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Savita Pradhan Biography: Savita Pradhan is the Khandwa Nagar Nigam Commissioner dispute commissioner. Prior to Khandwa, Savita Pradhan was posted as CM in Mandsaur. There, he made many headlines by taking action against the mafia. In 2021, Savita Pradhan came to Khandwa as commissioner. Now the commissioner’s dispute with the mayor has started. Khandwa Mayor Amrita Yadav has alleged that Commissioner Savita Pradhan does not listen to anyone.

About Savita Pradhan

Savita Pradhan is a famous officer of MP. She has always been in the news because of her work. A few years ago, she was seen doing duty with her four-month-old baby. Along with this, while being Mandsaur CMO, she made many headlines. While leading the mafia campaign in Mandsaur, she took action against opium smugglers. Illegally built bungalows worth crores were razed to the ground.

Savita Pradhan is a happily married mother of two kids. She is renowned for her efforts and dedication to raising the quality of life for Khandwa’s residents.

Savita Pradhan Early life and Education 

Savita Pradhan was born into a tribal family in a small village called “Mandi” in MP. She came from a highly low-income background. In Khandwa, she completed her studies. She graduated from Indore University with a master’s in public administration.

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Savita Pradhan Career

Savita Pradhan started her career as a civil servant for the MP government. She has held positions in a range of divisions. She has a lot of experience working in government. In 2021, she was chosen to serve as the commissioner of Khandwa Nagar Nigam.

In June 2021, Savita Pradhan was transferred from Mandsaur. She is the first female commissioner of Khandwa. The citizens of the city had high expectations for her. She has stirred up controversy once more as a result of her posts here. She is not seated next to the mayor, Amrita Yadav. She allegedly doesn’t show up at the office. In addition, the mayor and a few council members claim that she is obstructing the growth of the city.

Savita has carried out a number of initiatives while serving as the Khandwa Nagar Nigam’s commissioner. By taking action against the mafia, she garnered a lot of media attention.

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