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Every state has its own items with GI Tags. Karnataka, on the other hand, has the most GI Tags in India. Karnataka has the most registrations with 48 items, which speaks volumes about the quality and heritage of the products it crops, manufactures, and generates. Furthermore, with more GI tags, the state can highlight and recognize the uniqueness of its various towns and cities. The GI label is also a status symbol that enhances seller and manufacturer morale and commercial viability.

Purpose behind GI Tag of Karnataka

Karnataka’s massive number of GI tags undoubtedly aids in the state’s sustained distinctiveness. It supports biodiversity while promoting local culture and cuisine, in addition to aiding in the preservation of historical landmarks. There are a tonne of tags for products like tur dal and betel nuts from Uttar Kannada that are awaiting approval, which will increase the total number of tags for the state.

Karnataka GI tags act more like a status that grants a region ownership of its goods. Additionally, it guarantees the product’s quality and gives the manufacturers the advantage of being able to sell their goods in the market for higher prices. In the end, it’s all about exclusivity and the government agency, in this case the Indian Patent Office, acknowledging the product’s provenance.

South Indian states have led the list of the 301 items registered with the Indian Patent Office from April 2004. Karnataka has been leading the way in getting the maximum success rates of approval of 11, whether it be in Kerala, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, or any other state, during the previous 12 years.

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List of GI Tag of Karnataka

Here are some of the Geographical Indication (GI) tagged products from Karnataka:

S.NoGeographical IndicationType
1.Byadgi chilliAgriculture
2.Kinnal ToysHandicraft
3.Mysore AgarbathiManufactured
4.Bangalore Blue GrapesAgriculture
5.Mysore PakSweets
6.Bangalore Rose OnionAgriculture
7.Coorg orangeAgriculture
8.Mysore silkHandicraft
10.Channapatna Toys & DollsHandicraft
11.Mysore Rosewood InlayHandicraft
12.Mysore Sandalwood OilManufactured
13.Mysore Sandal SoapManufactured
14.Kasuti EmbroideryHandicraft
15.Mysore Traditional PaintingsHandicraft
16.Mysore betel leafAgricultural
17.Nanjanagud BananaAgricultural
18.Mysore JasmineAgricultural
19.Udupi JasmineAgricultural
20.Hadagali JasmineAgricultural
21.Ilkal sareeHandicraft
22.Navalgund DurriesHandicraft
23.Karnataka Bronze WareHandicraft
24.Molakalmuru SareesHandicraft
25.Monsooned Malabar Arabica CoffeeAgricultural
26.Monsooned Malabar Robusta CoffeeAgricultural
27.Coorg Green CardamomAgricultural
28.Dharwad PedhaFoodstuff
29.Coorg OrangeAgricultural
30.Malabar PepperAgricultural
31.Ganjifa Cards of MysoreHandicraft
32.Devanahalli PomelloAgricultural
33.Appemidi MangoAgricultural
34.Kamalapur Red BananaAgricultural
35.Sandur Lambani EmbroideryHandricrafts
36.Udupi Mattu Gulla BrinjalAgricultural
37.Karnataka Bronzeware LogoHandicraft
38.Ganjifa Cards of Mysore LogoHandicraft
39.Navalgund Durries LogoHandicraft
40.Guledgudd KhanaHandicraft
41.Udupi SareesHandicraft
42.Mysore Silk LogoHandicraft
43.Kolhapuri ChappalHandicraft
44.Coorg Arabica CoffeeAgricultural
45.Chikmagalur Arabica CoffeeAgricultural
46.Bababudangiris Arabica CoffeeAgricultural
47.Sirsi SupariAgricultural
48.Gulbarga Tur DalAgricultural

Recent GI Tag of Karnataka

Karnataka has 48 Geographical Indication (GI) Tags on handicrafts, agricultural, manufactured, and food products, making it the fourth most popular tourist destination in India. Gulbarga Tur Dal was the most recent product from Karnataka to acquire a GI label. 

The M/s. University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS) and the Karnataka Togari Abhivrudhi Mandali submitted an application for the Gulbarga Tur Dal, also known as “Gulyal,” “Chaple,” and “Bennur local,” which was granted the GI tag on August 14, 2019, and is a product that is primarily grown in the Gulbarga (now Kalburgi) district, also known as the “pigeon pea.

The distinctive flavour, aroma, and shelf life of Gulbarga Tur dal are largely attributed to the area’s fertile soil, which is rich in calcium (Ca), potassium (K), and good milling qualities. This dal, which is brown in colour and spherical in shape, is one of the key ingredients of the Kalburgi people’s staple diet and requires less cooking time than other pulses.

FAQs on GI Tag of Karnataka

In Karnataka, how many GI tags are there?

The products that receive GI Tags vary by state. However, Karnataka is the Indian state with the most GI Tags. Karnataka is the state with the most registrations, and its list of 48 products tells volumes about the calibre and history of the goods it cultivates, produces, and makes.

Why is the GI tag important for Karnataka’s products?

The GI tag helps to protect the uniqueness and authenticity of a product and also provides legal protection against imitation or misuse. It helps to promote and market the product by highlighting its unique qualities and origin, thus providing economic benefits to the producers and communities associated with it.

Which Karnataka coffee has a GI label?

Chikmagalur Arabica Coffee is farmed in Karnataka’s Chikmagalur district. It is the region of India where the cultivation of coffee originally began.

In Karnataka, which lemons are GI?

India Kagzi Lemons will shortly be granted Geographical Indication (GI) status. It has been grown in the northern plains of Karnataka, particularly in the Vijayapura area, since 1900. The ones grown in India, on the other hand, are noted for their distinct texture and strong acidity value.

Which one is the most recent product to receive the GI tag in Karnataka?

Sirsi Supari is the most recent Geographical Indication tagged product in Karnataka.

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