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PM of India Shri. Narendra Modi has started the global ‘Lifestyle for the Environment (LiFE) Movement,’ with the goal of living a lifestyle that is in sync with our earth and does not destroy it. The event kicked off the ‘LiFE Global Call for Papers,’ which invited academics, universities, and research institutes to submit ideas and suggestions for influencing and persuading people, communities, and companies around the globe to embrace an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Keep reading this post to know about all the details related to this amazing LiFE Movement.

Lifestyle for Environment Movement – Highlights

PM Shri. Narendra Modi announced the global effort “Lifestyle for Environment Movement”, also known as LiFE movement on 5th June, 2022 which is also the day of World Environment Day. During the launching of the LiFE movement, the Prime Minister stated that the issues facing the world are well-known to all. To improve sustainable development we need human-centric, communal efforts and robust actions. The Lifestyle for Environment Movement in India was proposed at the 26th UN Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP26) held in Glasgow last year.

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LiFE Movement – Vision

The concept advocates an environmentally conscientious lifestyle that emphasizes deliberate and attentive consumption rather than mindless and destructive consumption. LiFE initiative takes inspiration from the past, works in the present, and looks to the future.The LiFE initiative was founded with the goal of living a lifestyle that is in harmony with the environment and does not damage it. People who live this way are known as “Pro-Planet People.” The LiFE movement makes it our personal and collective responsibility to do everything we can to make the world a better place. In this initiative, a zero-carbon lifestyle was also emphasized to increase sustainability.

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Lifestyle For Environment Movement In India – Targets Achieved

The Government of India has set various targets that are to be achieved for the sustainable living and preservation of the environment. However, during the LiFE video conferencing launch, Shri. Modi emphasized that the following targets have been already achieved before the targeted time-

  • There is an increase in the forest cover of India wherein, there is an increase in the population of animals, such as lions, tigers, leopards, elephants, and rhinos.
  • India has met its goal of generating 40% of its installed electric capacity from non-fossil fuel sources, 9 years prior to the targeted schedule.
  • The goal of blending 10% ethanol into petrol was met five months ahead of the schedule which was targeted to be achieved in November 2022.

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LiFE Initiative – LiFE Global Call for Papers

The launch also kicked off the ‘LiFE Global Call for Papers,’ which sought ideas and advice from universities, scholars, and research institutions around the world in order to influence, try and convince individuals, organizations, and communities around the world to embrace an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

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Lifestyle for Environment Movement – Check Participation Details

The LiFE initiative launch by Shri. Modi was witnessed by many renowned faces. Check the list given below to know who all participated and witnessed the Lifestyle For Environment Movement In India.

  1. Prof. Cass Sunstein, Nudge Theory author
  2. Ms Inger Andersen, Global Head – UNEP 
  3. Mr Achim Steiner,Global Head – UNDP 
  4. Mr Aniruddha Dasgupta, CEO & President of World Resources Institute
  5. Lord Nicholas Stern, Climate Economist 
  6. Mr David Malpass, World Bank President 
  7. Amitabh Kant, Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change Bhupender Yadav, NITI Aayog CEO 
  8. Bill and Melinda Gates, Co-Chairman, Foundation Bill Gates

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What does LiFe stand for?

LiFE stands for Lifestyle for Environment Movement.

Who launched LiFE movement and when?

Indian PM, Shri. Narendra Modi launched this movement on the occasion of World Environment Day, i.e., 5th June.

What does LiFE emphasize on?

LiFE emphasizes the sustainable use and judicial use of natural resources rather than mindless consumption of resources.

Who is invited to submit papers?

Universities, research scholars and research institutes are invited to submit their ideas and suggestions in context to the LiFE initiative.

When did Shri. Modi come up with the idea of LiFE movement?

Shri. Modi came up with this idea of LiFE movement in COP-26 organized in Glasgow in 2021.