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This 19th is Father’s Day. Before commemorating a highly popular event of the year, isn’t it a good idea to scratch your head a little. If you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about some of the lesser-known stories from your father’s day, you should take advantage of it. Isn’t that so? Let’s get started! On Father’s Day, we provide you the opportunity to delve into the ocean of knowledge. Simply take the Father’s Day Quiz and find out yourself about the unheard stories of father’s day. Play along with your father and make it a memorable day.

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Father’s Day Quiz – What is Father’s Day ?

Children, as they grow older, require someone to act as a role model for them. The best example of a superhero is Father. A father works tirelessly for his family at all hours of the day and night so that he can properly educate his children and provide for his family. Every year, we commemorate Father’s Day to honor his dedication. We honor and thank our father on this special day. When a child is in difficulty, the first person he thinks of is his father. This demonstrates the significance of a father in one’s life. Every year on the 3rd Sunday of June, the world observes Father’s Day. Every year on the third Sunday in June, this is commemorated.

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Quiz on Father’s Day – Why is Father Day Important ?

In the growth of the family, the father is extremely important. In fact, he is regarded as the family’s leader. However, I believe that fathers and mothers have a unique role to play in their children’s upbringing. While a mother is compassionate, a father demonstrates courage and power to his children, who will later respect him. It may be challenging at times, but always put the children first.

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Father’s Day Quiz Questions – How Is It Celebrated ?

Father’s Day is observed in a variety of ways. On this day, many people go out to enjoy wonderful meals. On this day, children present their fathers with presents, greetings, and cards and flowers. Every child acknowledges and expresses gratitude to his father on this day. 

This day is commemorated to honor and thank the father. The father is the one who does all of his responsibilities without revealing his anguish or pain. Our father teaches us about the good and evil things in the world. We don’t have to be concerned about anything as long as our father’s hand rests on our brow. They always keep their sorrows to themselves and bring us joy. We must never forget our father’s trials and tribulations. We should always honor and respect the sacrifices made by fathers. The major purpose of celebrating Father’s Day is to remember and express gratitude to all fathers who have dedicated their lives to their children. 

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Father’s Day Quiz – Attempt Now!

Attempt the following given quiz and let us know your score out of 10 in the comment section below Ques. When is Father’s Day observed in India and abroad?

Ans. 3rd Sunday of June

Ques. What is Father’s Day known in Germany?

Ans. Men’s Day

Ques. Who celebrated Father’s Day for the first time?

Ans. Catholic Europeans

Ques. Which day is celebrated as Father’s Day in Thailand?

Ans. The last king’s birthday

Ques. Who is known as the “Father of Symphony”?

Ans. Joseph Haydn

Ques. Who is considered to be the father of the Universe?

Ans. Uranus

Ques. Who introduced Father’s Day to the globe?

Ans. Sonara Smart

Ques. When did the day to commemorate fathers become official?

Ans. 1956

Ques. When is Father’s day celebrated in Australia?

Ans. 1st Sunday in September

Ques. Name the flower that shows gratitude and respect to all the fathers on Father’s Day?

Ans. Roses

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Father’s Day Quiz – Conclusion 

Father’s Day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday in June. This is a significant day in everyone’s life. A day dedicated solely to honoring dad in our own special way all across the world. Nobody can compare to a father’s importance in a child’s life. Attempt the above given Father’s day quiz and let us know your score in the comment section below.

Which day is Father’s Day celebrated?

It is observed annually on the 3rd Sunday of June.

On what date will Father’s day be celebrated in 2023?

It will be celebrated on 18th June. 

Which flower is dedicated to father’s day?

Rose marks respect and gratitude to a father on father’s day.

Father’s Day was observed by presidents before it was recognised by the federal government. True/ False?


Does Father’s day have its origin from the middle ages in Europe?