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Every year, 14th June the world observes World Blood Donor Day. The day is observed and commemorated to raise public awareness among individuals around the globe. This day is celebrated to draw attention to the necessity of safe blood and blood products. The occasion also recognizes the importance of blood donors in saving people’s lives through donation. In this World Blood Donor Day Essay, we have tried to state all major details on the celebration of the occasion. 

World Blood Donor Day Essay – Introduction

14th June has been designated as World Blood Donor Day around the globe. Yearly, this date is chosen to commemorate Karl Landsteiner’s birth anniversary. Karl Landsteiner was a research scientist, physician, and immunologist belonging to Austria. He is recognized as the inventor of the present blood group classification system. His research also resulted in the discovery of the Rhesus factor, which allowed doctors to safely transfuse blood without compromising the patient’s life. The transfer of blood from donor to recipient is known as transfusion . In 1930, he received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his contributions. The World Health Organization (WHO) launches a blood donation drive on this day. An individual who is eligible to donate blood must be between the age group of 17 years to 66 years. They must be over 50 kg in weight and in good health. People with conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and others are unable to donate blood.

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Essay on World Blood Donor Day – Theme 2022

Every year a new theme is given to the World Blood Donor Day in order to spread awareness in the society in context to the donation of blood. This year, the theme 2022 for World Blood Donor Day is “Blood donation is an act of solidarity. Join this effort & save lives”. This year’s slogan emphasizes that the donation of blood to save other lives is a measure taken in unity and harmony and we all must come forward to save the lives of other people by donating blood to them. The day serves a clear message for more individuals all around the globe to donate blood on a regular basis and help in betterment of health.

Previous Year Themes

2021Give blood and keep the world beating
2020Donation & universal access to safe blood transfusion
2019Safe blood for all
2018Be there for someone else. Give blood. Share life.
2017Give Blood. Give Now. Give Often

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World Blood Donor Day Essay – Benefits of Blood Donation

  • Donating blood after every 6 months promotes Cardiovascular Health and lessens the incidence of heart attacks and strokes.
  • Timely donation of blood also lowers the risk of cancer as the body’s iron stores are kept at a healthy level.
  • Approximately 650 calories are burnt with every donation’s one pint of blood. 
  • The health assessment that the donor has to undergo comes as a blessing in disguise as the donor comes to know about their health values free of cost.
  • Blood donation enables blood banks to maintain a stable supply of different types of blood that are used for treatments, especially for blood transfusions. 

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World Blood Donor Day Facts

  • Over 112.5 million units of blood are donated annually worldwide. 
  • The first blood group classification A, B, AB, O cannot be created artificially, rather it has to be procured from a generous donor.
  • Every two seconds, someone requires blood.
  • Three lives can be saved from one unit of blood.
  • Red blood cells, plasma, platelets, and cryoprecipitate can all be isolated from a single unit of blood.
  • The oxygen-carrying red blood cells provide oxygen to the body’s organs and tissues.
  • Plasma is a light yellow liquid that contains water, proteins, and ions.
  • A newborn’s body contains around one cup of blood.
  • Red blood cells, plasma, and platelets are constantly produced by the healthy bone marrow.
  • Donation of blood will take approximately an hour of your time. It’s all about living.

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Conclusion on Essay on World Blood Donor Day

It is critical to raise public awareness about the importance of blood donation in today’s world; people must comprehend the value of life. Every single one of us should donate blood. It has the potential to save anyone’s life, therefore you should value it and encourage others to donate blood. This is something that many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are working on. Their primary goal is to encourage individuals to donate blood and to let them know that they have accomplished something worthwhile.

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What are the benefits of donating blood?

The benefits of donating blood can be read in the above sections of this post.

When was the first time blood donation day was celebrated?

It was celebrated in 2004 for the first time.

On whose birthday is this world blood donor day organised?

Yearly, this date is chosen to commemorate Karl Landsteiner’s birth anniversary.

How many blood groups are there currently?

There are 4 types of blood group – A, B, AB, O.

What is the theme for 2022 world blood donor day?

This year, the theme 2022 for World Blood Donor Day is “Blood donation is an act of solidarity. Join this effort & save lives”.