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A smart initiative called e-Challan has been created to give Transport Enforcement Officers and Traffic Policemen of Odisha a quick & easy solution to collect challans. It consists of an Android-based mobile app and a web application. This programme offers consumers a number of features while covering all key Traffic Enforcement System tasks. The e-challan Odisha is handled by the Odisha traffic police, a penalty that is charged as an e-challan payment against anyone who violates the traffic rules in Odisha. The e-challan parivahan is a consumer-friendly and convenient programme that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime without the need for taking leave from work or study.

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How to check the status of the E-Challan payment Odisha?

To check the status of your challan, visit Parivahan, the official website of the Government of India. Below are the steps to help you understand the e-challan payment in Odisha.

Step 1: Visit the website for the Parivahan e-challan i.e e-challan.parivahan.gov.in

Step 2: Type in your challan number, vehicle number, or driver’s license number.

Step 3: Odisha challan details will be listed on the screen.

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How to make E-Challan Payment Odisha?

Both online and offline payments are accepted for an e-challan issued by the Odisha traffic police. Steps for E-challan payment Odisha online are provided below.

The e-challan Parivahan Odisha website and the official e-Vahan Odisha website are the two options for paying challans in Odisha online.

Steps for Traffic e-challan using the Parivahan Odisha website

Step 1: Check the site for the e-challan Parivahan Odisha.

Step 2: Type in your Challan, vehicle, or driver’s license number. After that, choose “Get Details” and input the Captcha code.

Step 3: The specifics of your offense and the fine you must pay will be shown to you on the screen.

Step 4: Make the payment directly.

Step 5: Finally, a confirmation SMS alert with your transaction ID will be sent to you.

Steps for Traffic e-challan using e-Vahan Odisha website

Step 1: Visit the webpage for the Odisha Government e-challan.

Step 2: One of the three reference numbers (CRN, BRN, DRN) should be included under the heading Challan Status.

Step 3: After entering the captcha code, select “Search” from the menu.

Step 4: Choose the e-challan you want to pay from the list of all of your e-challans.

Step 5: To pay for an e-challan through the portal of the Odisha Government, select any of the available payment channels.

Steps for E-challan payment Odisha offline:

Even while paying your e-challan online is simpler, you can still decide to do so manually:

Step 1: Bring a hard copy of your Odisha traffic infraction certificate to the neighbourhood traffic police station in your city.

Step 2: Ask the traffic cop about any outstanding challans you have, and then pay them in cash.

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Odisha traffic police fine/penalty charges

Various traffic violations along with their penalties leading to e-challan payment Odisha are listed below.

OffenseE-challan payment Odisha Penalty
General offenseFirst-Time Offence: Rs.500Subsequent Offence: Rs.1,500
Violation of driving regulationsRs.500 to Rs.1,000
Ticketless TravelRs.500
Disobeying orders of traffic authoritiesRs.2,000
An unauthorized person driving the vehicleRs.5,000
Driving Without LicenseRs.5,000
Driving Disqualified/suspended vehicleRs.10,000
Over-SpeedingLight Motor Vehicle:Rs 2,000 Medium Passenger or Goods Vehicle:Rs 4,000 and impounding of DL for the Subsequent Offence.
Dangerous / Rash DrivingFirst-Time Offence:Rs.5,000 Subsequent Offence:Rs.10,000.
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Intoxicating SubstanceFirst-Time Offence:Rs.10,000 Subsequent Offence:Rs.15,000
Oversized VehiclesRs.5,000
Driving When Mentally/Physically UnfitFirst-Time Offence: Rs.1,000Subsequent Offence: Rs.2,000
Accident Related OffencesFirst-Time Offence:Rs.5,000 Subsequent Offence:Rs,10,000
Driving Uninsured Vehicle (without Insurance)First-Time Offence:Rs.2,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 3 months. Subsequent Offence:Rs.4,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 3 months.
Jumping red line/stop signFirst-Time Offence: Rs.5,000Subsequent Offence: Rs.10,000
Use of mobile phoneFirst-Time Offence: Rs.5,000Subsequent Offence: Rs.10,000
Driving against flow of trafficFirst-Time Offence: Rs.5,000Subsequent Offence: Rs.10,000
Carrying dangerous/hazardous goods in vehicleFirst-Time Offence:Rs.10,000 Subsequent Offence:Rs.20,000
Racing and SpeedingFirst-Time Offence:Rs.5,000 Subsequent Offence:Rs.10,000
Vehicle Without PermitRs.10,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 6 months.
Vehicle Without RegistrationFirst-Time Offence:Rs.5,000 Subsequent Offence:Rs.10,000
OverloadingRs.20,000 and Rs.2,000 per extra tonne
Not Wearing SeatbeltRs.1,000
Not Wearing HelmetRs.1,000 and Disqualification of License for 3 months
Not Providing Way for Emergency VehiclesRs.10,000 and/or Imprisonment of 6 months
Offenses by JuvenilesRs.25,000 with Imprisonment of 3 years for which the Guardian / Owner shall be deemed to be guilty.
Obstruction of free flow of trafficRs 500
Offenses Committed by Enforcing OfficersDouble the Penalty of the corresponding offense
Causing air and noise pollutionRs10,000
Drunk drivingFirst-Time Offence:Rs.10,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 6 months. Subsequent Offence:Rs.15,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 2 years

Consequences of not paying the e-challan Odisha

On the Parivahan website or app, an e-challan must be paid within a time span of 60 days i.e 2 months from the date it was issued. If an e-challan payment is not made within 60 days (2 months):

  • To collect the same, a police constable is dispatched to the registered address. 
  • If the offender is unable to pay, a summons from the court is sent to his address and he is contacted for more information. 
  • The license is suspended in the event that the offender does not show up for court.

How to lodge a complaint against the wrong e-challan Odisha?

To lodge a complaint against wrongly issued e-challan Odisha, check the e-challan parivahan website or follow the rules listed below:

Step 1: Visit the official Odisha Police webpage.

Step 2: Select “Grievances and Redresses” under Citizens Service.

Step 3: Click “E-grievance” and then “E-grievance, Director General of Police, Odisha” to continue.

Step 4: To file your complaint, complete the required fields and press “Submit.”

E-challan Odisha FAQs

In which case a penalty is levied?

A penalty is levied in case a person violates the traffic rules practiced in Odisha.

How can I check Odisha traffic penalties online?

You can utilize the information provided in this article or the same can be checked on the Parivahan website, or the official Odisha Transport website.

How to check e-challan for vehicles in Odisha?

Check out the Parivahan website. Use your vehicle number, driving license number, or challan number to log in. You will have access to all of your e-information, challan along with a download link for the receipt.

What happens if e-challan Odisha is not paid?

In order to avoid late fees, you must pay the e-challan within 15 days of when it is issued. The prosecution report (PR) will be filed to the court if the traffic e-challan is not paid.

In Odisha, what is the penalty for not wearing a helmet?

A penalty of Rs.1,000 is issued for not wearing a helmet.

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