to protecting the world’s wildlife and to promoting sustainable development. We must work together, across borders and sectors, to address the threats facing our planet and to secure a future in which wildlife can continue to thrive.

Thank you.

FAQs on World Wildlife Day Speech

What is World Wildlife Day?

World Wildlife Day is an annual event celebrated on March 3rd to raise awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation.

Why is World Wildlife Day important?

World Wildlife Day is important because it provides an opportunity to raise awareness about the threats faced by wildlife and promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

What are some of the threats faced by wildlife?

Some of the threats facing wildlife include habitat loss, climate change, and illegal 
wildlife trade.

How does protecting wildlife contribute to our well-being and survival?

Protecting wildlife contributes to our well-being and survival by providing us with food, medicine, and other valuable resources. It also helps to maintain a healthy ecosystem that supports our quality of life.

What can we do to protect wildlife and their habitats?

We can protect wildlife and their habitats by supporting conservation efforts, reducing our impact on the environment, and promoting sustainable development.

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