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BSc Nursing Salary In India: Nurses constitute an important part of the workforce present in India. It is considered one of the most kind of giving professions that is a requirement for the benefit of society. They provide all the help a patient needs in the process of healing. In India, there are lakhs of nurses/midwives. In the current scenario, the need for nurses in hospitals and other healthcare facilities has also increased,  which has opened up the scope for new recruitment. But before that, it is important to understand what the post offers. The salary of BSc nursing position is essential information that can make candidates eager for the post.

This article has enlisted all the details about the B.Sc Nursing Salary in India and has even given all the information about the BSC Nursing Salary Per Month. 

BSC Nursing: Important Details

In India, multiple nursing courses are available for nursing. The Bsc in Nursing is a four-year undergraduate degree, which gives each candidate a proper understanding of the course and helps them develop the skills required to perform the duties of a nurse. There are more than 3500 colleges all over India that offer Bsc in Nursing courses. The Salary After BSC Nursing depends on various factors, each is described in this article. 

BSC Nursing Salary in India 

Nurses in India are employed under various categories. Each of the categories demands different duties. Likewise, the salary for each post varies, and each of it has been given here in the table: 

Job ProfileAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Staff Nurse2.98 L
Military Nurse1.4 L
Department Supervisor3.56 L
Professor8.00 L
Nurse Executive3.00 L
Psychiatric Nurse6.13 L
Homecare Nurse3.20 L
Medical Representative5.96 L

BSC Nursing Salary in India: State-Wise Salary List

The salary for nurses under each category varies. The BSc Nursing Salary in India also depends upon the state. In this section of the article, the State-Wise Salary has been described below:

  • BSc Nursing Salary West Bengal – Rs. 39,372/-. 
  • BSc Nursing Salary in Kerala – Rs. 27,800/-.
  • BSc Nursing Salary in Karnataka – 22,800/-.
  • BSc Nursing Salary Bihar- 44,900/-.
  • BSc Nursing Salary in Bangalore- 22,800/-.
  • BSc Nursing Salary in Tamilnadu- 44,280/-

The above-given BSC Nursing Salary in India Government is not accurate and depends on various factors and also the institution a candidate is opting for. 

BSC Nursing Salary in India: Private and Government

There are different posts under the Government and Private Sectors. Each position serves different tasks, but their basic responsibility is to provide all the necessary support a person needs to get better in a good and healthy environment. In many ways, they can be considered the backbone of the health sector. The salary given in Government sectors, such as the AIIMS BSC Nursing Salary per month, can be considered desirable enough to attract more candidates to the post. The Bsc Nursing Salary in India Per Month varies depending on the posts. The Bsc Nursing Government Salary, such as the Indian Army BSC Nursing Salary, has been given here:

Job Salary 
Staff Nurse 2.1 L
Military Nurse 1.4 L
Supervisor 2.7 L

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There are various nursing opportunities that the private sector has to offer. Each of the posts under the private sector has been given here with the salary details beside it: 

Nurse2.6 L
Nursing Assistant 1.7 L
Junior Psychiatric Nurse 1.5 L
Nurse (ICU)- Intensive Care Unit.2.9 L

BSC Nursing Salary in India and Abroad 

The salary for nurses in India per month in different states such, as the BSC Nursing Salary Kerala, BSC Nursing Salary in West Bengal, etc., have been already discussed in this article. This article also provides a comparison between the salary given to nurses in India and abroad. For example, the BSC Nursing Salary in Dubai is 16,400 AED per month and the BSC Nursing Salary in Australia is $69,003. 

It is quite evident here that the salary of nurses in India is lower than what is paid to nurses outside of India. Despite being an important profession, the salary being paid to them is not up to the mark. 

BSC Nursing Salary in India: FAQs 

What is the average annual salary of staff nurses in India?

The average annual income of the staff nurses in India is 2.98 L.

What is the average annual income of a military Nurse in India?

The average income of a military nurse is 1.4 L annually.

What are the different sectors under which nurses are recruited?

Nurses are recruited by Government and Private Institutions.

Is the salary of nurses in Dubai and Australia higher than nurses in India?

Yes, the salary of nurses is higher in Dubai and Australia.

What is the salary of bsc nursing in India?

The salary of nurses in India depends on various factors such as State, post, etc. 

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