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Laxman Narasimhan Starbucks biography: Laxman Narasimhan is the newest member of the group of prominent Indian CEOs. Beginning on October 1, 2022, he will assume control of the massive Starbucks coffee company. Laxman Narasimhan began serving as Starbucks’ CEO on September 1, 2022, and the company also announced that he would join the board on April 1, 2023. After moving to Seattle from London, Laxman Narasimhan will begin as the incoming CEO and collaborate closely with the outgoing CEO Howard Schultz before taking over as CEO of Starbucks.

The CEO of Starbucks, Laxman Narasimhan, has 30 years of expertise managing and counseling international consumer-facing brands. Additionally, he has a track record of leading consumer-centric and digital breakthroughs and creating businesses with a clear purpose. Laxman Narasimhan previously served as the CEO of Reckitt, a global consumer health, hygiene, and nutrition firm.

Laxman Narasimhan Starbucks biography- Education

Laxman Narasimhan is an Indian mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Pune’s College of Engineering. Narasimhan holds an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and an MA in German and International Studies from The Lauder Institute.

Laxman Narasimhan Starbucks biography- Career

Laxman Narasimhan spent 19 years at McKinsey before leaving in 2012, advancing to the positions of director and site manager for the company’s New Delhi branch. Narasimhan joined PepsiCo in 2012 and eventually attained the title of Chief Commercial Officer. Other executive positions he held at PepsiCo were those of Global Chief Commercial Officer, CEO of the business’ operations in Latin America, Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa, and CFO of PepsiCo Americas Foods.

Laxman Narasimhan succeeded Rakesh Kapoor as CEO of Reckitt Benckiser later in September 2019. In addition to becoming the new CEO of Starbucks, the new CEO is a trustee at the Brookings Institution and a council member. He is a member of Verizon’s Board of Directors and has served on the UK Prime Minister’s Build Back Better Council.

Laxman Narasimhan Starbucks biography- Early Life

Narasimhan was raised in Pune where he was born in 1967. He graduated from the College of Engineering in Pune with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and from the Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania with a master’s in German and international studies. He also holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. He stated that he is currently married with two children and that he wakes up at 5:00 am to meditate and exercise before starting work at 7:00 am. Yet, the road there wasn’t simple.

He discussed his terrible life and the early deaths of his siblings in an interview with The Sunday Times. Afterward, after much difficulty, his father started a company that sold mechanical components in the US. Narasimhan attended college outside of India thanks to scholarships and numerous jobs. But he frequently returned home to take care of his ailing father at the time. He reflected on his time in India by saying, “You learn perseverance, you learn tolerance, you learn to find a way through.

Laxman Narasimhan As Starbucks Next CEO

Before officially taking over on April 1, when he will officially assume the CEO’s post and join Starbucks’ board, the 55-year-old will closely collaborate with the interim CEO. In addition to remaining an active participant in Starbucks’ reinvention and serving as Narasimhan’s constant advisor, Schultz will continue to serve as a member of the company’s board of directors. Narasimhan has a track record of development in both established and emerging areas, according to Schultz, making him “uniquely positioned” to lead the coffee behemoth.

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Before Joining The Coffee Giant

Reckitt’s CEO, Laxman Narasimhan, unexpectedly announced his resignation from the position earlier on Thursday. Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) reports that the revelation caused a 5% decline in the company’s share price. The 55-year-old held a variety of executive positions at PepsiCo, including those of global chief commercial officer and president and chief executive officer of the business units in Latin America, Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Also, he was a senior partner at McKinsey & Co., where he concentrated on the firm’s consumer, retail, and technology divisions in the US, Asia, and India.

Laxman Narasimhan as a turnaround agent

The business community cites Narasimhan’s tenure at Reckitt as an illustration of how he can quickly enhance a company’s financial standing. He “has the DNA of an entrepreneur” and “is a true operator,” according to Schultz, who spoke to the New York Times’ DealBook.

Three years ago, when the firm was embroiled in turmoil and missing financial goals, Narasimhan joined Reckitt. According to Bloomberg News, it only took him six months to make significant changes, including firing senior executives and offloading lackluster brands. According to a research note published on Thursday by HSBC analyst Jeremy Fialko, Reckitt is currently in significantly better financial shape.

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