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Before venturing into the details about the recipient of the Dronacharya Award, it is essential to know more about it and its significance. The Dronacharya award is given to those Coaches who have made a remarkable contribution in grooming some of the best players India has produced over the years. These players are known for their contribution to the world of sports and have also been vital in winning various acclaims and awards for the nation. Their mentors, who have guided them all the way, are the ones who gets dronacharya award for their perseverance and struggle. The Dronacharya award is given to those Coaches who have proven exemplary in mentoring different sports. The first recipient of Dronacharya award was in the year 1985, and they were Bhalachandra Bhaskar Bhagwat, Om Prakash Bhardwaj, and O. M. Nambiar. 

Significance of the Name of the Award 

As mentioned above, the Dronacharya award is given to coaches for their marvellous contributions. The award’s name has a rich history, as it is derived from the name of the Great Guru Dronacharya, a character from Mahabharat. He was the metro of the Kauravas and the Pandavas. He taught them all the warfare skills and is known for producing some of the fiercest warriors of his age. 

Dronacharya Award 2022 Winners List: Recipient list 

The Dronacharya Awards 2022 Winners List is given below, which contains the names of those sportspersons who have made significant contributions to their respective fields during their careers. They are the ones who have continued to do the same even after their retirement. 

Dronacharya Regular Category 

Shri Jiwanjot Singh TejaArchery
Shri Mohammad Ali QamarBoxing
Ms Suma Siddharth ShirurPara Shooting
Shri Sujeet MaanWrestling 

Dronacharya Lifetime Category

Shri Dinesh Jawahar LadCricket
Shri Bimal Prafulla GhoshFootball
Shri Raj SinghWrestling

Dronacharya Award 2022 Winners List: Previous Year’s Winners 

The recipients of the Dronacharya Award from the previous years have been given below in an organized manner to help readers collect all the information they need. 

Dronacharya award 2021

The Dronacharya Award 2021 winners list is as follows:

Pritam Rani SiwachHockey
Radhakrishnan Nair PAthletics
Sandhya GurungBoxing
Prakash NautiyalShooting
Subramanian RamanTable Tennis
T. P. Ouseph[LR]Athletics
Sarkar Talwar[LR]Cricket
Sarpal Singh[LR]Hockey
Ashan Kumar[LR]Kabaddi
Tapan Kumar PanigrahiSwimming

Dronacharya Award 2020

The sportsperson who got Dronacharya Award in 2020 has made a noteworthy contribution to the field of sports. The Dronacharya award 2020 winners list is given below: 

Jude SebastianHockey
Yogesh MalviyaMallakhamb
Jaspal RanaShooting
Kuldeep Kumar HandooWushu
Gaurav KhannaBadminton
Dharmendra Tiwary[LR]Archery
Purushotham Rai[LR]Athletics
Shiv Singh[LR]Boxing
Romesh Pathania[LR]Hockey
Krishan Kumar Hooda[LR]Kabaddi
Vijay Bhalchandra MunishwarPowerlifting
Naresh Kumar[LR]Tennis
Om Parkash Dahiya[LR]Wrestling

Dronacharya Award Winners List: Moments

Apart from the above-mentioned years, there have been many remarkable recipients of the Dronacharya Award who have earned their fame for the noteworthy contribution they have made to their respective fields. There have been some memorable moments in the history of the Dronacharya Award.

For example, the first ever foreign coach to win Dronacharya award was Blas Iglesias Fernandez. Being the first ever foreign coach to get Dronacharya award, despite being nominated among some of the greats, was a massive accomplishment for the field of boxing with which he was associated. 

It became pretty popular news then, for the boxing scene during 2012 was quite bleak. During the mentorship of the first ever foreign coach to win dronacharya award in 2012, India saw the rise of Boxing as a sport, and many remarkable players appeared on the scene. 

Apart from that, various other players and coaches who have contributed their life to playing for the nation have also been awarded the prestigious Dronacharya Award. There was a demand to award Gary Kirsten dronacharya award; however, it never got executed. 

Dronacharya Award 2022 Winners List: Prize Money

The Dronacharya Award, as apparent now, is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of sports. It is, therefore vital to know what the award contains. The Dronacharya Award consists of a Bronze statue of Guru Drona, a certificate, a ceremonial dress and the Dronacharya Award prize money of Rs 15 lakhs. 

Dronacharya Award Winners: Selection Process

For the Award, only those candidates who have contributed more than twenty years of their lives to producing notable sports persons are considered. The nominations for the same are allowed till the last day of April. After a committee of ten members evaluate the nomination, they submit it to the Union Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs. Further decisions are taken by the department. 

Dronacharya Award 2022 Winners List: FAQs

Who won dronacharya award 2012 for Hockey?

Harendra Singh won Dronacharya Award in 2012 for Hockey.

In 2019 who won the dronacharya award for badminton?

U. Vimal Kumar won the award for badminton in 2019.

Who won dronacharya award in 2012 for wrestling?

Yashvir Singh is the coach who won the Dronacharya award in 2012.

Who won Dronacharya Award 2020 in the field of tennis?

Naresh Kumar won the Dronacharya Award in 2020 in the lifetime category.

Who was the first foreign coach to get Dronacharya Award in 2012?

Blas Iglesias Fernandez was the first foreign coach to win dronacharya award. 

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