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World Blood Donor Day Quiz. On June 14, World Blood Donor Day is observed to commemorate Karl Landsteiner’s birthday. It was first observed in 2004 to raise awareness about the importance of regular blood donations in saving lives. On this day, blood donors donate their own blood to save the lives of accident victims or those requiring blood transfusions for surgeries.

The day is an opportunity to urge governments and national health authorities to provide adequate resources and put in place systems to increase blood collection from voluntary, unpaid blood donors. Safe blood and blood products, as well as their transfusion, are critical components of care and public health. Every day, they save millions of lives and improve the health and quality of life of a diverse range of patients.

World Blood Donor Day Quiz & History

World Blood Donor Day is observed every year on the 14th of June, the birth anniversary of Karl Landsteiner. The “World Health Organization, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies” first initiated and established this event to be celebrated on 14 June, 2004 with the goal of raising public awareness about the need for safe blood donation voluntarily and unpaid by the healthy person.

At the 58th World Health Assembly in May 2005, WHO officially established World Blood Donor Day with its 192 Member States in order to motivate all countries worldwide to thank blood donors for their valuable step in saving people’s lives.

World Blood Donor Day Objective

  • To provide a global platform for thanking blood donors and encouraging those who have not yet donated.
  • To raise awareness of the fact that blood donation benefits society as a whole.
  • To promote and support effective national blood donor programmes, as well as the abolition of reliance on family/replacement and paid blood donation.
  • To ensure and promote international collaboration on the principles of voluntary non-remunerated donation throughout the world, while increasing blood safety and availability.
  • To ensure an adequate supply of blood for all patients requiring transfusions throughout the year.

World Blood Donor Day Quiz & Theme

The World Blood Donor Day slogan for 2022 is “Donating blood is an act of solidarity.” “Join the effort and save lives” to highlight the roles that voluntary blood donations play in saving lives and strengthening community solidarity.

The slogan for World Blood Day 2021 is “Give blood and keep the world beating.” It emphasises the critical role blood donors play in keeping the world pulsing by saving lives and improving the health of others. The day encourages people all over the world to donate blood on a regular basis and help improve their health.

World Blood Donor Day Question and Answer

  1. Which international organization coordinates the regular donation of blood in several countries?

Ans: The Red Cross

  1. Do you have to know your blood type to donate?

Ans: N

  1. If all safety precautions are taken, you cannot contract HIV or AIDS from donating blood.

Ans: True

  1. Which blood group is known as the ‘universal donor’?

Ans: O-

  1. Which group are the ‘universal receivers’?

Ans: AB+

  1. How old do you have to be to donate blood in Australia in 2002 (in all but one State/Territory)?

Ans: 16

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World Blood Donor Day Quiz – FAQs

When is World Blood Donor Day observed?

Every year on June 14th, it is observed.

What is the 2022 theme for World Blood Donor Day?

The theme for World Ocean Day in 2022 is “Donating blood is an act of solidarity.” “Join the effort and save lives” 

When 1st World Blood Donor Day was celebrated?

First world ocean day was celebrated in the year 2004.

What is the objective of World Blood Donor Day?

To raise awareness about the importance of regular blood donations in saving lives.

What was the 2021 theme of World Blood Donor Day when was created?

The theme for 2021 was “Give blood and keep the world-beating.”