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Essay on My Ambition in Life Become a Doctor. A person who lacks ambition is akin to a ship without a steering wheel. They’re also like the travelers who set out without knowing where they’re going. Such people are aimless in their lives. People who want to be successful in life must first set a goal. They set a clear goal for themselves in life and achieve it. It is insufficient to have only ambition. A person should also put in a lot of effort to achieve his or her goals. My ambition is to become a doctor.

Who is a Doctor?

A doctor is always available to help those who are in pain. The patient is made happy by the doctor’s smile. If I become a doctor, I will treat the poor and needy with compassion. We, as humans, desire health. As a result, I will do everything in my power to endanger my patients.

A doctor is a healer who provides genuine care to all of his patients, regardless of any partiality, selfishness, or fear of contracting the infections himself. A doctor’s patients are extremely valuable to him, and treating and curing them is always his top priority. Allopathy, Homeopathy, Unani, and Ayurvedic medicine are examples of different branches of medicine.

Why do I want to become a doctor?

By becoming a doctor, I hope to bring all of the medical techniques to my village, which it currently lacks. My goal in becoming a doctor is not only to make money but also to help people. I want to give the poor and helpless free medical care.

I want to become a doctor and open a hospital in my village, for which I am also working hard. As a doctor, I will treat my patients with respect and a smile so that their courage will grow and they will not be disappointed. I hope that by becoming a doctor, I will raise public awareness about hygiene and first aid.


I understand that becoming a doctor is not an easy task. After all, not everyone has the ability to heal. It would be a difficult task. I’d have to study for long periods of time with no interruptions. I’d have to give up all of my desires and pleasures in order to focus solely on one goal. I’m aware that the road ahead will be difficult. But, if it takes that to become a doctor, I’ll do it. I will overcome all obstacles, and the joy of assisting others will always fuel my unquenchable enthusiasm and zeal. One day, I hope to be a philanthropist. One day, I want to be a doctor.

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