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Bihar Diwas, celebrated annually on March 22, marks the formation of the state of Bihar. This year, the state will be celebrating its 111th anniversary, and the Bihar Diwas 2023 Theme is “Yuva Shakti ki Pragati” or the progress of youth power. The theme highlights the importance of empowering the youth of Bihar to drive the state’s development and create a brighter future for the state. In this article, we will delve deeper into the significance of the theme and how it aims to promote the growth and development of Bihar.

Bihar Diwas 2023 Theme: Significance

Bihar Diwas, which is observed annually to commemorate the establishment of Bihar state, holds immense significance for the people of Bihar. This occasion provides an opportunity for them to reflect on the state’s rich cultural heritage and history, as well as to honour those who have contributed to its development. Bihar Diwas is also a chance to showcase the state’s unique art, traditions, and culture to the world. The upcoming celebration of Bihar Diwas 2023 is particularly noteworthy as it emphasises the crucial role of the youth in the state’s progress and development. Through the Bihar Diwas 2023 theme of “Yuva Shakti ki Pragati,” the celebration aims to empower young people and inspire them to become catalysts for positive change in Bihar’s future.

Bihar Diwas 2023 Theme: Information

After a gap of over two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bihar government is all set to celebrate Bihar Diwas, marking the formation of Bihar state from the Bengal presidency on March 22, 1912. The upcoming celebration, scheduled from March 22-24, will be centred around the Bihar Diwas 2023 theme “Yuva Shakti ki Pragati,” highlighting the role of youth in the state’s development. In conjunction with Bihar Diwas, a 15-day Bihar Utsav will be organised in INA Dilli Haat, New Delhi, featuring 120 stalls showcasing Bihar’s handicrafts, handloom, and cuisine. The event aims to attract tourists and promote the state’s rich cultural heritage. The celebration will also extend to the US and Japan, with a series of cultural programs, workshops, and film screenings. The festival promises to be a grand affair, with a galaxy of artists, writers, and singers assembling to showcase their art at the Bihar Museum.

In addition to the festivities in Delhi, Bihar Diwas 2023 will also be celebrated in other parts of the world, including the United States and Japan. This is a testament to the strong cultural ties that Biharis hold with their home state, even when they are living abroad. The celebrations in these countries will include film screenings, cultural programs, and workshops, all aimed at showcasing the rich heritage and culture of Bihar.

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The main celebrations, however, will take place in Bihar itself, with a three-day festival planned in Patna’s Gandhi Maidan, SK Memorial Hall, Rabindra Bhavan, and Bihar Museum. The festival will be organised by the Education Department with support from the Rural Development Department of Art, Culture, and Social Welfare. The festival will feature a range of events, including exhibitions, free cinema shows, and cultural and classical programs.

DateEventLocationOrganiserMain Theme
March 16 – 30Bihar Utsav 2023INA Dilli Haat, New DelhiDepartment of Industries, Bihar GovernmentShowcasing handicrafts, handlooms, and Bihar Khadi; promoting Mukhyamanyri Udyami Yojana beneficiaries
March 22 – 24Bihar Diwas 2023Gandhi Maidan, SK Memorial Hall, Rabindra Bhavan, and Bihar Museum, PatnaEducation Department, Rural Development Department of Art, Culture, and Social Welfare“Yuva Shakti ki Pragati” (Progress of Youth Power)
March 22 – 24Bihar Diwas 2023USA and JapanBihar Foundation in collaboration with the Consulate General of IndiaFilm screening on Bihar, heritage walk, Bihari cuisines, cultural programs, and workshops
March 17 – 19Festival of Words and PerformancesBihar Museum, PatnaBihar Education Project Council, Bihar MuseumShowcase of various forms of art, including literature, music, and visual arts

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Bihar Diwas 2023 Theme: FAQs

When is Bihar Diwas celebrated?

Bihar Diwas is celebrated every year on March 22nd.

What is the theme of Bihar Diwas 2023?

The theme of Bihar Diwas 2023 is “Yuva Shakti ki Pragati,” which focuses on the progress and development of Bihar’s youth.

Why is Bihar Diwas celebrated?

Bihar Diwas is celebrated to mark the establishment of the state of Bihar and to commemorate its rich cultural heritage and history.

When will Bihar Diwas 2023 be celebrated?

Bihar Diwas 2023 will be celebrated from March 22-24, after a gap of more than two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is Bihar Utsav 2023?

Bihar Utsav 2023 is a 15-day festival showcasing Bihar’s handicrafts, handloom, and traditional cuisine, organised at INA Dilli Haat in New Delhi.

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