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Alfred Nobel, a Swedish chemist, engineer, and philanthropist remembered for inventing dynamite, was born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1833. He was a rich man and very intelligent as he mastered chemistry at the age of 16 and was fluent in many languages such as English, French, German, Russian and Swedish. However, his lifelong passion was inventing and learning new skills was influenced by his father, who was also considered an inventor and businessman. Alfred Nobel was indeed a famous inventor and a successful businessman.  During his lifetime, he had over three hundred patents for his inventions. Many of these patents were related to explosives. This article gives details of some Alfred Nobel Inventions and Discoveries. Continue reading to learn more!


Nobel kept looking for ways to continue his idea that nitroglycerine could be used safely. For most of his life, Nobel experimented with nitroglycerine. During his experiments, he tried to find some method or mixture combining nitroglycerine with kieselguhr (Fine Sand). Alfred Nobel Invented Dynamite with an aim of forming this liquid stable. Nobel was asked to stop his experimentations. However, his determination was ahead of these troubles and he continued to make a safe explosive using nitroglycerine.

Finally, Nobel’s hard work was not wasted; he could make nitroglycerine stable and portable as he determined for easy transportation. He knew that he had to add kieselguhr to nitroglycerine to stabilize the chemical that would convert the liquid into a paste. At one time, he made the most stabilized mixture formed by adding diatomaceous earth material (a sedimentary substance from fossils). Nobel could turn the nitroglycerine mixture into rods inserted into drilled holes. The substance was named “dynamite”, as he got the legal right of ownership. Alfred Nobel Invented Dynamite in 1867, the best explosive of the time.

Other Inventions

The Nobel Prize Founder is Associated with the Discovery of many other inventions. He was indeed an intelligent man with no limits to inventions. He is the inventor of so many products. The Alfred Nobel Inventions List is too long; all the inventions can not be explained here. Here, we have mentioned a few inventions below.

Practical Detonator

Nobel did an invention of a Practical Detonator in 1863. This invention is considered the beginning of his journey as a reputed inventor. Practical Denotor had a wooden plug inserted into a larger charge of nitroglycerin. This was his beginning as an inventor of explosives.

Blasting Oil and Blasting Cap

For many of Nobel’s remarkable inventions, he used nitroglycerine. His meeting with the inventor of nitroglycerine, Ascanio Sobrero, changes everything. While studying in Paris, he was first introduced to this substance during this meeting. At that time, explosives were used for construction and war efforts as well. Nobel’s vision was clear to make a better explosive than gunpowder. 

He got his early patents on ‘blasting oil’ and the blasting cap. Blasting oil is basically a pale yellow liquid with an oil consistency. Made with nitroglycerine and gunpowder, it was found to be a successful explosive and a little safer for transportation. The blasting cap came into being after the oil. A blasting cap was an improved detonator which was invented by the Nobel in 1865. It was a wood plug with a fuse which helped detonate the oil. So, these inventions helped him to get a great start in the business of explosives. However, these products were still found to be dangerous in certain situations. This invention was the start of using high explosives in a modern way.

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Blasting Gelatin

This is considered a more powerful form of dynamite. Nobel named it “blasting gelatin” in 1875. It was patented in the next year. He accidentally discovered the tough plastic material when mixing a solution of nitroglycerin with nitrocellulose which is a fluffy substance. It was more powerful than ordinary dynamites, with higher resistance and greater blasting power. Moreover, Nobel introduced the first nitroglycerin smokeless powders and a precursor to cordite named ballistite in 1887. 

Alfred Nobel was a great inventor, entrepreneur and scientist who also composed poetry and drama. In 1895 when he made his last will and he laid the foundation for establishing the prize. The Nobel Prize has been honouring mankind since 1901 for their outstanding achievements in physics, physiology or medicine,  chemistry, and literature and for their work in peace from around the world.

Alfred Nobel Inventions and Discoveries: FAQs

For what reasons is Alfred Nobel famous?

Alfred Nobel was a great inventor, entrepreneur and scientist who also composed poetry and drama.

What is Nobel’s remarkable invention?

Nobel’s remarkable invention is dynamite which is the best explosive of all time.

When and by whom was the dynamite invented?

Alfred Nobel Invented Dynamite in 1867.

What are Alfred Nobel’s other inventions?

Nobel’s other inventions are blasting Oil and Blasting Caps, Blasting Gelatin, and Practical Detonators.

What is the Nobel Prize?

The Nobel Prize is an international award that is administered by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden, since 1901. It is based on the fortune of Alfred Nobel, a Swedish inventor and entrepreneur.

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