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On its official website, the Manipur government oversees the operation of the lottery. Manipur Lottery Result Today is a daily lottery that is played four times a day at 11:55 AM, 04:00 PM, 07:00 PM, and 9:00 PM. It is a weekly lottery draw which costs only Rs. 6 per tciket. For applicants who will play the Manipur Lottery or who have already played, this article is crucial. Among the Manipur Lotteries, Singam is the most recognizable and well-liked name.

Four lottery results are announced each day by the Manipur State Lottery. The first winner of each result receives Rs. 27 lakh. The second, third, fourth, and fifth-place finishers receive financial aid. All series winners also receive a consolation prize of Rs. 10,000.

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 Manipur Lottery Result Today – Overview

Lottery NameManipur State Lottery
Managed by Manipur Government
Result Time11:55 AM, 04:00 PM,07:00 PM, and 09:00 PM
Result StatusReleased
Result modeOnline
First Prize27 Lakhs
Lottery typeWeekly lottery
Official Websitemanipallotteries.com

How to Check Manipur Lottery Result Today?

Follow all of the instructions below if you wish to check the Manipur Lottery Results:

Step 1: As a first step visit the Manipur State Lottery official website, manipallotteries.com

Step 2: Next, you search for Manipur lottery results in the navigation menu bar.

Step 3: As soon as you click it, you will find that all of the lottery results are visible.

Step 4: Download it by clicking on DBF or PDF.

Step 5: Finally, open the PDF file and verify your winning lottery number.

Manipur Lottery Result Today

To view the Lottery result, click on the link provided in the table below:

Manipur Lottery Result Today 11:55AMClick here
Manipur Lottery Result Today 4PMClick here
Manipur Lottery Result Today 7PMClick here
Manipur Lottery Result Today 9PMClick here

Manipur Lottery Result Today – Prize Details

The Manipur Government runs the lottery, which includes 6 different categories of rewards with a top prize of 27 lakhs. More information on each prize category is provided below.

Prize No.Amount
1st PrizeRs. 27 lakhs
Consolation PrizeRs. 10000
2nd PrizeRs. 5000
3rd PrizeRs. 1000
4th PrizeRs. 700
5th PrizeRs. 500

Manipur Lottery Draw Name

Every day, millions of people participate in this lottery. The names of the Manipur Lottery Draws vary depending on the day of the week, and they are listed in the table below.

DayMorning DrawNoon DrawEvening Draw
SundaySingam BegoniaSingam VincaSingam Flumeia
MondaySingam TagetesSingam FoxloveSingam Candytuft
TuesdaySingam HeleniumSingam WedeliaSingam Kalmia
WednesdaySingam AnemoneSingam SedumSingam Dahlia
ThursdaySingam GerberaSingam EchiumSingam Ursinia
FridaySingam VerbenaSingam NepetaSingam Nemesia
SaturdaySingam AlyssumSingam HonestySingam Freesia

FAQs on Manipur Lottery

What is the cost of Manipur Lottery Ticket?

Manipur state lottery tickets only cost Rs. 6.

How to check the lottery result for Manipur State?

To check the result for Manipur Lottery you need to visit its official website or you can get the direct link for the result from the article above.

Where can I get a lottery ticket in Manipur?

Tickets can be purchased from any licensed merchant in Manipur, but not online. Simply inform the merchant which lottery you wish to enter, and they will provide you with a ticket bearing a unique eight-digit combination.

What is the prize money for the Manipur State Lottery?

The result for Manipur Singam Vinca is Rs 27 lakh. The second prize is 5,000 rupees. The third award is Rs 1000, the fourth is Rs 700, and the fifth is Rs 500.

Is there a consolation award for the Manipur State Lottery?

Yes, lottery ticket holders with identical serial numbers are also awarded a consolation prize of Rs 10,000.

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