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Solapur university time table 2022 – Ahilyadevi Punyashlok Holkar On the official website of Solapur University, the Draft Time-Table for Examinations of March-2022 Event, to be held in June/July-2022 BA BSC BCOM MA MSC MCOM date Sheet 2022 was released. We recommend that candidates begin their exam preparation now in order to achieve high marks in the university Ug/PG exam. 

  • All the Regular, Private, Ex-students and Non-college students can check their all courses at Uni. Exam Dates 2022 on this page. 
  • The university will declare Exam Dates with timings only on the official website. We will provide here an official link to download the exam schedule. 
  • Candidates can go on the link and download it in pdf format.

Solapur University Time Table 2022 Details

Solapur University Time Table 2022 Events Details
University NameSolapur University
Course NameUG, PG Courses
Name of ExamSemester/ Annual Exams
Time Table Release StatusAvailable
Mode of Time Table DeclarationOnline
Official Sitesus.ac.in

Solapur University Time Table Download PDF

Direct links to download the time table for various courses are provided below.

Solapur University Time Table For Humanities: [मानवविज्ञान विद्याशाखा]

Sr. No.CourseStatusDraft Upload DateFinal Upload Date
1 B.AFINAL22/06/202230/06/2022
2 B.A. LLBFINAL23/06/202229/06/2022
3 LLBFINAL23/06/202229/06/2022
4. M.AFINAL02/07/202218/07/2022
5. MA EnglishFINAL05/07/202218/07/2022
6. MA MarathiFINAL05/07/202218/07/2022
7. MA HindiFINAL05/07/202218/07/2022
8. MA UrduFINAL05/07/202218/07/2022
9. MA KannadaFINAL05/07/202218/07/2022
10. MA Economics (Campus)FINAL05/07/202218/07/2022
11. MA Economics (College)FINAL05/07/202218/07/2022
12. A.I.H.CFINAL05/07/202218/07/2022
13. MA Mass CommunicationFINAL05/07/202218/07/2022
14. MA Rural DevelopmentFINAL05/07/202218/07/2022
15. MA HistoryFINAL05/07/202218/07/2022
16. MA Political ScienceFINAL05/07/202218/07/2022
17. MA PaliFINAL05/07/202218/07/2022
18. MA PrakritFINAL05/07/202218/07/2022
19. MA DramaFINAL05/07/202218/07/2022
20. MA Indian MusicFINAL05/07/202218/07/2022
21. MA TabalaFINAL11/07/202218/07/2022
22. OET Sem-II FINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
23. OET Sem-III (New)FINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
24. OET Sem-III (Old)FINAL07/07/202216/07/2022
25. PG Diploma in MuseologyFINAL11/07/202218/07/2022
26. MA YogaFINAL11/07/202220/07/2022
27. MA SanskritFINAL13/07/202218/07/2022
28. LLMFINAL18/07/202226/07/2022

Solapur University Time Table For COMMERCE AND MANAGEMENT : [वाणिज्य व व्यवस्थापन विद्याशाखा]

Sr. No.CourseStatusDraft Upload DateFinal Upload Date
01 B.ComFINAL22/06/202229/06/2022
02 B.B.AFINAL22/06/202229/06/2022
 03 M.B.A College & Campus FINAL06/07/202218/07/2022
 04. M.B.A Campus FINAL07/07/202218/07/2022
05. M.B.A Old FINAL07/07/202218/07/2022
 06.  M.Com College & Campus FINAL06/07/202218/07/2022
 07. M.Com CampusFINAL06/07/202218/07/2022
 08. M.Com FINAL06/07/202218/07/2022
09. OET Sem-II FINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
10. OET Sem-III (New)FINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
11. OET Sem-III (Old)FINAL07/07/202216/07/2022
12. PGDCAFINAL11/07/202218/07/2022

Solapur University Time Table For SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY : [विज्ञान व तंत्रज्ञान विद्याशाखा]

Sr. No.CourseStatusDraft Upload DateFinal Upload Date
01. B.Sc FINAL22/06/202230/06/2022
02. B.Sc (ECS)Re-Revised FINAL23/06/202228/07/2022
03. B.Sc (Biotechnology)FINAL23/06/202230/06/2022
04. B.Sc (Entrepreneurship)FINAL23/06/202230/06/2022
05. B.C.AFINAL24/06/202230/06/2022
06. B.Tech (F.Y & S.Y)FINAL23/06/202229/06/2022
07.B.Tech (T.Y & Final Year)FINAL23/06/202229/06/2022
08. FE To BEFINAL23/06/202229/06/2022
09. B.ArchFINAL24/06/202230/06/2022
10. M.Sc AGPMFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
11. M.Sc Applied Geology FINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
12. M.Sc Applied ElectronicsFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
13. M.Sc Bioinformatics FINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
14. M.Sc BiostatisticsFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
15. M.Sc BotanyFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
16. M.Sc BiotechnologyRevised FINAL02/07/202220/07/2022
17. M.Sc ChemistryRevised FINAL02/07/202222/07/2022
18. M.Sc Computer ScienceFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
19. M.Sc ElectronicsFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
20. M.Sc Electronic ScienceFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
21. M.Sc Environmental ScienceFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
22. MSc Entreprneurship FINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
23. M.Sc\M.A GeographyFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
24. M.Sc GeneticsFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
25. M.Sc GeoinformaticsFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
26. M.Sc MathematicsFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
27. M.Sc MicrobiologyFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
28. M.Sc Microbiology (Campus)FINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
29. M.Sc Nano-PhysicsFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
30. M.Sc NanotechnologyFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
31. M.Sc Condensed MatterFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
32. M.Sc Material ScienceFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
33. M.Sc Physics Energy StudiesFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
34. M.Sc Physics Solid StateFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
35. M.Sc StatisticsFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
36. M.Sc ZoologyFINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
37. M.C.AFINAL06/07/202216/07/2022
38. OET Sem-II FINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
39. OET Sem-III (New)FINAL02/07/202216/07/2022
40. OET Sem-III (Old)FINAL07/07/202216/07/2022
41. M.Tech (Cosmetic)FINAL11/07/202216/07/2022
42. M.Tech EnggFINAL11/07/202218/07/2022
43. M.EFINAL11/07/202218/07/2022
44. B.PharmFINAL15/07/202218/07/2022
45. M.PharmFINAL15/07/202218/07/2022
46. PGDDNFINAL16/07/202226/07/2022
47. M.Tech (Sem-III)FINAL23/07/202226/07/2022

Solapur University Time Table For INTER-DISCIPLINARY STUDIES :[आंतर-विद्याशाखीय अभ्यास विद्याशाखा]

Sr. No.CourseStatusDraft Upload DateFinal Upload Date
01. B.EdFINAL24/06/202230/06/2022
02. B.P.EdFINAL24/06/202230/06/2022
03. M.EdFINAL06/07/202218/07/2022
04. M.P.EdFINAL06/07/202218/07/2022
05. B.Voc JMCFINAL06/07/202218/07/2022
06. M.S.WFINAL06/07/202218/07/2022
07. PG Diploma in ElectronicsFINAL11/07/202218/07/2022

How Can I Find The Solapur University Time Table 2022?

The procedure for obtaining the Solapur University schedule 2022 is outlined below. Candidates can review the complete details of the Solapur Time Table 2022.

  • Go to the Official Website.
  • Select the Examinations tab.
  • Click on the Draft and Final Time-Table links in the top-links section.
  • Then, choose the ‘Draft and Final Timetable for 2022’ option.
  • A list of courses will appear, along with links to their timetables.

What is the significance of the Solapur University Time Table 2022?

Solapur University schedule 2022 is essential for all candidates taking the exam because the exam date and time will be listed in the Time Table. You can determine which subjects to prioritize by consulting the Time Table. As a result, it is critical to consult the Time Table before beginning your exam preparations.

What information can be found on the Solapur University Time Table 2022?

Candidates can access the Solapur University schedule 2022 through the official website, and once downloaded, review the details such as the number of subjects, exam dates, time, and much more. Some universities/institutions will schedule the exam; in such cases, candidates must carefully read all instructions and follow them during the exam.

Where can I get a copy of the Time Table of Solapur University 2022?

Candidates can obtain the Solapur University schedule from the university’s official website. The Time Table can only be downloaded online and not in any other way. Check the Time Table for exam dates and times, and make a copy for future reference. Make a note of the important dates and schedule your exam preparations accordingly.

 Solapur University Time Table 2022 FAQS

Is the Solapur University Time Table for 2022 available?

Yes, the Solapur University Time Table 2022 is available on the official website.

Where can I get a copy of the Solapur University Time Table?

Candidates can obtain the Solapur University Time Table 2022 by visiting the official website at sus.ac.in.

Who is in charge of the Solapur University Sem Exams?

Solapur University officials will administer the Solapur Semester exams.

Will I receive a Solapur University Time Table based on my courses?

Yes, the Solapur University Time Table is published in accordance with the courses.

Who can use the Solapur Time Table?

Students enrolled in the BA, MA, MA (Campus), LL.M, LL.B, B.Com, BBA, BCA, M.Com, M.Com (Campus), DBM, and PGDCA programmes can access the Solapur University Time Table 2022 PDF.

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