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The world’s best athletes will gather in Fort Worth, Texas from November 16–20, 2023 for the World Wushu Championships to participate in the traditional martial art of wushu. The International Wushu Federation (IWUF) hosts the competition every two years with the goal of promoting the growth of wushu worldwide and recognising exceptional martial artists who have mastered ancient Chinese kung fu techniques. The 16th World Wushu Championships will include hundreds of competitors from over 100 nations vying for top honors in a variety of wushu disciplines, such as Taolu (forms) and sanda (sparring). Let’s discuss it in detail in the article below.

Wushu World Champion List- Overview

Event NameWushu World Championships 2023
GenreGlobal Event
Upcoming Championships DateNovember 13 to November 21, 2023
VenueFort Worth Convention Center, Texas, USA
Organized byIWUF

About World Wushu Championships

The International Wushu Federation is the host organization for the World Wushu Championships (WWC), the recognized world championship competition. The WWC, which debuted in 1991 and is now contested every two years, is the IWUF’s highest level of competition in the wushu sport. Competitions in taolu and sanda are held in the World Wushu Championships for males as well as females. The IWUF Congress as well as a number of committee sessions fall during the World Wushu Championships.

World Wushu Championships 2023 – 16th Edition

  • The 16th World Wushu Championships (WWC), which are set to take place in Fort Worth, Texas, from November 16–20, 2023, are anticipated to draw 1,200–1,500 competitors from over 80+ countries as well as 20,000–30,000 spectators.
  • The biennial tournament, which is sponsored by the International Wushu Federation and organized by the USA Wushu-Kungfu Federation, will include the best wushu competition. Fort Worth Convention Centre will serve as the venue for the WWC.
  • The last time the event was held in the country was in 1995 in Baltimore, Maryland; this will be the first time in over three decades that it is being held here.
  • Top competitors from Asia, Europe, Africa, Pan America, and Oceania will compete in Texas, but the competition will also put the spotlight on the United States team, which has been practicing for years in anticipation of the chance to show how far wushu has developed in the country and how prepared it is for future Olympics.

World Wushu Championships List 2023: Events and Schedule

From November 13 to November 21, 2023, there will be a jam-packed schedule of competitions at the 16th World Wushu Championships. On November 13 and 14, judges and officials will arrive first for registration and refresher training. Delegations from the teams will arrive on November 15 for registration and meetings. Judges will attend technical sessions on November 16 as lots are chosen for the competition schedule following team practice and weigh-ins for Sanda participants. The opening ceremony and the 16th IWUF Congress will both take place. The competition for both Taolu (forms) and Sanda (sparring) competitions starts on November 17 and lasts through November 20 in the Fort Worth Convention Center Arena. On November 20, the competition will come to an end, and then everyone will depart on November 21. 

Monday, November 13thJudges’ Arrival & RegistrationTBA
Tuesday, November 14thJudges’ Refresher Course, Teams’ Arrival & RegistrationTBA
Wednesday, November 15thTeams’ Arrival & Registration, Judges’ Refresher Course, Committees Meetings (TBA), IWUF Executive Board MeetingTBA
Thursday, November 16thTeam Training, Sanda Weigh-In, Judges’ Refresher Course, Technical Meeting, Drawing of Lots, 16th IWUF Congress, Opening CeremonyTBA
Friday, November 17thSanda Weigh-In, Taolu & Sanda CompetitionFt. Worth Convention Center Arena
Saturday, November 18thSanda Weigh-In, Taolu & Sanda CompetitionFt. Worth Convention Center Arena
Sunday, November 19thSanda Weigh-In, Taolu & Sanda CompetitionFt. Worth Convention Center Arena
Monday, November 20thSanda Weigh-In, Taolu & Sanda Competition, Closing CeremonyFt. Worth Convention Center Arena

World Wushu Championships Winners List

Below is a list of every winner of a Wushu World Championship from 1991 until 2023.

YearEditionLocationEventsFirst of the medal tableSecond of the medal tableThird of the medal table
202315China Shanghai, China44ChinaIranHong Kong
201915China Shanghai, China44ChinaIranHong Kong
201714Russia Kazan, Russia44ChinaIranHong Kong
201513Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia50ChinaIndonesiaIran
201312Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia46ChinaIranMalaysia
201111Turkey Ankara, Turkey40ChinaIranHong Kong
200910Canada Toronto, Canada40ChinaIranHong Kong
20079China Beijing, China40ChinaMacauVietnam
20058Vietnam Hanoi, Vietnam40ChinaVietnamMalaysia
20037Macau Macau39ChinaVietnamRussia
20016Armenia Yerevan, Armenia41ChinaVietnamSouth Korea
19995Hong Kong Hong Kong31ChinaHong KongVietnam
19974Italy Rome, Italy25ChinaHong KongRussia
19953United States Baltimore, United States24ChinaHong KongRussia
19932Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia24ChinaRussiaHong Kong
19911China Beijing, China23ChinaJapanSoviet Union

FAQs on Wushu World Champion List

When did the inaugural World Wushu Championship take place?

In 1991, the first World Wushu Championship was held.

In the World Wushu Championships, who has won the most medals?

At the Wushu World Championships, China has won the most medals.

Where did the martial art of wushu come from?

Early people needed to protect themselves, which prompted the creation of both armed and unarmed combat tactics, which is where wushu got its start. Later on, during the history of China, it developed into a sophisticated martial arts system.

When and where will the 2023 World Wushu Championships take place?

The 16th edition will take place in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, from November 16–20, 2023.

How many nations and athletes are anticipated to compete?

A total of 1,200–1,500 people from over 80+ nations are anticipated to attend the event.

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