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The study of sociology focuses on comprehending the complexities of human society, including its structures, relationships, and interactions. It offers insightful information on many facets of society, including caste systems, gender dynamics, social institutions, societal development, and globalization. To aid students and enthusiasts in comprehending sociology, Nitin Sangwan, a renowned educator and civil servant, has curated a comprehensive Sociology PDF. This article explores the significance of Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF, its key topics, and how it can benefit individuals seeking knowledge in this field.

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Overview of Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF

The Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF is a comprehensive guide that covers a wide range of topics in sociology. It presents complex concepts in a simplified manner, making it accessible to both beginners and advanced learners. This PDF serves as a valuable resource for students preparing for civil services exams, sociology enthusiasts, and anyone interested in understanding the dynamics of human society.

Download Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF

You can get ready for all government exams by using Nitin Sangwan’s Sociology PDF. The language used to communicate the information in this book is simple, straightforward, and easy to recall. You may either download or buy this book online using the URL given below.

The second edition of Essential Sociology provides significantly more in-depth coverage of sociology. It is the outcome of in-depth feedback from the devoted readers. Now, in addition to NET candidates and undergraduate students, the book will also serve the demands of UPSC Civil Services candidates. In this edition, the language of the book has been significantly simplified. 

Download Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF here

Contents of Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF

The chapters included in this book are:

Part I

  • Chapter-1 Sociology- The Discipline
  • Chapter-2 Sociology as Science
  • Chapter-3 Research method
  • Chapter-4 Social Thinkers
  • Chapter-5 Stratification and mobility
  • Chapter-6 Work and Economic life
  • Chapter-7 Politics and Society
  • Chapter-8 Religion and Society
  • Chapter-9 Systems of kinship
  • Chapter-10 Social changes in modern society

Part II

Section A- Introducing Indian Society

  • Chapter-11 Perspectives on Study of Indian society
  • Chapter-12 Impact of Colonial rule on Indian Society

Section B- Social Structure

  • Chapter-13 Rural and Agrarian Social Structure
  • Chapter-14 Caste System
  • Chapter-15 Tribal communities in India
  • Chapter-16 Social cases in India
  • Chapter-17 System of kinship in India
  • Chapter-18 Religion and society

Section C- Social Changes in India

  • Chapter-19 Vision of social changes in India
  • Chapter-20 Rural and Agrarian transformation in India
  • Chapter-21 Industrialization and Urbanisations in India
  • Chapter-22 Politics and Society
  • Chapter-23 Social movements in modern India
  • Chapter-24 Population Dynamics
  • Chapter-25 Challenges of social transformations

Key Features of Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF

  • For those preparing for the Civil Services Exam as well as college and university students, the 50+ solved practice questions will be especially helpful.
  • For better subject understanding, the book’s glossary contains more than 750 additional definitions.
  • To give readers a modern viewpoint, up-to-date information and figures are provided through 2022.
  • In order for the reader to not miss vital topics, key terms have been underlined in the text.
  • There are more than 100 new pages in this edition.

Benefits of Studying Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF:

The Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF offers several benefits for individuals interested in sociology and related fields:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: The PDF provides a comprehensive overview of sociology by covering a wide range of topics.
  • Simplified Language: Nitin Sangwan has made certain that the subject is provided in a basic and easy-to-understand language, making it accessible to learners of all levels.
  • Concept Clarity: The PDF aims to enhance conceptual clarity, enabling readers to grasp complex sociological theories and ideas.
  • Exam-Oriented Material: For those preparing for civil services examinations or other competitive exams, the PDF offers exam-oriented content, including practice questions and case studies.
  • Self-Study Resource: The Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF serves as a valuable self-study resource, allowing individuals to learn at their own pace and convenience.


The Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF is an essential resource for those interested in sociology and related subjects. The PDF offers a deeper grasp of society, its structures, and dynamics by its vast content, simplified language, and conceptual clarity. Whether you are a student studying for a difficult exam or simply intrigued about the complexities of human civilization, this PDF is a solid resource for expanding your knowledge and broadening your viewpoints.

FAQs on Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF

Is the Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF suitable for beginners in sociology?

Absolutely! The PDF is designed to cater to learners at all levels, including beginners. Nitin Sangwan has ensured that the content is presented in a simplified language, making it accessible and comprehensible for beginners.

Can the Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF be used for competitive exam preparation?

Yes, the PDF is an excellent resource for individuals preparing for civil services exams or other competitive exams. It offers exam-oriented content, including practice questions and case studies, to help aspirants enhance their understanding of sociology.

Is the Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF available for free?

Yes, candidates can now download Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF for free from the link provided above. 

Is the Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF available in multiple languages?

English is currently the primary language in which Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF is offered. However, future versions in other languages might be accessible.

How is Nitin Sangwan Sociology book structured?

The book is structured logically and methodically. It starts off with defining society and then gradually moves on to subjects like social stratification, social change, gender and society, deviance, and social control. Every chapter builds on the one before it, enabling readers to get a comprehensive understanding of sociology.

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