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In today’s competitive world, having strong reasoning skills is crucial for success. If you are someone preparing for competitive exams, you understand the importance of having reliable study materials. In the realm of reasoning, Piyush Varshney Reasoning Book PDF has emerged as a valuable resource for aspirants. This comprehensive guide offers a wide range of topics and exercises designed to enhance your logical thinking and problem-solving skills. In this article, we will delve into the key features of Piyush Varshney’s Reasoning Book PDF and how it can benefit you in your exam preparation.

Download Piyush Varshney Reasoning Book PDF

Piyush Varshney Reasoning Book is a popular study material designed to help students and aspirants prepare for various competitive exams. It focuses on the reasoning section, which is a crucial part of many entrance exams, including bank exams, government job exams, and MBA entrance tests. The book provides a comprehensive understanding of reasoning concepts and strategies, making it an indispensable resource for exam preparation.

Book NameReasoning Book With Piyush Varshney
Author NamePiyush Varshney
LanguageEnglish and Hindi
Useful forCompetitive exams
Piyush Varshney Reasoning Book PDF download linkDownload pdf
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Topic Coverage in Piyush Varshney Reasoning Book PDF

Piyush Varshney Reasoning Book PDF covers a broad spectrum of reasoning topics. Here are some of the key areas covered in the book:

Verbal ReasoningBlood RelationsCoding-DecodingSyllogismAnalogySeries Completion
Non-Verbal ReasoningPattern CompletionFigure MatrixPaper FoldingEmbedded FiguresDice and Cubes
Logical ReasoningStatement and AssumptionsCause and EffectLogical DeductionsStatement and ArgumentData Sufficiency
Analytical ReasoningPuzzlesSeating ArrangementsDirection SenseData InterpretationDecision Making

Key Features of Piyush Varshney Reasoning Book PDF

Piyush Varshney Reasoning Book PDF stands out due to its exceptional features that cater to the needs of aspirants. Here are some key highlights of the book:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: The book covers a wide range of reasoning topics, including verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, and analytical reasoning.
  • Structured Approach: The content is well-organized, presenting concepts in a logical sequence and building upon previously learned topics.
  • Detailed Explanation: Each topic is described in detail, using examples and drawings to help with comprehension.
  • Practice Exercises: The book includes numerous practice exercises that allow you to apply what you’ve learnt and improve your reasoning skills.
  • Previous Year Questions: It includes previous years’ question papers from various exams, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and types of questions asked.
  • Answer Keys and Explanations: The book provides answer keys and detailed explanations for the practice exercises and previous year questions, helping you self-assess your performance.

Tips for Solving Reasoning Questions

Solving reasoning questions requires a strategic approach. Here are some tips to help you tackle reasoning problems effectively:

  • Read the Question Carefully: Pay close attention to the question and identify the key information provided.
  • Determine the Type: Determine whether you are working with a verbal, nonverbal, logical, or analytical thinking challenge.
  • Options should be eliminated: To enhance your chances of selecting the correct answer in multiple-choice questions, strive to remove wrong answers.
  • Practice Visualization: Develop the skill of visualizing patterns, diagrams, or arrangements to solve non-verbal reasoning questions.
  • Learn Shortcut Techniques: Familiarize yourself with shortcut techniques for solving certain types of reasoning problems, such as coding-decoding or series completion.

How Piyush Varshney Reasoning Book Helps in Competitive Exams

Piyush Varshney Reasoning Book PDF has been instrumental in helping numerous aspirants achieve success in various competitive exams. Here’s how the book can aid your exam preparation:

  • Concept Clarity: The book provides a thorough understanding of reasoning concepts, ensuring you grasp the fundamentals required to solve complex problems.
  • Exam-oriented Approach: Piyush Varshney Reasoning Book PDF aligns with the exam patterns and question formats of popular competitive exams, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the expected level of difficulty.
  • Practice Opportunities: With ample practice exercises and previous year questions, the book offers abundant opportunities to enhance your reasoning skills and build confidence.
  • Time Management: By practicing regularly with the book, you can improve your speed and efficiency in solving reasoning questions, enabling you to manage your time effectively during exams.


Piyush Varshney Reasoning Book PDF serves as an invaluable tool for aspiring candidates preparing for competitive exams. With its comprehensive coverage, detailed explanations, and ample practice exercises, the book equips you with the necessary reasoning skills to excel in various entrance tests. So, get access to Piyush Varshney Reasoning Book PDF and embark on your journey towards success.

FAQs on Piyush Varshney Reasoning Book PDF

Is Piyush Varshney’s Reasoning Book PDF suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Piyush Varshney’s book is intended for both beginning and advanced students. The explanations are simple, making it an excellent choice for individuals just beginning their reasoning journey.

Are the practice questions in the book relevant to competitive exams?

Yes, the practice questions provided in the book are carefully curated to align with the requirements of competitive exams. Practicing these questions will help you familiarize yourself with the types of reasoning problems commonly encountered in such exams.

Does the book cover reasoning topics for all competitive exams?

Yes, Piyush Varshney Reasoning Book PDF covers reasoning topics that are relevant for various competitive exams, including bank exams, government job exams, and MBA entrance tests.

Does the book provide solutions to the practice questions?

Yes, Piyush Varshney’s Reasoning Book PDF offers step-by-step solutions and explanations for the practice questions. These solutions help you understand the logical reasoning behind each answer and improve your problem-solving skills.

How can I get access to Piyush Varshney’s Reasoning Book PDF?

Candidates can access the Piyush Varshney Reasoning Book PDF here. To download the book just click on the link provided above in the article.

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