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India is a sovereign, secular, socialist, and democratic nation with many different cultural beliefs. It is a country where people speak a variety of languages and follow a variety of religions. Indian culture is based on the concept of unity in variety. Read more about the importance of national unity essay here to enlighten yourself with the much required topic in the contemporary times.

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Essay on Importance of National Unity Meaning 

National unity refers to the formation of a sovereign state as a whole. Many people from various castes live in the same country. They converse in several languages. They live in diverse ways and follow different religions. We have Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, and other religious groups in India yet we are united. Indian culture has been everlasting as a result of this trait and sense of harmony. All Indians have a responsibility to safeguard the country’s unity and integrity. The actual power of a nation lies in unity and not in its diversity.

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Importance of National Unity Essay in India

It is a historical fact that due to certain reasons whenever our country lost its sense of nationalism, we faced foreign invaders and a variety of hardships. Even after all those invasions and hardships, the spirit of unity kept our civilisation, culture, and national security protected. Indian culture as a nation still stands before the entire world because it never allowed its integrity and unity to die. Many internal and external forces want to undermine our unity and divide the country. This occasionally attempts to emphasize limited emotions in the name of religion, caste, or class. Whatever form it takes, if we deviate, the same thing will undoubtedly fall apart.

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Unity in Diversity – A Crucial Aspect of Importance of National Unity Essay

India is a home to over 1900 spoken and written languages. Food, living conditions, and clothing are all diverse. Almost all religions regard it to be their home and practise their faith freely. They all have the right to promote and celebrate their festivities, keeping brotherhood in mind. For decades, we are united together, have fought several wars against our adversaries and threw them out of our nation.

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Threat to National Unity – A Concern !

The Britishers had a policy of dividing India through which they planted the roots to shatter the togetherness and integrity of India. In the current scenario, communal riots occur in India every now and then. People of one religion continue to struggle with those of another. Swarna (upper caste) and Harijan (lower caste) feuds also exist. Language is also a source of contention in many locations. In the south, alot of government property has been damaged against Hindi. In North India, there is a strong anti-English sentiment. Protests related to Urdu were also staged in various locations. National unity has been threatened in this way for decades.

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Challenges in Importance of National Unity Essay

National unity does not imply that we are all citizens of the same country. It rather requires a spirit of brotherhood amongst citizens. 

  • Communalism is a toxic phenomenon that divides people and society.
  • Different dialects and languages are spoken in India making everyone think that their language is superior and their literature is fantastic 
  • Provincialism also disrupts the way to national unity in many ways. 
  • Each caste regards itself as superior to the others having a negative impact on national unity. 
  • Our country’s atmosphere has been poisoned for several years as a result of crooked politics. Feelings of selfishness, regionalism, and linguism have an adverse impact on national unity.

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Steps to Strengthen National Unity

  • Every legislation that promotes inequality must be repealed in order to strengthen national unity. 
  • There should be only one law in the entire country, 
  • Marriage between people of different races should be encouraged. 
  • Government jobs should be transferred to more provinces so that the entire country can be shared by all. 
  • Work that promotes people’s well-being and national unity must be valued. 
  • Unitary literature should be written by artists and litterateurs. 

Conclusion of Importance of National Unity

Citizens of a country must realize that when they are unified, they are stronger and when they are divided, they are weaker. They should strive for the country’s peace and development by promoting brotherhood. Barriers that undermine their country’s togetherness must be destroyed.

What is National Unity?

National unity refers to a condition in which people from various countries, religions, languages, political, social, and economic systems come together to work forward towards the same purpose.

Why is national unity important?

Despite disparities, national integration keeps the entire country strong. Unity contributes to the country’s security as well as its growth.

How can a National Unity be maintained?

Read the above mentioned steps in the essay to know more about maintaining national unity.

Name the 3 fundamentals of National Unity.

Ethical & social values; Traditional & cultural values; Integrity & patriotism.

How does education play a role in national unity?

The goal of education is to help people become more socially efficient, thereby, making them sensitive towards national unity.