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In this article, we delve deep into the intriguing world of MTS salary in post offices, uncovering the enigmatic details surrounding their compensation. From their role and responsibilities to the essential skills they possess, we explore the unique qualities that make MTS professionals vital to the functioning of the postal system. Furthermore, we shed light on the critical factors that influence the salary structure of these diligent individuals, such as experience, qualifications, and promotions.

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MTS Salary in Post Office: Overview

Check out the Overview of MTS Salary in Post Office

Job ProfileMulti Tasking Staff (MTS)
SalaryINR 18,000 per month
EligibilityCandidates who meet the India Post MTS eligibility criteria
Training PeriodApplicable for selected candidates
Probation PeriodApplicable for selected candidates
PostingCandidates will be posted in branches/departments of India Post

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MTS Salary in Post Office: Salary 

The India Post MTS salary structure for 2023 offers an attractive package to selected candidates. Let’s delve into the details. 

Salary ComponentAmount (INR)
Basic Pay18,000
Dearness Allowance (DA)6,120
Special Dearness Allowance5,400
Attendance Bonus1,809
Gross Salary31,329
Annual Package3.75 LPA

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MTS Salary in Post Office: Allowances, Probation Period and Career Growth

India Post MTS employees are entitled to various allowances and benefits in addition to their basic salary. Let’s explore these provisions in detail.


  1. Dearness Allowance (DA): Applicable on the basic pay, revised quarterly to account for inflation and cost of living adjustments.
  2. Special DA: Provided at a rate of 1.795% on the basic pay.
  3. Annual Increment: Employees receive a yearly increment of 3% on their basic pay.
  4. Attendance Bonus: 10% of the basic pay is granted as an attendance bonus.
  5. Special Allowance: Frozen at 4% of the basic pay and remains applicable.
  6. Conveyance Reimbursement or Transport Subsidy: Available as per applicable rules.
  7. Additional Transport Subsidy: Provided based on eligibility.
  8. LTC (Hometown) and LLTC (BharathBhraman): Allowances for leave travel and long leave travel, respectively, depending on eligibility.
  9. Leave Encashment: Facility to encash leaves annually or upon superannuation.
  10. Free LP Gas Cylinder: Provided as a benefit.
  11. Coal Mines Provident Fund: Employees contribute 12% (Basic + DA) towards the fund, along with the availability of Coal Mines Pension.
  12. Bonus and Incentives: Additional rewards based on performance.
  13. Medical, Education, and Recreational Facilities: Access to healthcare, educational support, and recreational amenities.
  14. Retirement Age: Superannuation is at 61 years.

Additionally, let’s take a look at a table summarizing the key allowances:

Dearness Allowance (DA)Revised Quarterly Basis
Special DA1.795% of Basic Pay
Annual Increment3% of Basic Pay
Attendance Bonus10% of Basic Pay
Special Allowance4% of Basic Pay
Coal Mines Provident Fund12% of (Basic + DA)

With these allowances and benefits, India Post MTS employees enjoy a well-rounded compensation package that includes financial incentives, leave benefits, healthcare support, and more.

Probation Period

The probation period for the India Post MTS examination has not been officially specified by the board. As of now, the duration of the probation period remains undisclosed. However, candidates can anticipate that this crucial information will be announced at the time of final appointment and training. It is advisable for candidates to stay updated by regularly checking the official website for the latest notifications and announcements regarding the probation period.

Career Growth

The India Post commission periodically conducts promotional exams for qualified candidates who have successfully cleared the final India Post MTS examination. These promotional exams serve as a gateway to higher positions within the organization. Candidates who perform well in these exams can avail themselves of numerous career opportunities and reap the associated monetary benefits.

Promotions in the India Post MTS not only elevate an employee’s status but also open doors to increased responsibilities and greater professional growth. The promotional exams serve as a crucial evaluation tool to assess the candidate’s suitability for higher positions. Those who demonstrate exceptional skills, knowledge, and performance stand a chance to progress to upper-level posts within the organization.

MTS Salary in Post Office: FAQs

What is the salary of an MTS in the post office?

The basic pay for an MTS in the post office is INR 18,000 per month, with additional allowances and benefits.

Are there any allowances apart from the basic pay?

Yes. There are allowances apart from the basic pay.

Is there a probation period for MTS in the post office?

The exact duration of the probation period is not specified, but it is expected to be announced during the final appointment and training.

What are the career growth opportunities for MTS employees?

MTS employees can progress to higher positions through promotional exams conducted by the India Post commission, which offer increased responsibilities and monetary benefits.

What is the retirement age for MTS in the post office?

The retirement age for MTS employees is set at 61 years, based on superannuation.

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