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Mithali Raj is an Indian cricketer who was born on December 3, 1982, in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. She leads the Indian Women’s Cricket team in Tests and One-Day Internationals. Mithali is regarded as one of the best female cricketers in the history of the game. She is the only cricketer to break the 6,000 run mark in Women’s ODI and has the highest overall runs in women’s international cricket. Moreover , Mithali is not only a capable and amazing batswoman but also a capable bowler who specializes in right-arm leg smashes. Know more about early life, career debut and lesser known details about Mithali Raj in this essay on mithali raj.

Essay On Mithali Raj – Introduction

Mithali Raj is the present Indian women’s cricket team captain. She is the very first woman in Test cricket history to hit a dual century. Mithali Raj has become the first Indian batswoman to hit 2000 runs in T20 Internationals in June 2018. In Women’s ODI cricket matches , Mithali Raj is now the only female cricketer to reach 6,000 runs. She is the only cricketer to lead India to two ICC One-Day International World Cup finals, in 2005 and 2017.

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Mithali Raj Essay – Her Early Life

Mithali Raj is the current captain of Indian women’s cricket. She was born on 3rd December,1982, in the town of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, into a Tamil background. Mithali Dorai Raj is Mithali Raj’s full name. Her father, Mr. Dheeraj Raj Dorai served in the Air Force prior to entering the Raj Bank. He is a cricketer himself, and he went out of his way to support Mithali. To cover her travel costs, he reduced his expenditures. Mithali’s mother, Mrs. Leela Raj, too, had to make numerous sacrifices just for her daughter. Her father left his work to assist his daughter, so he could care for her when she got home fatigued after sports practise.

When her brother was offered cricket lessons during his childhood days, she used to spin the ball everytime she had the chance. After a few days, she got noticed by cricketer Jyoti Prasad, who predicted that she would become an excellent cricket player. Mithali’s parents pushed her to succeed and offered the kind of support and encouragement that allowed her to get to this position. She began her career playing domestic cricket for Railways and went on to become a celebrity afterwards.

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Short Note On Mithali Raj – Career & Debut in Cricket

In 1999, Mithali Raj of Hyderabad competed in the ODI for the first time ever. Mithali achieved an amazing 114 runs in the match, which was held in Milton Keynes, Ireland. In 2001-2002, she played the first test match against England in Lucknow. Mithali was removed for a duck (zero) after making no runs in her first international test match. But, only because of her efforts, she was able to progress in her career and set a new record by reaching the highest total of 214 runs in international women’s cricket till now. In 2002, while competing against England, she set this record of the greatest run total ever.

In July 2006, the women’s cricket team, led by Mithali Raj, returned to England after a four-year break. After a lot of practice, all of the players proceeded to play in the ODI. BCCI and WCAI (Women’s Cricket Association of India) are the two organizations. The Indian team, captained by Mithali, defeated England by 5 wickets in the second Test at Taunton to take a 1-0 lead in the two-match series. As a result of Mithali’s captaincy, the women’s cricket team overcame England on their home turf, garnering Mithali much accolades and recognition for the triumph. In 2019, she held the title of becoming the first woman to have completed 20 years in the International cricket matches.

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Essay On Mithali Raj – Achievements

Let us now see the achievements in this essay on Mithali Raj. Mithali Raj has a long and successful cricket career, including the second best score in international cricket, which she scored against England in 2002. Mithali Raj is the first woman to achieve 7 half-centuries in a row in ODI cricket. She surpassed Karen Rolton’s milestone for the best individual run ever in Test cricket. In the final match at County Ground, she broke a record of 209 runs, hitting 214 against England. Mithali also led India to the World Cup final in 2005, but they were beaten by Australia. She was also a key factor in India’s Test series victory against England. By winning the Asia Cup, the Indian team ended the year on a strong note.

Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna 2021
Wisden Leading Woman Cricketer in World2017
Padma Shri2005
Arjuna Award2003

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Mithali Raj Essay – Conclusion

From this essay on Mithali Raj, we can conclude that Mithali Raj is the present Indian women’s cricket team captain. She is the first woman in Test cricket matches history ever to have hit a double century. Mithali’s parents supported her to pursue her goals, and she is now in the position of captaincy and record-breaker woman cricketer today. Thanks to her parents’ hardwork and perseverance. Mithali Raj has a long list of accomplishments and awards throughout her cricket career. We hope that, in the same way that she brings honor to her family and to the country by performing her best in all the upcoming matches.

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What makes Mithali Raj famous?

Mithali Raj is the present captain of India’s Women’s Cricket team and has a long list of accomplishments, starting from highest score to being an Arjuna Awardee. 

Name the awards won by Mithali Raj.

To read the accomplishments of Ms. Raj, go to the above section of this post.

When was Mithali Raj born?

Mithali Raj was on 3rd Dec.,1982.

When did Mithali Raj make her debut in cricket?

She made her debut in an ODI held in June 1999.

Name the title of the autobiography book of Mithali Raj.

Mithali Raj’s autobiography book’s title is ‘Unguarded’.