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Last updated on April 1st, 2023 at 01:09 am

The recruitment notice for the 150 open Junior Officer positions has been made public by Saraswat Cooperative Bank Ltd. From March 26 until April 8, 2023, eligible candidates may submit an online application. For all candidates preparing for the banking examination, it is a golden opportunity. In the official announcement released by Saraswat Co-operative Bank Ltd, the Salary of Junior Officer in Saraswat Bank and job description for junior officers at Saraswat Bank are detailed. Before applying, it is advisable to review the Saraswat Bank Salary for Junior Officer and job description. After the probationary period is over, benefits and allowances will be available to the candidates chosen for the Saraswat Bank Junior Officer position.

You can find all the most recent details about the Saraswat Bank Junior Officer Salary in this article, including the job description, benefits and allowances, the probationary period, and career advancement, hence, keep reading!

Saraswat Bank Salary for Junior Officer: Basic Details

After serving for a minimum of two years, candidates will be employed as permanent workers by the Bank. The gross monthly Saraswat Bank Salary for Junior Officer in Grade B will be around Rs 21,620 throughout the probationary period. Applicants who are selected are required to voluntarily sign a Rs. 50,000 service bond in their place.

Junior Officers will receive a salary from Saraswat Bank of about Rs 23,300 after the probationary period is over.

Each employee receives a copy of the Saraswat Bank Junior Officer Salary Slip from Saraswat Cooperative Bank at the conclusion of each pay period. The pay slip contains information such as the base wage, deductions, and allowances, to name a few.

The following table contains information about the Junior Officer Salary in Saraswat Bank. Applicants are urged to read this article until the end for further information.

Saraswat Bank Junior Officer Salary Structure 2023

Conducting Body

Saraswat Co-operative Bank

Post Name

Bank Junior Officer

Job Location

Mumbai and Pune

Pay Scale

Rs. 23,300/- Per month

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Saraswat Bank Salary for Junior Officer: Allowances

The Saraswat Bank Junior Officer Salary package is thought to be around 3.57 lakhs per year. The selected individuals will also be eligible for allowances and incentives in addition to a monthly salary.

They are also qualified for a variety of additional benefits and allowances in addition to the good salary package. The following is a list of benefits and allowances:

  • Telephone allowances
  • Book grant 
  • Grade Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance 
  • Travel allowances
  • Dearness Allowance 
  • Festival Allowance

Saraswat Bank Salary for Junior Officer: Salary slip

At the end of each month, Saraswat Co-operative Bank provides the Saraswat Bank Junior Officer Pay Slip to each employee. The basic wage, deductions, and allowances are only a few of the details on the pay stub. This pay stub is necessary for a number of office procedures, such as loan applications, income tax filing, etc.

Saraswat Bank Salary for Junior Officer: In -hand salary

The basic pay and allowances are included in the in-hand salary of Junior Officers, per the official notification made by Saraswat Co-operative Bank. On probation and after being confirmed, candidates chosen for the Saraswat Bank Junior Officer position will receive a gross pay of approximately Rs. 21,620 per month.

Saraswat Bank Salary for Junior Officer: Probation Period

Although there are currently no official rules governing the Saraswat Bank Junior Officer probationary period, it is anticipated that candidates will be chosen for the position after a two-year period of probation.

Saraswat Bank Salary for Junior Officer: Job Profile

At the time of joining the services, candidates appointed to the Saraswat Bank Junior Officer job profile must sign a Service Bond for a minimum of two years in the Bank, or in lieu of one, pay an amount of Rs. 50,000. A monthly remuneration on the approximate pay scale of Rs. 21,620 during the probationary phase and Rs. 23,300 during the confirmation term is the Junior Officer Saraswat Bank Salary.

Candidates should be conversant with the responsibilities and job descriptions of a junior bank officer before submitting an application for the selection process. Have a look at the following job description for a junior officer at Saraswat Bank:

  • Updating passbooks, etc., for account holders.
  • Being in charge of issuing Demand Drafts (DDs), customer bank accounts, cash receipts, and other related documents.
  • Approving withdrawals from customers.
  • Being knowledgeable about the newest initiatives and governmental regulations.
  • Answering customers’ queries and concerns.
  • Check the clients’ given documentation and proofs.
  • Maintaining treasury operations.
  • Check the proofs and documentation that clients have provided as support.
  • Arranging the bank’s records, such as the ledger and balance sheets.
  • Keeping track of money in the bank, crucial papers, keys, and other things.
  • Safeguarding the bank money, various critical papers, keys, etc.

Saraswat Bank Salary for Junior Officer: Career Advancement

The candidate’s contract can be extended following the probationary period, at which point they would be eligible for all benefits associated with the position of Saraswat Bank Junior Officer. The candidate’s overall performance, seniority, work history, and work ethic all play a role in salary and promotion decisions. They will be eligible for a greater annual package and allowances once promoted to higher levels.

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Saraswat Bank Salary for Junior Officer: FAQs

What is the Saraswat Bank Salary for Junior Officer at the Saraswat Bank receive during their probationary period?

During their probation, candidates receive Rs 21,620 each month.

How long is the Saraswat Bank Junior’s trial period?

The probationary period’s specifics have not yet been made known by the Bank.

How many Saraswat Bank Junior positions are currently open?

The announcement for the Saraswat Bank Test 2023 has not yet been made. The total number of openings in 2021 was 300.

What is the annual pay scale for junior officers at the Saraswat Bank?

In Saraswat Bank, a junior officer typically earns Rs 3,57,000 annually.

How frequently do salaries at Saraswat Bank increase?

An employment probationary period is given to candidates. They are confirmed after the probationary period, and the confirmation results in an increase in their income.

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