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E-challan Kerala is got when you violate traffic rules while riding a bike or driving a car on the road, your vehicle challan is deducted. You often learn about this, but even after removing the e-challan, it is unknown. We’re asking how you can tell if your vehicle challan has been deducted or not. How do you fill out your e-challan while sitting at home? What if the e-challan is not filled out? We frequently receive information about the challan deduction via SMS on the number associated with the bike registration. This message is frequently not received due to a number change, number closure, or technical reasons. In this case, you can find out the E-Challan Kerala status by following simple steps for all the procedures and for the e-challan payment in Kerala.

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How to check E-challan Kerala status?

To begin with the e-challan status Kerela:

Step 1: Go to echallan.parivahan.gov.in.

Step 2: Now, on the website, select the Check Challan Status option.

Step 3: On the screen, you will see the options Challan Number, Vehicle Number, and Driving License Number (DL).

Step 4: Here, you must select the option with the vehicle number. Now you must enter your vehicle’s registration number.

Step 5: Now, you must enter the captcha code. You must select the ‘Get Detail’ option. Then you’ll know whether or not your challan was deducted.

How to pay e-challan Kerala Online?

There are two methods for completing an e-challan. You can fill out an e-challan at a traffic police station offline and you can also pay the e-challan online. If your e-challan was deducted due to a red light, speeding, not wearing a helmet, or driving without a driver’s licence (DL), you can easily fill it out online.

E-challan Kerala with Paytm

If you use the Paytm app, you can fill out an e-challan from it.

Step 1: To begin, launch the app.

Step 2: Then, select Recharge & Pay Bills. Now scroll down to the bottom and click on Challan.

Step 3: Then click on Traffic Authority.

Step 4: You can quickly pay it here by entering your Challan Number/Challan ID, Vehicle Number, and so on.

If you do not want to use Paytm, you can fill out the challan by going to the official website of E-Challan – Digital Traffic/Transport Enforcement solution. You will need information such as the challan number for this.

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E-challan Kerala using the Parivahan portal

Step 1: Go to the website for the Digital Traffic/Transport Enforcement Solution, which is http://echallan.parivahan.gov.in. Then, to proceed, click the ‘Check Challan Status’ tab.

Step 2: Check the status of your challan by entering the challan number, vehicle number, or Driving Licence (DL) number. Enter the details of the option you’ve chosen (as shown below), as well as the captcha, and then click ‘GET DETAILS.’

Step 3: Once you have clicked on the ‘Get Details’ tab after one of the details requested, the row(s) for challan status details will appear below the same screen. If no challan is found, the row will be left blank. A track of how many challans have been issued against you can be kept.

Step 4: If you have committed an offence, the challans will begin to appear in the challan status row. You can begin making online payments here. In this case, you must click on ‘Pay Now’ under the ‘Payment option’ to proceed.

Step 5: Choose a payment method: credit card/debit card or Net-banking. Net-banking can be chosen but the bank should be from which you want to make a payment. When you pay for an e-challan, you will receive a ‘Payment Successful’ message with the transaction ID. Transaction ID should be remembered.

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OffensePenalty (in INR)
Driving without a seat belt1000
Triple riding on two-vehicle1000
Driving without helmet1000
Carrying excess luggageFor the first offence:500
For repeat offense: 1500
Driving without a number plateFor the first offense: 500
For repeat offense: 1500
Parking in ‘no parking zoneFor the first offense: 500
For repeat offense: 1500
Minor driving vehicle25000
Disobey of traffic signalsFor first offence:5000
For repeat offense: 10000
Dangerous/rash drivingFor the first offense: 5000
For repeat offense: 10000
Using a mobile phone while drivingFor the first offense: 5000
For repeat offense: 10000
Drunken driving10000
Driving vehicle without registration2000
Driving uninsured vehicle2000
Violation of road regulations1000
Over-speedingFor Light motor vehicle (LMV): 1000
For Medium passenger goods vehicle: 2000
Carrying explosive/inflammable substances10000
Not giving passage to emergency vehicles10000
Driving when mentally or physically unfit to driveFor the first offense: 1000
For repeat offense: 2000
RacingFor the first offense: 5000
For repeat offense: 10000
Disqualified person driving a vehicle10000
Driving a vehicle registered in another state for more than 12 monthsFor the first offense: 500
For repeat offense: 1500
Failure to intimate change of the address of vehicle ownerFor the first offense: 500
For repeat offense: 1500
Driving without a valid driving license5000
Driving without insurance2000

E-Challan Kerala FAQs:

Are E-Challan Number and Mobile Number important for conducting a transaction?

Yes, because these two numbers appear in all of the options.

What should I do if I forget my e-Challan Number?

You may quickly get your e-challan number back if you’ve lost it or unintentionally erased it by login into the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways’ e-challan online site and inputting your vehicle number or driver’s license number.

How do I check my e-Challan payment status?

Go to the Parivahan website, search E-challan status, enter your vehicle number or challan number, the status will be displayed.

What is the time limit to pay e-challan?

You need to pay the challan within 60 days from the date of issue of the notice. Any non-compliance of the e-challan notices may result in the challan getting forwarded to the court.

How long does it take to update challan on traces?

Go through the document and make the changes as required. Once you are done, double-check and then Submit the file. This generates a unique 15 digit code and emails it to your registered ID. The process should take around 24 hours.

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