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The 560 Sub Inspector positions are the subject of a recruiting drive by the Punjab Police. Before applying for the position, candidates should be aware of the Punjab Police Sub-Inspector salary so they will know how much they will be paid during their employment. Through this Recruitment, qualified candidates have a fantastic opportunity to land a position in the government sector. Candidates should keep track of the official notification, which will be posted on the Punjab Police website. Those chosen for the position will receive the Punjab Police SI wage in accordance with the 7th Pay Commission.

The selected candidates’ salaries for Punjab Police SI vary from INR 10,300 to INR 34,800, plus a grade pay of INR 4,600.The chosen individuals will be on probation for three years. Learn more about the Punjab Police SI Salary 2023, the job description, and other information by reading the sections below.

Punjab Police SI Salary 2023: Salary Structure

According to Punjab Police SI Salary and Job Profle 2023, The salary structure are as follows:

  • Candidates who are chosen and given the job will be compensated in accordance with the 7th Pay Commission.
  • The Punjab Police Sub Inspector Salary Per Month pay scale is from Rs. 10,300 to Rs. 34,800 rupees.
  • The range of decided Sub Inspectors’ yearly salaries is Rs. 1,23,600 to IRs. 4,17,600.

Punjab Police Sub Inspector Salary In Hand

The shortlisted candidates will receive their Punjab Police Sub Inspector Salary In Hand, increases, and benefits in accordance with the 7th Pay Commission. With a grade pay of INR 4,600, their basic in-hand salaries range from INR 10,300 to INR 34,800.

Punjab Police SI Salary 2023: Probation Period

Before becoming a permanent member of the police force, the chosen candidates must work for the organization for a predetermined period of time. In the public sector, this time frame is referred to as the candidate’s probationary period. The government decided that the probationary term would be three years for all newly appointed employees. Candidates can take use of all the privileges and benefits of being a regular employee in the department once this time period is over. The candidates will only be qualified for fixed salaries, which are equal to the base pay band. They would not be eligible for any grade pay, annual increments, or other benefits during the probationary term, with the exception of TA.

Punjab Police SI Salary 2023: Job Profile

Candidates should be fully informed of the obligations and duties they would have to carry out if chosen before applying for the position of Punjab Police SI. The Punjab Police SI job profile is as follows:

  • Arrest without a warrant or one
  • Searching a person, their home, or their car
  • Right to request access to required documents during an investigation
  • Filing a complaint against someone
  • Examine all cases involving the Indian Penal Code as well as any state laws or any other special legislation that has been approved by the Parliament.
  • To reestablish law and order, use force to scatter an unruly crowd.

Punjab Police SI Salary 2023: Allowances

Along with the Punjab Police SI wage, the government also awards the chosen applicants with additional fixed allowances, with the exception of TA, which are not paid on a monthly basis during the probationary term. The following are the additional allowances:

  • Home Rental Allowances (HRA)
  • Dearness Allowances (DA)
  • Travel Allowances (TA)
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Medical Treatment Expenses

Punjab Police SI Salary 2023: Benefits

The chosen individuals receive additional advantages in addition to the Punjab Police SI pay range for working in the public sector. These are the perks and advantages:

  • Earned Leave
  • Social Insurance
  • Medical Care
  • TDB and PDB
  • Pension Benefit
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Night-Shift Allowance

Punjab Police SI Salary 2023: Career Growth

Candidates will be eligible for promotion to higher positions, such as Inspector, if they perform well and wonderfully in their duties. Candidates would also be qualified for increased benefits and a Punjab Police SI salary with this promotion. On the directives of the Punjab Director-General of Police or another person with the necessary authority, the applicants who have submitted applications may be placed or deployed anywhere in Punjab, India, or abroad. In this regard, the candidate shall not have any claim or lien on any specific location, district, or region inside or beyond the State of Punjab.

Punjab Police SI Salary 2023: FAQs

What is the Punjab Police Sub-inspector position’s monthly pay?

The shortlisted candidates will receive a salary range of INR 10,300 to INR 34,800 as a Punjab Police SI.

How long is the SI probationary period for the Punjab Police?

For Punjab Police SIs, the probationary period is three years.

What is the Punjab Police SI salary grade pay?

The Punjab Police SI salary includes a grade pay of INR 4,600.

What is the age required for the post of SI in Punjab Police?

Candidates who want to be chosen for the Punjab Police SI position cannot be older than 28 as of January 1st.

Where are the candidates for Punjab Police SI who were chosen for the post?

On the directives of the Director General of Punjab Police or any approved person, candidates may be posted/deployed anywhere in Punjab, India, or abroad.

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