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In this article, we’ll provide you with all the necessary information about the BARC technician salary, including the various levels of pay, benefits, and deductions. We’ll also discuss the different allowances and perks that BARC technicians can avail of.

So, on the off chance that you need to memorize more almost the BARC technician’s compensation, advantages, remittances, and conclusions, keep reading this article. It’ll give you a comprehensive understanding of the stipend bundle you’ll be able to anticipate as a professional at BARC. 

BARC Technician salary: Salary

BARC technician B salary is determined based on the level of education, experience, and job responsibilities. 

LevelPay Scale (per month)
1Rs. 21,700 – 69,100
2Rs. 25,500 – 81,100
3Rs. 29,200 – 92,300
4Rs. 35,400 – 1,12,400
5Rs. 44,900 – 1,42,400
6Rs. 56,100 – 1,77,500
7Rs. 67,700 – 2,08,700
8Rs. 78,800 – 2,09,200
9Rs. 1,23,100 – 2,15,900

The salary for a BARC technician increases with the level of the job and the technician’s experience and education.

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BARC Technician salary: Allowances

BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre) technicians are responsible for the smooth operation of research equipment and installations, maintenance of laboratory instruments, and support for scientists and researchers. Apart from the basic pay, BARC technicians are eligible for various allowances and benefits. Here is a list of allowances that BARC technicians can avail of:

  1. Dearness Allowance (DA): DA is provided to employees to offset the impact of inflation. The DA for BARC technicians is around 17% of the basic pay.
  2. House Rent Allowance (HRA): HRA is provided to employees to cover their rental expenses. The HRA for BARC technicians is around 24% of the basic pay.
  3. Conveyance Allowance: Conveyance allowance is provided to cover transportation expenses incurred by the technician while travelling to work. The amount of the conveyance allowance varies depending on the level of the technician.
  4. Children’s Education Allowance: Technicians with children are eligible for this allowance to cover the expenses of their children’s education. The amount allowance is Rs. 2,250 per child per year.
  5. Take off Travel Stipend (LTA):

Professionals are qualified for LTA to cover travel costs brought about while on a get-away. The sum of the stipend is calculated based on the technician’s level.

  1. Restorative Benefits:

BARC specialists are qualified for restorative benefits, counting well-being protections, for themselves and their dependents.

  1. Extraordinary Remittance:

This stipend is given to specialists who have specialized abilities that are required for particular employment. The sum of the stipend shifts depending on the technician’s level. 

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BARC Technician salary: Deductions

Along with the benefits and allowances, BARC technicians are also subject to deductions from their salary. These deductions are essential contributions that go towards retirement savings, income tax, and professional tax. Here are the details of the deductions that BARC technicians can expect:

  1. Provident Fund (PF): The Provident Fund (PF) is a mandatory retirement savings scheme for all salaried employees. A portion of the BARC technician’s salary is deducted as PF contribution. The current contribution rate is 12% of the basic pay, and an equal amount is contributed by the employer.
  2. Wage Charge:

BARC professionals are required to pay wage assessments on their pay rates. The salary charge is calculated based on the technician’s wage, and the assessment rate shifts based on the wage level. The wage charge sum is deducted from the technician’s compensation at source, and the remaining sum is credited to their bank account.

  1. Professional Tax:

The proficient charge could be a state-level assess that’s deducted from the technician’s compensation. The assessment rate changes from state to state, and the most extreme sum is capped at Rs. 2,500 per year. The proficient assess is deductible beneath Area 16 of the Wage Assess Act, 1961, and the amount paid is qualified for a assess finding.

  1. Other Derivations:

Other findings which will apply to BARC specialists incorporate bunch protections premium, advance reimbursement, and recuperation of progresses.

  1. It’s vital for BARC professionals to be mindful of these conclusions to precisely calculate their take-home pay. In expansion to these obligatory derivations, professionals may too select to contribute to intentional retirement investment funds plans such as the National Annuity Framework (NPS) or contribute to other tax-saving instruments to decrease their charge obligation. 

BARC Technician salary: FAQs

What is the starting salary of a BARC technician?

The starting salary of a BARC technician is around Rs. 21,700 per month. In addition to the basic pay, they are eligible for various allowances and benefits.

Is there a probation period for BARC technicians?

Yes, BARC technicians are subject to a probation period of two years. During this period, their performance and suitability for the job are assessed.

Do BARC technicians receive any bonus or incentive pay?

Yes, BARC technicians are eligible for a performance-related incentive scheme that incentivizes them to perform well. The incentive amount varies depending on their level.

Are there any training opportunities for BARC technicians?

Yes, BARC technicians are provided with on-the-job training as well as classroom training to enhance their skills and knowledge. They are also eligible for study to leave to pursue higher education.

Can BARC technicians avail of loans or advances?

Yes, BARC technicians are eligible for loans and advances for various purposes, such as housing, education, and medical emergencies. The repayment of these loans is deducted from their salary in instalments.

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