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The National Testing Agency (NTA) will administer the Central Universities Entrance Test (CUET) 2023. Those looking to pursue an undergraduate degree in a university throughout the country should take the test. The scores and the eligibility requirements will be considered for admissions. 

CUET comprises 4 sections, of which the first two sections(1A and 1B) are language exams, section 2 covers domain-specific subjects, and the General Test is the third section. With increasing competition. It is important to concentrate on the general test. In this article, candidates can clearly understand the answer to “is general test compulsory for CUET 2023”.

Eligibility Criteria Of CUET 2023

Students willing to take the CUET Exam 2023 must have completed their Class 12th or equivalent from a recognized institution. However, applicants must check the age criteria specified by the university of their choice. Different universities may have distinct eligibility criteria for admission, so individuals should look into the program details on the university’s website for more information.

CUET Exam General Test: Is it mandatory?

The general examination portion assesses the student’s knowledge of current affairs and events. However, “is general test compulsory for CUET” has been widely asked by applicants. The General Test on the CUET exam is not required for all programs at the central universities. Only 60% of the programs mandate taking the General Test. It entirely depends on the requirements of the desired university.

You can still take the general test for the remaining 40% of programs. It is advantageous as the general section of the CUET question paper can increase the chances of qualifying for a certain university.

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Tips and Tricks to ace the general test in CUET Exam

Candidates preparing for the CUET General Test 2023 may be overwhelmed or apprehensive about the general test preparation. To assist them, we have created a collection of tips and advice to help potential test-takers devise a plan for the exam to increase their odds of being accepted into the university of their choice.

  •  General knowledge requires reading. To broaden their understanding and stay informed of current events, people should regularly read newspapers, magazines, books, and other online and offline texts.
  • Reading or listening to the news is essential to stay well-informed about the world.
  • Interacting with others is another way to raise general awareness. Candidates can better understand the key issues impacting the country and the globe by conversing with the people they know.
  • Applicants can take note of the key details in the news and revise them once before the exam. 
  • Multiple websites offer tests on the latest news. Applicants can take tests to test their readiness.
  • Students are advised to evaluate their wrong answers and examine their performance.
  • To understand general knowledge topics well, students should be knowledgeable about science, technology, Indian history, books, authors, countries, capitals, inventions, awards, sports, and significant dates.

Expected Exam Pattern Of CUET 2023 General Test

Applicants must be aware of the exam pattern. The following table includes the sections included, total questions and duration. 



Total Number of Questions

Number of Questions to be Attempted



General Knowledge



60 Minutes


Current Affairs


General Mental Ability


Numerical Ability


Quantitative Reasoning


Logical and Analytical Reasoning

Is general test compulsory for CUET: FAQs

Is it mandatory to attempt the general test?

It depends on the program and the college the candidate wishes to join. However, most universities guarantee the general test.

What is the total number of questions in the CUET general test?

The general test in CUET consists of 75 questions, of which 60 should be attempted.

What is the conducting body of the CUET Exam 2023?

The National Testing Agency(NTA) is the conducting body of the CUET Exam 2023. 

Is there any age limit for the CUET Exam?

There is no set age requirement to take the exam. However, individuals must comply with the age criteria of the college they intend to join.

What are the duration and the number of sections in the CUET general test?

There are 6 sections, and the maximum time given is 60 minutes.

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